GTA 5 Online The Doomsday Heist! – The FUNNIEST GTA 5 Clip EVER!! (Epic Golf Cart Launches) (Part 5)

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No one reads this far into the description...what are you doing snooping around...
I'm wondering if there's something new . from the left ice we did or was a dif . yeah it was a submarine in this mine . actually i found out this isn't a mine . it's actually no those new sex-toy it's . a twenty eight sided dildo you're . freaking oh damn i must be alright guys . no more joking around we got a mission . to do oh you were serious . mission is right at the end of the world . the screen is dark again want it always . dark in the world is coming i don't see . anything either well no but i think you . need a new tv dude yeah you're 800 inch . tv looks to have exploded you got your . tv working oh oh that's always the . answer man the first thing you do when . you contact customer support or whatever . they say is it plugged in oh wow look at . that 40 so we got an escort alterna ball . [laughter]. [laughter]. game again actually i can't look . backwards i'm played this game i fucking . brain that idiot they'll dome damn right . oh oh look at my car . i need picked up or can you come over. here and knock my car out of this tree . what i got my car stuck on a tree well . here you are evan . me where you at i'm up here where the . fuck are you going . he said you're up here you can look on . their goddamn screen on the map hello we . gots a wild cat don't worry i'm here i'm . here to help you i got my car stuck in . the tree get out i'm here to help you. that you've went over my car you only . hit me nice now it still needs flipped . over well that sounds like a job for . delirious in and no guys do it okay so . fast you catch on fire the friction from . the air it's not going so fast anymore . guys hey can i get a ride there security . [music]. oh are you fireworks at it why don't i . have a gun what am i doing pull your gun . out i'm one shot one shot . don't worry about it . boom we only get one night yes only one . life only one it was you guys flipping . my car over then fucking blew me up take . that big shiny truck right there i got . the truck okay i'm gonna take one of . those other vehicles oh it's the ramp . car i'm taking that shit i call the . two-seater don't make me fail the . mission get out of it it is one more get . this guy there's a fucking person who's . alive here is behind us right here he . killed me hey wait the cars multiplied . if you die yeah that's not the right one . watch this watch this car go flying in . front of you second time . oh wait tyler despite a mission we went . past going we went past it or each . other's enemies there's enemies there's . enemies get them stuck they're gonna . kill me shit i'm coming to rescue you . evan oh my god you stupid bitch we were . taking care of our own problems worry . about yourself bitch missiles bigs . pull out your dicks hey what's the think . we're supposed to follow the helicopter . that's leaving know how follow and we're . way behind in this though make sure you . drive he's high he says half health by . the way any spars fuck away okay that . was your boy i'm missing a wheel there . we go let's go speed thanks i got you . i'm missing tooth i'm missing two wheels . my shit is so fucked look at me look at . me i'm missing two wheels . i actually can't catch up in mine yes my . car is a massive piece of shit they're. catching me from behind and shooting me. in the back fucking they're fucking me . they're fucking me heaven come this way . golf cart on objective . [music]. [music]. oh my god just lost a fucking wheel . again oh my god the longest mission in . the history of missions is over yeah it . was yeah it was that golf cart guy evan . sent him the highest so he gets platinum . hey we're doing it look at this mission . the picture that's a big garbage up like . the seats wait let me get it let me get . your car wildcat let's go anything can i . get in your car damn evan what the fuck . put a little overboard with the graphics . and shit on this thing i'm sponsored oh . [laughter]. my god. they are coming in all of them okay wait . all right . it's going down okay go get it go get it . you stick it stick it to a sign back bar . if you let me out i could probably are . you bringing me down to the creek we . fucking jumped as high in the air as it . was in machine gun did in the car that . was fuckin dope but you get cargobob . eight nine three we're coming for eight . the other eight hundred ninety-two of . you oh my god come get in this . monstrosity beautiful i can get on the . back gun to kill that big fucker . [laughter]. enemy priority number one straight ahead. no go straight ahead . oh my god he killed himself people left. two people deliver . okay deliver the barrage to the drum we . did it over there over there we're . nearly done over there get the cow . [music]. give me platinum give me platinum give . me black the service bronze serve it . with the shit chief . a tvp his body wanna collect in the air . how is he still alive he fell from like . - he's limping he's limping oh i think . that may have killed him delirious no . he's getting back no he's dead . [music]. .
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