Gmod Prop Hunt Funny Moments – Getting Back in Shape! (Garry’s Mod)

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[music]. [applause]. [music]. i'm lifting some dumbbells right yeah i . guess what's your goal this is a good . strategy do you want to rock a swim my . goal is to be able to lift things with . my mind and currently i can already do . that so for boston i want to climb grand . teton there's not just one grand teton i . want to get rockin ad yeah first step is . lift this weight i want to finish and . the i row man i want to keep up with my . kids it's healthier okay yeah yeah just . chases hot dogs to the gym come on give . us a call out you killed that hot dog so. hybrid man for zero four zero seven how . much do you weigh right now for c40 . seven to be a clue he's something you . don't want to be in prison he's raped . you don't want to be raped he's close . read this read this read this . it's fucking a busy right by you . they just run it around you know wow . follow me think i'm doing this is not . the right place . fuck we're in the fucking ladies oh . thanks thanks great can't wait to do . this no i didn't think you could follow . me next round . what are you oh shit yeah good because . i've been working out that's why i'm one . of those wait. the big one the big mean called moose . knuckle has never been stucco's moose . knuckle like a mammoth hoof at this. point. prolapse you can get a prolapse if you . lift those terrorizer definitely did not . put the cookie down. i was literally looking in the mirror . about to drop that fucking comedy genius . motherfucker . holy shit how many cookies did you have . brian nine brian terminates the buffet . line there is no bathroom fucking clam . terminator mammoth hoof in four zero . seven pounds all right boys come on . let's see you work out are we doing come . on pick some shit up and put some shit . now i'd listen to me ladies welcome to . my world . i get all the sex in the world . motherfucker is made of metal in that . thick he's gotta weigh 2,000 pounds . minimum i believe they haven't even know . right well somebody was close somebody . was close oh hello oh hello brian how . you doing . hey hey roger hmm did look here the . cookie oh my god . [laughter]. wow. [music]. - what did i react to you found it i . just didn't want to give it away . perfect i think they know because brian . got a little i think they know me i want . everything do you think they know just . be ready to make a getaway you know i . got these cheetos right here see those i . eat these tito's before they come in who. we are and the cheetos huh the three . cheetos i don't think they do it happy . no they would have they wouldn't be . being fuck faces like this look at him. [music]. he typed exactly where we are . black ball corner pocket this door . doesn't open god damn it all doors . closed if you opened them so they . weren't in here they were all doors . closed if you open them wait we're doing . go what why would he go hey where did . you go what did you is he one of these . and see one of these to play basketball . i see i would pay to watch five fatties . like you can't ask whether it be rock . dunk one dunk one come on let's see you . want to see it yeah look good i think . brock dunks are doughnuts . hashtag add go don't worry about it i'm . closer or further away than you think . what did they actually don't know that . was a great bowling ball impression . scotty i saw that good okay i mean i . like i like being the cheat room myself . uh-huh . you're not in the cheat room the cheat. room yeah he's cheating you're not in . the cheat room look at brock what is he. doing sniffing walls oh yeah yeah likely. fucking stories listen we got all the. food we got all they fucking new yeah . how do you yeah we definitely knew brian . just figured out in there he's a smart. cookie that when he figured it out every . where did you go where you to the cheat . room i can't go go through that and then . take okay welcome yeah yeah okay what . what where the cheer room that you'll . never know oh whoa oh . the real cheat that's over there's like . saying run through me run through me . there over there over there yeah if you . run that way and then you take a left . you'll meet ventas yeah i know but i . don't i don't want to yeah welcome move . well go hey i'll go take a shower . remove the thickness i wanna watch yeah . i got a little cheap . let me hear your thunder he was a plant . this is a terrorizer spot yeah behind . lid on the toilet . [laughter]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. .
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