GHILLIE SUIT UPDATE! (Fortnite Battle Royale)

John 14 - 27 What are keys? Keys are giftcard keys to various things like PSN, Xbox, Itunes, Blizzard Store, Google Play and Steam.
Ghillie Suit UPDATE is some gameplay commentary of Fortnite Battle Royale in a solo match. Epic games recently added Ghillie suits for all the bush camping legends in the game. They also added some season shop items which are awesome!
What is Fortnite Battle Royale? It is Epic games free to play Battle Royale 3rd person free for all death match game entitled Fortnite: Battle Royale. The premise of the game is that 100 players are dropped via parachute on an island with limited resources. As time goes on, the playable area shrinks thus increasing chances for PVP. 100 enter, and one is the champion. I hope you guys like the video!
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Hey dudes it's your favorite tickle . machine right no brunch here today . before we get into the video guys . there's gonna be keys hidden in this . video because you absolutely killed the . like requests on the last video so thank . you dudes very much appreciated and. there was a massive new update we'll . talk about that so we need to get a gun . and we need to kill everybody all right . treiber's that'll work i could work with . that one another one let's get down in . here we need to get some some ammo we're . gonna be in trouble here in a minute . it's actually drink this up real quick . no chest in here normally there's two . but possible third oh yeah i hear the . third one. oh man we're not having luck let's go . back up top pick these guys off . something purple on that burger joint. all right so the guy is this bush . there's a dead bush it's one of the . things they added you can actually . become a bush like a full ghillie suit . well technically it's not a suit you're . just a bush it's actually really hard to . aim when you're wearing it two more . shots let's see what's on top of this . gas station here there was something . blue i don't know what this guy was . getting what is this oh it's a trap oh i . see him. got'em. the wall was blocking me we got a hill . up so yeah we got the new skin you can . see it's the soldier skin from the . season shop basically you have to level . your character up in order to buy some . of these skins this one's pretty cool . they also have a pickaxe and some other . ones but this one's probably my favorite . i don't need that thing it's just gonna . confuse me what i'm looking for my . shotgun i think that's everybody there . might be one or two more but i think . it's pretty safe to loot so we can go . ahead and start looting this place up . pretty sure we've wiped everyone so yeah . they also they also added they added a . bunch of skins there's basically like i . think about five skins and then they . added the bush which you can become you . become the bush legendary quality and . then they nerf the shotgun made the . shotguns damage fall off a little bit . higher which quite honestly i think all . the shotguns are opie imo just a zerg . weapon run at people . definitely not a skill-based weapon it's . one of the only weapons that the bloom . doesn't matter and you could just run it . somebody and get their face and shoot it. zerg um let's check this chest up here. it's clear man oh yeah here we go. yeah that's what we need a shield man . solos with no shield is so rough because. you're just you're constantly in fear of . getting one shot by a good sniper the . tri burst high burst is so good how to . do a treiber's challenge . oh yeah that's right you can't build up . that i'm gonna both side no chest up top . perfect we're gonna be in good shape to . win this so yeah i love the updates man . the frequency of the updates is just so . good. them constantly you know fixing and . changing and balancing and adding new . content this is gonna be this game's . gonna be popular for a long time i think . if they keep that up because it keeps it . fresh can't wait to see what new guns . they're gonna add oh man it's gonna be. awesome . no chest up here either. bummer greasy is probably one of the . most underrated spots to loot i think . because if you can clear the whole place . and get two free loot you're getting . pretty yeah sniper nearby pretty good. shape i see him he's up the hill is he . shooting at though now shooting at a bye . baby he dead less units oh i see him oh . wow the bloom that's bad . go ahead him a couple times let's do a . little fishing baby . i don't know this dudes that he's so low . i want to get this guy's sniper let's go . get a sniper in the mall we'll deal with . this dude. well he's not returning fire it's . probably hiding let's get rid of this . there we go. i don't know if this is him or not oh . there's someone i don't know . yeah there's someone behind him let's . push this we're gonna have to push it we . still got i don't know if this was the . guy in the city i'm pretty sure the guy . was shooting at was a block guy and this . the guy just shot was the doctor. disrespect character our desperado. looking dude let's go push this we don't . have a lot of time i'm gonna get this . kill and then get out and then we still . got that other guy to worry about i . think yeah i love the skin though the . skins great i wish they would add armor . and get rid of the shields so you could. physically see people who have armor on. huh got one of those too baby . oh nice he's got scar on them beautiful . beautiful beautiful beautiful i don't . know where this other dudes at man all . right i think we should just go we don't . have a lot of time i'm so paranoid of . regular bushes now i have to like double. double take looking at them see if their. players are not oh yeah we got a long . way to go oh we got a hurry . you should probably grab this we're . gonna be in the blue we got a drop the . we got drop the bush guys i'm sorry . someone built up in front of us - . nothing - take this so i think there's . gonna be two guys in front of us he's . taking his path. yeah the bush thing isn't really my . style you guys know i'm pretty . aggressive i don't like to i don't like . to hide really i like to challenge . people and fight them 1 1 b1 as opposed . to like kind of hiding in a bush it's . cool though i like it just not not . really my thing you know i'm saying i . thought they were kidding when they. announced it - it looks like he built . down here it might be closed we gotta be . careful . just keep pushing want to get up on the . hill over here. ah those way off things wallen we've got . to get some more rockets hopefully this . guy has some. where is he oh there he is . and getting shot my back where's this . guy come on come on baby where you at i . don't see where he's at whatever let's . go get this loot . all right let's see if we can find the . guy they're shooting at us oh he dead . you know let's see this real quick cuz i . only have a little bit of shield i want . to give full health in case i get sniped. hopefully i will get one bald she's . gonna start to play a little bit safer . because i won't try to try to pull the w . this guy got oh he's got some rockets . for us nice . oh my gosh he has 26 rockets oh baby . this is gonna be good i'll roadie down . to ten people too wow all right let's . see let's go towards that area holy crap . i'm lagging so bad wow this is really . bad alright it fixed itself kind of it . still feels kind of laggy . there we go it's better air drop so i. want to get up on one of these hills but . oh yeah yeah i forgot to reload let's . hold our shot let's let's get let's get . this guy we're gonna push him plus it'll . give us a chance to run the . circumference of the circle try to get . some pics we're gonna need a shield . though ah this is bad we should push the . air drops for shields there i think he . doubled back i don't know if that was . him or if that someone else might have . been him i don't know . let's actually get up this hill here you . want to get the high ground just . fighting somebody over here oh god . oh my gosh there's two people oh boy . three people we're kind of in a bad spot . i think that guy fell back it's a guy to . our left and there's a guy in front of . us let's see if we can hit it inside of . his base here oh yeah i left out have . been perfect oh my gosh we're pinned . between three people ah . let's build up . oh we gotta go now he's bailing again . this guy's really aggressive i think . this guy had a rocket launcher i thought . i saw one i don't know where it went . though my gosh we're really good. position but we got to go actually i . don't know what this dude's at let's go . push towards the city cuz i don't know . where this guy on our right is and he's . got a rocket launcher there's someone in . this cubby over here let's go get him oh . there's the there it is come on i don't . give me in the rocket launcher there we . go. this is what i want i don't have time . for that airdrop . pretty sure there's someone here that . was close another bush bush meme do we . get time to eat this no we don't we have . so many resources good lord our we're . gonna we're gonna build up since we get . in here i want to go for this airdrop . man we need to go for these air drops i . got to heal up though first we got to go. for these air drops to get the shields . because honestly man the shields are so . overpowered they're like the shotguns. there's just opie build-up one more . i got this you got it someone got it . where where is he . man somebody got the shield that's not . good yeah i see it over there on the . ground actually i see something blue . yeah it's that's the shield so he's ever . got it has full shield i think is he. didn't even pick it up all right let's . just play safe we're gonna play safe . boys because i don't want to be i don't. have a shield so. i kind of want to push towards the one . that's right there though let's start to . build in this would be the best way to . do it. three left's miss my shot. uh-oh let's get a rocket launcher oh no . or it might be too high we're pretty . high up we're gonna take some serious . damage if we fall he's over there in the . corner i'm pretty sure. oh yeah i see them lots guy oh that look . good. no . uh-oh oh no oh no oh that was a good . game that you listen you can't win a . ball that was a that was an amazing game . that guy was good he pushed me he . aggressively pushed a fortified base i . kind of knew what he was doing man he . had full shield though there's that . there was nothing i could have done to . that guy if i wouldn't miss my snipe and . then once i hit him with the headshot i . think we could have got it but he's a . good player man gg on that one dudes gg . and i hope you enjoyed the video we're . gonna get into god's word now this is . something i like to do i'm christian i . like to share my faith with you guys . like to share god's word in the bible . and hopefully you don't get offended by . that hopefully you don't take offence in . the name of jesus and we're just gonna . read some scripture today and again guys . i just want to remind you that i'm not a . preacher i'm not a pastor i'm just . sharing my experience i encourage you to . pray for the context of this pray for . the understanding research the context . and so this is actually jesus's words . this is john 14 through 27 peace i leave . with you my peace i give you . i do not give it to you as the world . gives do not let your hearts be troubled . and do not be afraid so jesus is at this . point he's talking to the disciples and . he's basically prophesizing that he's . gonna he's gonna die but i think this. doesn't just apply to the disciples in . this situation it applies to everybody . because he left us the holy spirit and a . lot of times this you know i lean on god . for every problem that i have if i if . i'm not getting a win like literally . every problem that i have in my life i . lean on god because he's he's my . foundation and i really firmly believe . the more that you give him access to . your life and the more that you open the . door to things the more control that he . has and the less control that you have . so a lot of times i struggle like . internally like i struggle in my head . like how can i do this how is this gonna . happen how. how's this all gonna work out you know . whatever situation it is and god gives . me that peace through prayer and i just . want to encourage you guys like again i . know i repeat this a lot and i know you . guys probably are probably getting sick . of hearing it but i just can't help to . emphasize the importance of prayer . silent private secret prayer where . you're not in a church and you're in . front of people like jesus's times where . people were doing the same thing but . you're just how you're opening the door . to the relationship with jesus and god . and you're doing it in a very private . intimate way and once you start doing . that it's like honestly guys it's the . most incredible thing you'll ever do . because it's it's confirmation like he . he confirmed so much like there's no . doubt in my mind that god is with me and . god is protecting me and god is . providing for my family and all the . things that god does the more you open . up to him the more he gives it's just . it's incredible and i encourage you guys . to do it i just encourage you to open . that doorway and open up to god and let . him in and give him access to your life . and he will do amazing amazing things . guys have a blessed day today and don't . forget you can subscribe for free i . upload every day and here's some other . videos you might like. .
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