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Oh look wow another beautiful drone shot . of a football pitch our was gonna . welcome to today's christmas unboxing . now today we have constant voltage we . have to forfeit boxes and some bizarre . but play going on but depends but don't . inside these things there are four fits . on the ones with the skulls and then in . the nicely wrapped ones there are good . things to us again yes so something . we'll be giving away that i'll be giving . away two people watching the video we're . going to the other things are for you . guys but it's all to do with the videos . you don't actually come away with . anything get greedy password let's go . pick up random here subscribing right . hey i'm glad you're great yeah yeah it . helped to cover a blog he finds it i . think let's go out to the ball maybe . i'll and ready for you . what is that count in the note for you . guys it's easy to call ya supposed to be . sure if you want to put people away he . enough water beds are meeting . are you have a boy . yeah set up to 40 small shooting a . paintball you know hope because i have . been talking just want to the way this . works yeah if you hit the crossbar you . have to picture a forfeit boxes . how's it going on but i wasn't talking . about you for your interest best i don't . know yet i'm not another video to know . what is becoming yeah . god get this in the reasons the ready . okay sorry i'm first time including over . the hay trying to sell something for . video and i had quite that summer and as . i got my foursquare shit matter . oh yeah it was really bad it's really . embarrassing you do thi will kiss the . harness to tongue kiss i this away just . like a cool idea and go on top . hello my name is just to smash this get . water bottle top different but only the . cross front crossbar from oh perfect . wire . gonna be amazing for thee the function . key wanna count on it with a little bit . there you go hawking other way that . you're because you're gonna get you ever . miss i just do one right one for ya . punishment then took a 50-mile carol . tonight i'm going to do the rest of the . video and economical there's a nice red . sweet spot. i've got a motivation if you have my . hand you get 10 haha the pride . what's in the box. i bought the ship was it oh haha back to . back . why this isn't looking good over here . 10 the president . yeah was it gal job . come on the whole up to keep their just . saving graces the fall for the trick . department diving header haha no thank . you . let's go and show just pick up supplies . for my second batch open on me . everyone please get this and post it all . over twitter already add where i work . well make a nice 1i i get the slap book . publishers are really gonna go all whole . running when you post people highway . know that i let's go where you waiting . or offense . oh what's in the picture mate whatever . profit using they have to do a negative . on but you know because when you just . make something up someone who always . have to do starting with you your friend . good that was definitely i'll go two for . the price of one another has a walk away . 17 very go away . shit look at your camp . definitely the right p. m. the latest . person thing i think i love you long . time the last person might be so the two . latest people idm or like our group . right so there's no point saying to them . and then after that it's simon who's . here so there's no point doing that the . one person who's next actually is toby . now toby is third on my list but . everyone else is in here so we'll just . go ahead and do this i'm gonna send toby . isn't here shooting today so he might . find this really weird i think i love . you and yes that is a gift that he sent . me before but it is what it is. so now we wait and hopefully he accept . my love three hours later right . well it seems he didn't accept my love. and he called me out on it being a . forfeit. thanks for that to be ya asshole mannion . grant and you get it pat enough right . i don't want to get up and problem treat . yourself like a real trip all the way . that was killed i was in the bowels . hello darling really behind that . scholarly putting finishing the miracle . everyday go to school at all haha right . time cool that is buzzing phone but i . didn't either harry or you . hello had a couple years . ok night . it's me yeah . what's our wiring a bad note . i don't like running a full ok right . where you at any forfeit . what is it harry one person your babies . 13 for the video are you know i the only . people left. yeah and they just get back now without . one boot for this partnership little . late but when i love my model vegetables . went out with models google if i get a . forfeit want to do with me . yeah yeah so i mean even mrs. view / kao . you're doing the fourth be with me i'm . like mine are run one lap with your . laces tight i know it could put that . foot below is a very go . i'm after that now we . like to let your blood pressure on ya . but missing after you don't think it'll . get us just doesn't get what you want . wrong back you go around an hour ago i'm . with no i would have drunk i regathered . president don know what is it changed we . took it just your rival clubs for five . hours today . well that was tired of course yes i do . of course it went down pretty fast haha . shit right . this is the final go he's got a nice . range of death row there along the bomb . but couple presence as well about . bigfoot like i want to like to check . hard to recreate over there . click on the local strong what might be . really without locust st it is no point . in a present . oh my god they're beautiful . tell you what if you didn't call up . head-banging wiseass guard . [music]. .

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