Gmod Prop Hunt Funny Moments – Date Night and Panda Malfunction (Garry’s Mod)

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[music]. hey hey you wanna go on a date with me . okay let's go let's go on a romantic . scavenger hunt. oh date night look at this i can't read . anything with your big-ass head oh it is . quite large it here we go watch a movie . step one hold on yeah he's going . someone's making fucking noise no yeah . no one makes noise alright step one . watch a movie in our built-in but small . theater he's hungry have a bite at our . fantastic but random restaurant feeling . tired are playful we've got you covered . with our one night only crappy room of . your choice i'm gonna get some food you . guys only i'm gonna get some food come . on enjoy. okay that's some hot food i guess you . were assuming one of these props were in . here i thought perhaps maybe one was me . yeah help me oh help you boy you needs . help is that you yes oh god you're . fucked. oh my god that's not gonna help . is this bench supposed to be here of. course it is of course it is yeah i did . very good nicely done nicely i can't . even see you this door are you scotty . wait you died died i mean i was a bitch . stuck on the floor i they were bound to . see me i thought i was able to give you . a prop. you go virtually not oh you little shit . mother yes oh go go scott go go scott go . go scott go easy calculated fuck easy oh . oh why are you doing that i'm fucking. gone means doing some weird shit like . tearing hmm . i'm dead um don't don't think too much . about it are you in the theater theater . you mean yeah mother . he's in my mother okay . her head is as big as her child's jesus . ow . one suspicious owl don't see me did i . saw you there is mr. owl boy yeah i'm a . bitch where you go he's right next to . you . he was where'd he go no you saw the . stairs taunting you now we're good . wisely died on the stairs pretty go i . don't know . don't worry about the ting oh shit so . funny nothing. well can't you see this changed into is. pretty fucking hilarious sun up yeah . okay he's a goner on the inside he went . upstairs . you got the sky paki god losers took . some of his shoes where's he where's he . where's he. he's got this he's got this . cowboy dan gosh murdered what is that . used for this is my sex cavern i'm gonna . lock you up in the bedroom . [music]. [applause]. [applause]. only popcorn no real corn oh yeah what's . happening what i found i don't want any . three two one . yeah the rotted panda man oh you gotta . check the fuck dungeon just to be sure . yeah what's on this slot into the fuck . dungeon my dungeon there's another . fucked up put into the fuck dungeon. motherfucker you get a load in this one . you get blown in this fuck dungeon . motherfucker. come on yeah where you at . hey should we uh should we return i . don't think they are in the dungeon of . fuck over dude that's good it's not it's . almost perfect it's like no percent . perfect you read there is 97 percent . perfect how do i hold gotta wait till he . puts it back up and you want oh how do . you do what it's only cleared up and you . do what we know he put it up oh it's uh . let me help you now scott he's up thanks . a lot man . thanks a lot whose are the fuck dungeon. now think we gotta go hey man just leave . it without us no i'm trying so good . alright i think you doing what you doing . oh what you doing um well yeah ron go go . go go go go. [applause]. you single-handedly murdered us all oh . you didn't oh you cut us you cut us. that's good that's good do the tea oh . we're done so oh donald another bad demo . done joe maybe they'll never see me . they'll never see me oh hey they're down . here i'm never gonna see you guys come . in here what hello purple elephant hello . how are you today my interview one wish . hello purple elephant alright hold on . we'll give you a chance alright we're . gonna close this door you could change . into anything you want and we're gonna . open it up again okay yeah be a plant or . an elephant it's a 1v3 he needs all the . help he can get we know that 1v3 killed . tyler it was i gave all evan evan do it . do it trying it's nice yeah i'm long . gone he's gone long yeah i might be i am . technically under you oh . oh ja now he is above you quite level . with you what are you waiting for . just just fucking get it over with . there's a minute fifty so seize the . moment. who are you what is going on what are . you doing no sensitivity no wonder no i . don't believe this jiggly what are you . doing. [music]. [laughter]. [music]. [laughter]. tyler tyler yeah with that one time i . tried to do that trick what trick trick . yeah no oh okay nevermind what does that . sound . listen it lets me smacking my titties . okay i wish i was lying he doesn't know . either i tripped over those fucking . rolls and get out of their home it's . dangerous hmm you check this for a mom . did you come from god damn cabbage i . know i saw something i was gonna get . away but don't look at al came around . the corner trying to escape i was like . oh you should have known out loud while . you were in the room checking everything . you had i heard a fucking flashlight . yeah hints any hints a mom downstairs . he's trying to do some shit trying to do . some shit he's downstairs are you in the . kitchen sir he no downstairs . oh he's downstairs alright downstairs . you know what fuck it i'm just doing it . tyler this is for you . oh man word car . what is this rule what happened don't . shoot the barrels . [music]. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. .
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