GTA 5 Roleplay – DOJ 396 – Fastest Speeding Ticket

We set out to get the fastest speeding ticket ever!
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Okay so the highest ticket speed . challenge yep . see who can but they'll get an arrested . without getting arrested or killed on it . yes. you gotta get the highest clock speed . and get a ticket for it not go to jail . and don't get yourself killed . yeah so this is about to be interesting . [music]. we all talk to try to fight a cop that's . also doing fucking radar yeah that's why . i'm assuming the highway is honestly. gonna be the best way i'm gonna go this . open. i'm gonna go 13 . yeah cuz once a cop he's that one person . anyway is it gonna be takings . yeah gonna have to find different people . yeah there's probably gonna be consumed . cops on 68 to be honest . holy shit u-turn times two torque on as . well yeah okay . i'm doing 145 okay a little too much 50 . 53 54 jesus okay mine kat times toe my . god they just died at times to mine caps . at fucking like font> maybe you . need to do did you do the ems ones as . well no yeah i did i did . ems ones and times to those things fast . as balls flying south on 13 right now . let's see and when i got them back in . highland lovely come on there needs to . be a car the one time i want a highway . on the highway yeah it never happens on . a hundred and thirteen even what the ems . mods its bill cavanaugh might maybe need . to do times for torque or whatever the . next one up is maybe five i think . because yeah i'm doing like 150 . i could try times five . oh my god the way it ships is just . insane. yeah just like so fast . [music]. okay i can get up to around 100 or 50 no . problem. okay cool i'm not really passing 160 and. like i could barely hit 160 and that was . downhill yeah okay . so we're pretty even well i haven't . tried that much but oh keep entertaining . i don't know hold on let me try to open . it up right here . [music]. yeah about flat-ground i'm about 150 550 . stick oh perfect that's seven yeah stop . at 157 that's pretty much exactly what i . am on flat ground so perfect now we just . gotta find a comp and there's of course . none on the highway no in fact i went . down north and south it doesn't yeah . nothing . oh yeah i got an idea . yeah that's my workout harmony straight . through just sixteen yeah there has to . be one fucking tub yes such a sketch . road to do that speedo 155 down harmony . oh my oh shit hmm i'm gonna do the same . not a single fucking cop then again i'm . worried that yeah i'm going too fast to . fuck didn't even tell in the first place . like are the raiders even even catch us . up. i know soon joshua toward sandy hoping . i'll catch one coming at me. it's my eternity it's holy shit my turn . to go down around 68 150 helicopter . helicopter no shit oh he's gonna see . this . [music]. oh this is super sketch hundred. fifty-six down 68 holy oh shit oh my god . where the cops . yeah fucking bush i'm pulling over i'm . gonna come full i pass dear dude i can't . wait to hear what speedy caught me yet . because i was trying to go as fast as i . could so the helicopter would see me so. he had to have caught me land on . something can't wait to see the quickest. fucking body ask me ever . okay i'm gonna try to fly my plans to . you alright he's out talking to me are . you going east or west doing good how . about you man i'm facing grape seed no . sweet um i would have saved my speed i . [music]. don't know how how about you tell me my . speedometer is broken hundred hundred . and forty three holy hmm yeah it's a new . bike it's pretty insane i got to tell. you that oh here i come here i come i . have no idea who that guy is my name is . william buttlicker . alright i appreciate it he's just like . good god is that your friend i think you . have someone chasing you i do i passed 2 . pounds on the way here so slowly it's . like they're going in slow motion . holy shit shit i'm gonna turn around i'm . gonna get back on joshua i wonder if . he's gonna try to break off and get . involved in what he thinks is a pursuit . because there's all these other cars . chasing you but just don't even can't . fathom to catch up to you because of the . speed so yeah yeah well here they go . reed ok 143 we'll see i hadn't moved . forward a little bit. i wish that my engine off not gonna be a . dick i don't want to get arrested or . impounded i just i just want to get to . higher speed i'm glad that his radar . actually caught that that must have been . seriously 143 is like oh mike i would . have been gone like there would have. been no reason yeah pulled out for me if . i was not gonna stop like well that's . the thing is for me i was trying to . catch up to your traffic stop i passed . do cops the speed that i was going yeah . they was another i think that was the . one that he thought was i think he's . trying to go for me cuz i passed too . after 43 this called his friend am . they're gonna ask me to get off my bike . i are we running cuz i don't want to get . this just just go along with it i mean . you're nice if you're nice i mean worst . case scenario hop on and get the fuck . out of there. oh yeah but if you're nice then and if i . run if i'm running i'm gonna turn the . torque off yeah nice as you can be . what's this about i'm not trying to get . in any trouble. well hurting around and we tell me to . face a vehicle is not that's not what i . want to do took off with the wheelie . going out just zero to 100 and 5. 76 your . motherfucker. so what happened they they wanted me to . turn around and face the car is that i'm . put my hands behind my back i'm not . going to do well we'll see how it goes . for me let me know what you get because . then you're probably gonna have to run . so yeah hundred and sixty five oh my god . how's that even possible i couldn't even . do 165 that's not possible . holy shit hey sir how are you doing . today hey man what's up ain't nothing . much she's got a little problem here . eight o'clock you doing begging these . are realistic speeds 165 that's it one . of those 155 i honestly listen i know i . was going quick and i apologize i just . bought this motorcycle the other day and . i just i hadn't had a chance to open it . up yet and i probably chose a really . terrible spot and i do apologize but i . really didn't think it did 165 i was . honestly what i looked at when i looked. down it i was reading like 155 . that's not much better than 165 yeah i . know it's it's not great and i'm sorry . so i can we have you just get off the . bike yeah. all right and we're gonna have you put . your hands behind your back for now okay . am i being arrested no shit for what why . am i being arrested quicker that you're . going over a hundred miles an hour . that's me . okay well i mean you could just you can . cite me and i could i could leave here i . do agree speeding really she'd be . interested i'm down a rope street well . you know here's if i can just write you . a citation and you can agree that you're . not gonna be speeding up and down they . tried to keep up with me that was my one. and only run man i'm not gonna do it . again. why is my bike just slowly twisting like . a yeah mark if you just want to keep an . eye on him so doesn't take off you want . me to like lean up against your you're . the front of your car here or something . on the ground if you just say that okay . yeah you're fine they're gonna smoke a . cigarette don't get back on your bike . what did they say they're gonna do with . you oh shit that's it i got a good comp . because he was like go ahead and place . your hands behind your back and i was . like i might being arrested and he's . like well you're doing over you're doing . 165 miles an hour yes fortunately that . isn't a restful offense and he's like no . i haven't got it yet but i mean i think . i know what the number is gonna be if . you want me to tell you i got a . registering everything yeah let me check . the paperwork real quick . i love how quick it rips through the . gears with them so good here it's on the. registration papers here you go i just . haven't gotten it yet i just bought this . bike like two days ago yeah it's fine we . go ahead and run all right but yeah so . my cop said he was like that isn't a . restful offense but he's like honestly. in my opinion. i don't believe it should be so he was . like i'm gonna try to get you out of . here with just a citation as long as you . agreed not to go speeding around again . and i was like oh that's my one and only . run like. i'm done it's just if i can get a ticket . written for a hundred and sixty-five . yeah that would be amazing . even though i pulled over absolutely . immediately before he even lit up his . flights he still wanted to arrest me . like yeah city cop come on you gotta . give it yeah i mean if someone's gonna . obviously you could i think just fell . over from i don't because i simply could . get on my foot i've been gone i was gone . and i was off into the next fucking city . and the next cops were having their. chase sorry what was that . are you mr. belleville yep frederick . belleville all right perfect . all right let me just go finish writing . your citation all right you're gonna . write it for 165 yeah we'll see you've . been pretty easy with me on this one so . i might drop it down i'm totally cool if . you want to write it for 165 man oh i . mean that's what i was doing he's like i . might drop it down it's like no no . writer for 165 please i want that i want . that take it on my record let's see . speeding 165 big guy as your pursuit . going you in the city what pursuit oh . i'm back in blaine county that's why i . say what pursuit because they fucking . try to chase me i'm already back where i . fucking was before oh there you are . jesus yeah go ahead and get a mark go . ahead and go go ahead and go i'm right . here. he just told the motorcycle cop to break . off from this traffic stops and he's . going oh fuck i just found another 159 . for a second it looked like on my screen . yo
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