Game Theory: How DEADLY Is Super Mario’s Bob-Omb?

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We've told you about Mario. We've told you about Luigi, and Peach, and Kirby. We've told you A LOT about Nintendo over the years. But now, loyal Theorists, we turn to something new; something old; something EXPLOSIVE!! Today we are going to find out just how DEADLY is Bob-Omb!!
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No no god you know it's always amazed me . that the channel blew up the way it did . with dutch jokes like that what i mean . look at it it's not even acting oh and . it's so drawn out as an intro to man . it's a good thing we don't do the same . jokes twice because that would just be . lazy no hold up if memory serves this . shouldn't do anything . [music]. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. hello internet welcome to game theory . where it's not only okay to make fun of . yourself in front of an audience of . millions it's encouraged this is one of . the channels biggest games of last year . was doki-doki literature club i wanted . to take a minute step back and analyze a . topic from the first ever doki doki game . oh you didn't know it had a prequel well . it certainly does introducing doki doki . panic released back in 1987 and created . by nintendo's own mastermind shigeru. miyamoto doki doki panic was a big . departure for the series instead of . being a visual novel the game was . actually ahem what voice of the internet . i'm trying to record an episode here . yeah but doki doki panic was a mario . game or at least they got me skinned . into a mario game so they're not related . outside of sharing the words doki doki . in the title no weight but without . at-risk teenagers in need of my saving . embrace and secret air gees hidden under . the surface what am i gonna talk about . how about how deadly the bombs are it . was an awesome suggestion by the morning . stricklen reddit well more deist rick . today you're also the loyalists theorist . even though doki doki super mario . brothers 2 was just a reskin of a . different game it actually introduced a . lot of new stuff to the series that . ended up sticking around sniff 'it's . shyguys and of course the bombs fun fact . by the way this is the first and last . time the bombs would actually have arms . it's a good idea to hate to be around to . clean up that mess and look fleshy . anyway from that game forward these bang . and baddies would pop up in almost all . of mario's adventures spanning a huge . range of different sizes which obviously . leads to the question how deadly are . they. barna seems to be perfectly fine . standing a few feet away when they . explode but is that really true i mean . in the bullet bill episode we found that . those things were absolutely useless as . weapons to willed up a bomb fare much . better get ready because this one . promises to have an explosive finale . badoom ching in order to understand what . the heck is going on with a bomb we . first need to know what its real-life . counterpart would be now based off a . physical appearance they appear to be . modeled after the cast-iron spheres that . were the go-to ammunition model for. nearly 600 years between the 14th and . the latter half of the . century if you've ever stopped to wonder . why this is the iconic image of a bomb . in popular media when bombs over the . last hundred years have looked nothing . like that this is a large reason why the . classic round design lasted for over . half a millennium couple that with the . rise of editorial cartoons during this. period the iconic design we see so often . was made famous back in the mid . nineteenth century in a political . cartoon by harper's weekly one of the . most if not the most widely read . publication during the civil war since . these were the earliest depictions of . what bombs looked like in the public the. visual shorthand just kind of stuck and . has continued to stick in the public . consciousness ever since anyway these . spheres were packed with gunpowder and . when the fuse was lit a fuse that was . rarely string it's worth mentioning. which is surprisingly one of the only . things that's factually inaccurate about . the bomb it would cause the gunpowder to . ignite creating an immediate oxidation. reaction that produced a huge amount of . gas instantaneously building a pressure. inside the sphere until the iron walls. couldn't hold it anymore and then . finally small iron spheres acted as hand. grenades and larger versions were used . as artillery shells now for our . calculations we need to identify which . of those two categories the bombs fall . into since that'll affect how much . gunpowder they're gonna be packed with. luckily super mario brothers 3 gives us . all the information we need to find the . answer it was here that the bombs are . being shot out of what appears to be a . cannon but that's not quite accurate . cannons have long barrels and fire round . shot solid balls of iron not gunpowder . packed bombs mortars on the other hand . are like cannons but have much shorter . barrels and are set at higher angles the . reason for this is that they launch . explosive shells if a cannon were set up . at a high angle the iron ball would just . shoot up and then fall to the ground . burying itself it would be pretty pretty . useless . that's why cannons are always fired at a . flat trajectory so the iron ball can . plow through as much as it can before . coming to a stop . mortars on the other hand are all about . the explosion and with that information . look again at the super mario brothers 3 . footage short barrel high angle . explosive ammunition but bombs are . definitely more. rounds but if you're still not convinced . well then just take a look at these from . back in 1841 10-inch siege mortars . nearly identical to the ones that are . used in the game so now that we found . our real-life parallel we can start . doing some calculations those round . black iron shells measure in at . inches 25. 4 centimeters in diameter and . each one was filled with a whopping 5 . pounds or 2 point 3 kgs a black powder . resulting in the whole thing weighing in . at an absolutely massive 87 point 5 . pounds that's just under 40 kilograms . enough with the numbers already let's . get to the destruction jeez internet i . know you have a taste for a danger i was . just getting to it hold your horses . mike robo bombs are the least talked . about version of the bombs in the mario . verse making their one and only. appearance in the classic super mario . rpg legend of the seven stars using our . tried and true ruler mario himself . standing at 61 inches or 155 centimeters . we can run through a quick analysis to . find that there just below half of . mario's height roughly 35 percent in . fact this puts a microbe a bomb at about . twenty one point three five inches or . fifty four point two five centimeters in . diameter a little over twice the . standard tenant shells that were being . used during the iron mortars heyday to . make sure i was getting as accurate . numbers as possible i used this diagram . to measure the internal and external . diameters of the bomb since you know the . iron has to have an actual width to it. that allowed me to calculate the . internal volume of bombs of this type . and then scale it up with the varying . sizes of the bombs it also allowed me to . calculate the ratio of gunpowder to the . volume of the bomb to ensure that i was . staying true to the construction of this . type of explosive so after doing all of . that scaling to match the size of . microbe a bomb we see that the shell. would be filled with twenty point five . pounds of explosive powder nine point . three two kilograms now in reality the . actual explosive force of a bomb would . vary based on a ton of variables i went . through a ton of formulas so many . formulas looking at the tensile strength. of iron which is how much tension it can . withstand without breaking burst . pressure of the bomb heat capacity . ratios for the gases within the bomb the . broads . that of determining the energy of an. explosion and it was boring it was . pretty dull you think that's studying . the signs of bombs would be a little bit . more explosive nope just a whole lot of . math and it was pretty dull when it was . written out in script form so instead . it's just a lot simpler to say this on . average black powder contains about . three mega joules of energy per kilogram . of powder which isn't actually all that . much when you look at it that's about . the same amount of energy present in a . candy bar would contains over six times . that much energy per kilogram than . gunpowder the difference is though that . gunpowder releases all that energy . pretty much instantaneously whereas. burning a lump of wood takes a whole . heck of a lot longer but with those . numbers we can translate that to the . microbe a bomb producing 28 mega joules . of energy or 6. 7 kilograms of tnt matt . you don't know what that means . jeez i'm getting to it man kids these . days i always just want the results of . their math equations using the united . nations explosions consequence analysis . too old yeah that's a real thing we can . input our stats and learn that the . microbe uh bombs have a fatal zone of . four point three five meters or a little . over 14 feet or so close mario and the . gang are standing to that mini bomb they . dead son they dead no question they are . within the 14 foot radius vibrations . from that micro explosion would be felt . over 80 meters away that is over two . hundred and sixty-three feet away . that's the length of nine school buses. and remember this is still the smallest . bomb to appear in the mario franchise. crap oh crap indeed internet so if the . tiniest the bomb in the lineage is that . deadly how did the rest compare using . the same methodology as before we find . that the original bo bomb from super . mario brothers two measures in at about . 56 percent of mario's height which might . not seem like that big of a difference . but think about those numbers that is a . bomb that is nearly three feet tall a . meter tall iron ball loaded with. explosive powder 38 kilograms or 84 . pounds of explosive powder in fact that . translates to 113 mega joules of energy . 27 kilos of tnt but what does that mean
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