Gmod Scary Map – Hunt for the Missing Iphone! (Garry’s Mod)

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[music]. welcome to a haunted dark sewer . so basically we're all standing and shit . what i'm trying to say oh yeah you think . up here is safe huh fuck is that who the . fuck is that place is haunted we hear . that so why the fuck are we in the sewer . i think one of you flushed something . down the toilet you flushed your phone. down the toilet we're trying to find it . it just happens to be on the same month . of halloween so that's what we're . calling it spooky oh yeah we don't have . a phone findings we don't have . flashlights and these are only co . where's my lantern where's my lantern. fellas don't worry you can take it if . you want you want to take it now so what . are we doing in the sewer reptar we're . looking for a clown and a bunch of. children yeah yeah i'm still looking for . the iphone can one of you guys with the . light go first yeah oh fuck dude bryn . we're in pop fucking christ who wants to. take the lead i went down the fucking . pewdiepie amnesia shit why don't you. back here if you get past you yeah oh no . your fucking tail reptar is knocking the . lantern out of my hand i don't want to . get scared man. just walk backwards you won't see it we . will hook you dropping it like it's . gonna help us husband the ledge has been . good scared not me. - just in case anyone follows okay no . i'm not hiding in case of any. jump-scares save so far . oh oh god where'd you go where'd you go . hold you right here with me no oh shit . georgie where you go boy spawn somewhere . else don't panic we're on the way . hey let's not split up okay calm we'll . be there there's a dead body here they . just watched what does a dead body okay . now i'm somewhere with a lantern oh no . are we all separated . hello no i'm on my own and i don't like . this shit well wonder if you're me . marcel i'm in like some jail cells you . in some oh a mess i'm in a case i'm . scared. in a room i'm bet to press a button well . i heard the bird i heard you press it. would you hold on now ivan fuck you . okay stop it i find the key what one you . die you die you die you die okay alright . never mind don't worry i kept my . composure okay i see the key i just keep . going down the stairs . oh i'm just keep walking in fucking . circles and jail cells what do you want . me to do okay well what what why are the . key okay what happened though what was . that my lantern went out ah i fell oh my . god are we ever going to see each other . alright so fucking hope so i can't see. anything now fuck man i'm in a maze i . made a fucking maze oh i see the blood i. see blood in the clitty yes it's like . around a corner okay go left and then go . left again . that's where i waited then i teleported. was there any jump scares yet huh see a . light is that you somebody waving around . a light somebody holding a light who is . that jump i'm jumping hey stop don't . stop moving you now start moving and . jumping that is you where are you you're . close . hey somebody's lantern . what what i found somebody's lantern . that might have come across as a girlish . scream that was not i was just an . intimidating war cry yes what happened . though. and whatever you did evan it triggered . these fucking jump-scare guys right in . my face pretty much were they were there . oh they were bald man . they're very bald men dead bald man . black oh yo wait wait i see i see . somebody's light okay so glad you guys . are having a we're gonna find you follow . me oh let's just leave this fuck that . phone i it's a key that's a key in there . and that's me trying to be like that was . me smashing it okay. there's a keypad so i don't know like do . we need a password or water help we'll . find you yes won't i was in the i would . think let's figure this out yeah i've . looked everywhere in here so don't worry . about oh come on . okay i think we have to go back to the . dollar no are you sure yeah i don't know . how to get the key i see your light . okay did you open the door did you open . the door i open the door i open this one . okay let's go let's go and we go first . it spawned me back here when i opened it . i don't know if it's open for reals . which one let's check it's locked it's . good luck oh oh wow this is the . beginning again. wow i'm going to open this door alright . let's go back into the right let's go . right now okay what steve's here stays . here. steve steve steve the black shadow guy. oh god steve that's not steve what's his . name i don't know definitely not steve . though no what was his fucking name the . black guy. i don't know black we should call we. should call him something what was his . name. lionel was it lionel no i just came up . with that we we had it that's the code . that's the code six two nine one all . right so good okay so password is shit . oh shit oh shit oh shit oh do not do not . i got it oh god all right six two nine . one okay so that's the code we need to . get the key six two nine one yeah right . you take you going you pick it up you . pick it up okay i guess we got the key . all right . does that mean we should open the door . in the beginning in the spawn yeah yeah . yeah. wait marcel who are you oh my god all . right i never see leon unless it's sunny . outside i've never seen them indoors you . try and scare me okay oh i got a shotgun . i can get the shotgun we only get one . roll-up scroll up wow use your mouse . wheel i have and guess oh it doesn't . oh yo you do house it's in the water . it's in the water now there we go okay . here we go this is where the real shit . begins well this must be scary okay what . is that. oh my god they're making dolphin noises. or whale noises anymore there i hear . more fish that shelf falling over though . yeah wheres timeloss its pitch black . evan whoo magnum evan you motherfucker . can you guys please come back its pitch . black in this pitch black the fucking . crazy person room evan but everything . i'm not kidding you please oh wait oh oh . oh oh in the corner terrified okay come . on fine . hello why are we here has anyone seen my . iphone what is this oh yeah where's that . key for oh door closed i did it careful . i think they're much longer it's locked . someone's about to spawn in how do we . get out of here i don't get out of here . i don't know i'm trying to figure it out . line up got a jump it was probably event . there's always event there's always. event when you're whenever you're stuck . in any situation life there's always. event . guys the door is not locked oh wow that . was like the second ago over this 100 . hit the dentist this or a wooden . mysterious throw with wooden floors and . blood on the wall. alright don't wait up some scary a . stairs going down the red carpet you . threw this wooden door oh poor hello oh . what was that. oh hey tears leon . that's not leon you'll see leon when you . see him this is a lot ask me that one . look at that event she wants to go first . i feel so protected yeah i'm the one . that's gonna get the fucking jump scare. you're the mona singh teleported by . yourself again like me every fucking . time what is this what is this look go . oh a golden toolbox i think it's just . the toolbox . oh sure we're back here okay so we keep . going in circles for oh . you guys check this door over here no . wait wait come over here over here over. here i found it i found we need to fix . where are you come back to the beginning . this way okay okay fix it oh fix it bam . good work all right. i can't tell from walking up or down . stairs oh yeah it's kind of trippy . isn't that trippy yeah going up the . stairs oh bye . [music]. anything no i'll take this oh my god . that's fucking high so my skin you know . you're wearing a mask it doesn't work if . it's the right it needs the red resna of . a terminator oh that one are you kidding . me yeah that dino take this oh watch out . watch out this guy might still be alive . one of them might still be alive that's . too predictable i gotta break them open . oh maybe they come live you break it . over maybe gas cans inside their dead . bodies oh this one doesn't go now i love . this when i was a baby okay . stick it in there hey i've never had . don't don't don't start this yeah baby . penises are trying to they're prism . come on it just doesn't work i could do . it all i got it i got it i got it move . your big ass go go it's about precision . i got one i got one . let me go let me go i want to go oh you . got it all right please let me try this . i had this you don't do it this is the . most important thing in your life for my . pride yes yeah i think it worked . what are they open this thing yeah yeah . what did it do it opened the door down . here computer system oh it's delirious . secret santa oh yeah this is where he . makes all those twitter gmod videos oh i . swear god i thought this was a short . delirious logo i glanced over whose . office is this. i'm working in a row can gasoline and . gasoline accessories. i have no mo oh wow what the okay crabs . crabs head crepes head crepes head . crepes hey guys here here we can cheat . the system where you go can't spawn you . can't do it they're on to our x dammit . they're learning slowly going this way . no more jump scares for me evans run . emma just runs into the abyss doesn't . give a fuck of this shit boom open the . door you'd run home look look look at . this guy this fucking guy idiot behind a . piece of glass can't get us boom open . his door wait we should probably go in. here right boom going this door break . shit i'm out you let him out you let him . out you let him out you let him out. we're talking about leon sir it's not . leon - skeleton . wow it's giving off blood - fuck lee . you'll see leon you like vastly on your . right you said it really for your cell . phone this is turning to like some kind . some is your cell phone oh my soap yeah . iphone 4 so wait so wait this is bam we . got it turn on the carburetor kill them . work together alright don't use each . other hey can i check there might be . some health down here something . there better be alright let's do this oh . there we go some light you can see nice . and i generate some health because . fucking tan health i was just screaming . so break these boxes all this for one . health pack for you i needed it man what . do we do now now we go pick up these . stairs yeah or-or-or down . look there's you my head hurts from this . yeah okay oh shit now we're in some . weird hospital here we're already here . something she'll be open now with the . generated bodies guys look oh this is . illuminated illuminated this place was . illuminated this is new an exit . guys this is new oh we're outside is . this the end . no never the end you have to put this . goals in the box. i don't know oh shit you're right we do . we do grab them grab them come on and . you go illuminated like saying me i like . saying that i got no one here that just . mirrors that a nice word to say oh oh . the walls of doors are sliding down the . walls are coming down we could leave is . it this is yeah oh shit we get in the . car yeah thank you for playing shit i . forgot my iphone . [music]. [music]. .
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