Game Theory: Super Mario Odyssey’s GIANT Problem (Nintendo)

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SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY looks stunning, but one major detail from the Super Mario Odyssey trailer caused me to start theorizing right when I saw it: Why is everybody ENORMOUS?! Well after days of research, I have an answer. In this episode, I will reveal the reason behind the Human Gigantism we see in Super Mario Odyssey's gameplay! Can I solve the Super Mario Odyssey mystery before Nintendo reveals more about the game at E3? I'm going to try!
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I got it i got it . eureka i got it put your jokes away . internet because this scene makes . absolutely perfect sense . buckle up kiddos because we're going to . solve this one months before nintendo. releases super mario odyssey to the . world. [music]. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. hello internet . welcome to game theory now before i blow . the lid off nintendo's big scheme for. mario odyssey . i have cure the trumpets ah special . announcement that's the best we can do . for my big special announcement all . right fine fine whatever for the next . two weeks and the next two weeks only . you can get your hands on some new . special limited edition cirrus . swag i've been working in the background. since the beginning of this year to get . you loyal theorists some new really . high-quality and most importantly . fashionable merch to show off your . fierce pride and the first batch is . finally here i am so excited about this . it's finally here . show me what you got absolutely oh great . giant head problem with a lot of geeky . merge has always been that it's just a . logo plastered on that are of a shirt . but a lot of fashion now is all about . eight symmetry and wraparound patterns . it's the type of stuff that i wear all . the time so boom i've 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so be smart and . look smart while doing it . it's ciri we're all right and i'm . cranking up your sexiness level 2:11 it . is time to see your eyes know you might . have caught wind of this but mario's . height is kind of a big thing around . here and so when nintendo revealed the . first trailer to mario odyssey and . showed him super assassin browsing his. way through crisis city next to literal. 10 feet tall giants it was a try not to . cringe challenge that i failed hardcore . and you guys lit me up on twitter so i . knew that you felt my pain and well at . first i figured i'd ignore it until it . went away or we had just some in-game . explanation that just felt like giving . up and i hate giving up support iii . announcements about this game start . explaining things away i wanted to take . a crack at the mystery roll my hand to . the ring literally since that seems to . be a main mechanic of this game to . actually pick apart what's going on in . this world and let me assure you . nintendo has not lost their minds there . is an actual explanation here one that . is existed for decades without any of us . suspecting it so buckle up your overalls . and look out for creepy games of . double-dutch it is time to legitimize . shigeru miyamoto's latest fever dream . from the information in the trailer . super mario odyssey the much-anticipated . sequel to super mario iliad will feature . mario traveling around the world and . most aerodynamically inefficient ship . ever now if the title odyssey didn't . give that away for you which in and of . itself is a reference to the greek epic . poem by the same name all about . odysseus's journey home after the fall . of troy a story literally about a trip . around the world well you can tell based . on the globe logo in the mission . location shown off in the trailer i mean . we have a land themed around dia de los . muertos an aztec pyramid called wold a . land that appears to be an african . rainforest. with mettaton performing sprinkler duty . and then of course new york city i'm . assuming the new york level of the set. of introductory missions rather than a. connecting hub world like peach's castle . based on the checkpoint flag that we see . right yeah right yeah it's also worth . noting that we can tell that these are . all discrete levels because the purple . currently in each one very there are . triangles in mexico land mechanical nuts . in the forest world fruits in the . kitchen kingdom and purple coins in the . city so if the game is true to its . namesake this will be a story about. mario traveling to foreign lands in a . quest to return home to the mushroom . kingdom but if we're not in the mushroom . kingdom anymore toto then where are we . well for the theory today i'm most . interested in the city and you can . immediately see that the name of the new . york level is new donk city as a new . donkey kong city and if having that . spelled out in poster form behind . mario's head in the opening seconds of. the trailer was a bit too subtle for you . to convince you of the connection you . can also tell from the humongous number . of references to the donkey kong series . throughout big things there's diddy . mart's that one's pretty obvious but if . you look closer at the street signs. there's also dixie feeder and dixie . street referring of course to dixie kong. from donkey kong country to cranky . avenue the name of the og kong and k . rool place the main villain from the . donkey kong franchise and if you really . know your dk spiel or you'll even . recognize the name squawks expresso and. ram b or helper animals from donkey kong . country 1 but it doesn't stop there even . the pink scaffolding from the original . donkey kong arcade game can be seamed . evering the city and the taxi that pulls . up at the opening of the trailer has the . number 1981 on its license plate a . reference to the arcade game being . released in the year 1981 so very . clearly new dog city is somehow . connected with donkey kong war but how . and what any of that got to do with 10 . feet tall human being creatures that are . literally twice the size of mario one . word everything because we've been . overlooking a huge fact since the . beginning. gigantism in the donkey kong canon has . always existed we just never stopped to . notice it before flash back to pauline . when mario stands next to his lady love . in his very first game they aren't . exactly i - i it's more like i - . waistline and while we all assumed that . this was a creative decision due to . technological limitations of the time or. that mario was without his mushroom it's . actually a size difference that nintendo . has continued to keep canon to this day . without us realizing it just think one . look at the mario vs. donkey kong. franchise where pauline makes a . reappearance and she's still towering . over her mustachioed manicotti that's . actually a small example fast forward to . the first donkey kong country game for . the super nintendo an incredible . groundbreaking game that paved the way . for rare to dominate platformers for the. next two console generations and . visually it is stunning piece of 3d . sprites with something unheard of at . that time but where it's visually . beautiful as it is it's also worth . noting that this is the world that makes . sense. the proportions all feel in the range of. what would be natural relative to donkey . kong in the kremlings the trees aren't . excessively bigger tall this makes and . birds that you played against are all . fairly average in size the rock . formations caves feel natural and yet at . the end of each world you come up . against a boss a boss mind you that just. so happens to be a giga sized version of . one of the normal enemies from the . surrounding region there's master niki . senior really naughty the giant. bumblebee to name three they're absolute . giants relative to the size of everyone . else so that prompts the question how . did they get so big well they all have . one thing in common the banana hoard you . see the whole game revolves around the. septum donkey kong's banana and it's . worth noting that these aren't just any . bananas there are plenty of those lying . around each world know these are donkey . kong's special bananas the one stolen . from him at the beginning of the game . bananas that as luck would have it just . so happen to be super size and when you . fight bosses in the game you battle them . in an arena composed of donkey kong's . stolen bananas so you have gigantic . oversized bosses that happen to be the . ones who also happen to steal the . gigantic oversized banana i mean don't . get me wrong .
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