Hand Simulator Funny Moments – Floating Standoffs and Beatboxing!

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The close game here folks super bowl . we've got a matchup here between . basically i do work and terrorizer let's . see who can bring it home here with a . nice bullet to the brain seems marcel's . gonna try and relocate that barrel a . little bit more central to his nose . brian's over there doing the fucking . eagle face marcel's got a double handed . grip this we have not seen this . technique in years now see if he can . pull it off fucking piss your ass bitch . off the wrong club man . this club will talk about fist club . who's up first. i'm ready alright okay are you fucking . kidding me i knocked my gun off instance . [music]. oh yeah. oh yeah you you guys are fucking going . down hey look at me oh you fucking going . down i'm learning shit so i just gotta . throw it throw it over here put it over . here yes throw the clip hit boom okay i . got a turn over so i switch hands . get this fucking hand out of the way i . got this i got this no kill myself once . i lured this . yeah one come on please follow the right . way no follow the right way . hey yes yes yes is all oh you guys are . up you guys are fucked i just turn the . clip over you guys are you guys are . about three hours away from death now . [music]. [applause]. i'm pulling the trigger . oh my god you're doing over there turn . this way the worst footage clip in the . gun stages there's like okay you can. just try this different angle and then . it's like five minutes later i can't . quite fucking get the angle right it's . early friday there's just oh oh i got . the clip in i got it in my god never get . clip in all right choice you forced it . okay . oh which one are you having oh . i'll make the guy in the corner go in . it's almost dead we all sound like . fucking high schoolers on prom night . oh no damn it all that work for nothing . are you giving physical therapy ready . get ready . fuck his ass up you ain't hitting shit i . ain't even worried first though he . looked at me for me what are you looking . at. i got no more bullets left. all right everybody else leaves flip . real quick over here just like it's my . real hand it's really something hand oh . oh oh you guys are going down you got . going down oh this flip is in this bitch . oh i wish you guys would tell me like . with the tips and tricks you wanna do is . you wanna have my stupid fucking hand . [applause]. [music]. [applause]. that looks good you ain't gonna kill me . no it's too low it's too low as fingers . too low more too right . i finally got it i'm so pissed . hey nolan yeah delirious buddy you can't . even pull the trigger still here . clicking you ain't pulling that fuckin . trigger oh yes you need to fucking die . walk out your hand is behind your back . right now completely behind your back . well i had a fucking temper tantrum are . you doing i'm trying i dropped my gun . too close to me i'm trying to pick it . back up so i can kill myself swear if . you kill me i have a perfect view of . this suicided do not want to die either . kill i feel alive . for these seats secondhand off stubhub . the expensive hey good money to watch . this man murder him . well there you go brian it's not near my . head it's a close game here folks . [laughter]. the super bowl we've got a matchup here . between basically i do work and . terrorizer let's see who can bring it. home here with an ice bullet to the . brain news to my left . he-she boys for z7k who is in the . stretch in his left . yeah i'm striped shirt who was naked man. - his name is me okay whose long sleeve . to his left me okay who is naked man to . his left ad i'm brian and whose green . shirt man it's me we all know who's. ready ready yeah first person to kill . those shows wins okay i feel like i'm . gonna get myself pretty soon here just a . minute focus on this one no but just . text me when you're about to kill . yourself oh keep me alerted i wanted to . either have the gun pointing at me just . need to oh shit you're ready to do a . glaze do it you guys keep doing it i . thought you know what i'm ready i'll be . able to catch it if you tustin . accidentally at least do it do it tyler . he's looking right down that barrel . no you doing this right now . oh kill myself right now yo got the gun . point straight at him okay brian . all right brian go he's like oh think . before i kill myself as want to see you . kill yourself all right good night as . the style points come on give it to me . hurry up all right boys might be time . like watching like watching cavemen hold . a gun the fuck you doing over there i . don't have time to kill myself figure it . out evan you can figure it out you got . time it's not that hard . bring your hand towards you and then out . no no no flip your wrist up . it's like he's presenting a new guy. there's air right there go back i'll . grab the barrel boom now release with . your other hand. all right near the hand yeah so hold . there you go just ram your head into it . until the tires . now rotate that no he's like i love this . move your left arm down yep yep it's . going down yep and now move your right . arm down move your right arm down so . it's my right arm yep now bring your . right arm down and maybe try and rotate . it towards you rotated a little bit . towards you like fold your wrist to the . bottom just bring your wrist go all the . way i wrists are weak we go we cruise . you may have to you may just have to . restart try good you may just have to . drop you like the good old fashioned . gone on table that bang in the gulf yeah . yeah put it play on the table now strain . out there you go evans ready boys come. on come on let's see you . what happened in here . [music]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. you put it like that oh i already know . what you are beasts why you keep hitting . .

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