Golf-It Funny Moments – Trick Shots and Scythes!

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You do a good golf narrator voice for. the beam hit the fucking ready button oh . all right let's try it again try again . try again say fucking thing anymore . golf with your fucking i have no friends . all right you could do it fuck off okay . knock the answer . knock be in watch this fuck fucking fuck . you. you wanna fight in the way gonna fight . you son-of-a-bitch wi-fi and hate you . evan. i fucking get a wave i'm fine oh you . went through me oh i did in the whole 11 . it's only the first hole don't be a kind . i'm gonna help you use them they know . your intentions what are you talking. about thanks more than evan i can send . you the footage out of that look . expecting me right now straight away man . fuck common tree back to the start you . sick twisted piece of shit game bleep go . on in little holes fuck it the right . ones bad only the left ones good what . kind of sick joke is this with the flag . good joke trick or treat my fucking god . i had to turn off add some turned on . something right off golf with friends . i'm gonna keep making this demo okay . look at that look at that . that's a tension all right brian guess. we're told you're supposed to go into oh . nice nice is it the middle hole the . right hole or the left hole you kind of . only have one choice right now to be . honest but which hole you go on in brian . that's the wrong one is it the left hole . or the right hole it's a mystery . [music]. give me give me a clue give me a clue . all right next to the bones like the . skull and bones yeah yeah what they . can't walk up one with the candle . awesome so right next to it okay the one . that's a hawaii. the right one fuck you you know i don't . trust you at all honestly i know that . those other holes did that i just got . really lucky . oh look at that oh fuck off what'd you . do wrong . i hit it to her wow it's just me yeah . five footer speed we're supposed to . smell . what the fuck evan was that's a fake. hole oh god i got in the fake hole again . a butt hole . i'm just gonna edit on the screen a hole . in one run game what is that thing what. is that shiny thing on the ground what . is that what is that puddle of urine . what is that . no that speed it's like a speed thing f . i know go into it oh no no no this needs . you the wrong way yep that's what we . said okay tricked. are you fucking sucking my nutsack come . on look at all the good things i did mom . put a sticker on the fridge damn it . [music]. stabbed me through that oh yeah bet you . wanna see the show . [music]. wow try to replicate that try to . replicate that we're trying out in the . hole already terrorizer woods see ya . [music]. that's try jiggly beard gent and hit me . please no no no it's nothing my moral . upbringing no one you come on hit me do . a trick shot your fucking trick shot . yeah that's what we're doing i want to . glitter not that do you like bounce off . the walls all right whoop i like that . that's some bullshit do you like some . get this one there get it get it in . another hole that's not even this hole . oh all right that's easy you just go for . this whole shit no one oh shit you oh my . god all new and do it do it do it . holy shit holy shit this is going this . is going . no way oh just try keep trying keep . trying bit more to the right right first . troya boys hannah i could i know you're . gonna get this one minute i've been . everything on this one this is it this . is it. my house is on you right now i've got a . wife and four kids hmm . come on one kid. where's going where's it gonna land . saving looking oh you did . [music]. [laughter]. [music]. [applause]. and what are you guys doing i need your . help. and to the how is he gonna help you in . order for you to i need to i need . motivation to hit this shot you got to . hit me with a po op op o op okay anthony . quality po up letting it i'm gonna need . you to focus . alright . feel the mouse on your fingers as if . your hand in your palm feel the texture . of your mousepad as you move the mouse . around si yes it's a great shot in a . great shot put that ball into the hole . just like if you went to the toilet to . take a big fucking pop okay do it like . you're taking a blob you fucking suck . okay see you guys the 100 shot are . volchok eg a trick shot or novus jeff hi . rico halloween for an anticlimax right . there lacing give you a hundred and two . oh shit wow oh you only had a hundred . shots apparently it doesn't there you go. guys that was the nexus whore world . played perfectly look at all those . weights. [music]. .
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