Hand Simulator Funny Moments – The Shake & Bake and Beatbox Defusal!

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All right what is up guys vanoss here . and i am back with some more updates on . dragon city so as you guys know i made a . few videos on this game in the past and . that's because i have a few characters . in the game i have two dragons they look . just like me they're amazing - the best . dragons in the game they're super lame. they're weak your dragons are weak why. are you still here i'm just enjoying. some leftovers man i've i'm hungry dude . go home everyone at the office already i . don't know why you're still here you're . still here yeah because i'm making this . video okay i don't video yeah well make . sure you tell him that it's sponsored . before you go to jail i don't want to . see you behind bars during the holidays . oh yeah thanks you no problem no problem . so this video is sponsored by dragon . city like you said and if you guys . haven't checked out the game yet make . sure to do so the link will be in the . description is completely free to play . and i also want to let you guys know . about the new pvp mode that they have . going on in the game so basically it's a . new special feature that allows people . to play and battle online and now . there's rank so the more that you get . into battles the more points you will . get in the higher rank you will become . and also if you're playing the game . right now you could actually enter into . a contest to win a free iphone 8 so all . you have to do is participate in an . in-game poll and two people will be . randomly selected to win those iphone . eights and the two questions that you'll . have to answer in this poll are one what . type of vanoss characters should be in . the game next and to what should be . wildcats first character in the game . yeah yeah they couldn't decide on a . design because there's just so many . great options that you could make a wild . cat dragon so needed some eat some extra . help there's only two stupid that's . that's what we narrowed it down to we . couldn't narrow down to one we went from . hundreds down to two anyways just vote . on it because i'm sure that the dragon . characters because dragon city's awesome. will be much better-looking than the . real-life version of him anyways like i . said if you haven't checked out the game . yet make sure to click that link in the . description to do so but besides that. guys hope you enjoyed today's video. thank you so much for watching and all . the support and i will talk to you all . later bye . you should go home now seriously i . actually i actually live here i have . been for a few might have been meaning . to talk to you about this i've been . living here for the past couple months . what where do you i-i've been sleeping . in the break room where do you shower . uh water fountain or if i want a real . hot one i'll stick my head under the . coffee machine it's not to clean but . it's it's hot all right fine fine i'm . gone all right well let's start the . video. all right all right this this right here . is me hey how's it going hey this is me . what's up who is to my right over here i . it is i kick around so we know to you . hey there who is to his right across . from me your friendly neighborhood . vanoss right here okay and then to my . left is nova how you doing noah having a . good day whoa what are we doing in this . box there is several grenades in this . box our mission . grab the grenade pull the pin murder . each other okay all right let's start . off boys go ahead and let's open up your . box it's time to get things going . i'm gonna make sure i know how to throw . these yeah that's true do you know how . to throw a grenade yeah my pin is pulled . who wants to eat all it's down to my . right i'll see you guys later it's been . fun there's gonna be secondary . explosions your other grenades tend to. detonate afterwards oh yeah i got this i . got this shit how am i gonna throw this . you just let go of it you got cool of it . like why is my arm going all over the . place you fucking kidding me dude i wait . was that the pin . are you at all close to pulling that pin . vivint it's one finger . i see five fingers out chris asd space . hold them down . there's your finger stick it in the hole . hey i can't a pen i could do it this way . i could do this . oh that's how you pull the pen out you . just shaking i got to the other part all . right another pin pulled who wants it no . glue fucking threw it right in your face. that's how it was sick the shake and . bake . fuck this ping come on i find just . throwing them even with the. oh shit we got five minutes all right . let's defuse this bomb introduce this. shit introduce this shit all right we . got right here this is me shaking my . head heaven you are to my right in the . green shirt to your right is anthony and. then across from you is no glow louis is . the fucking bomb we got like five . minutes of diffuse let's go it's a bomb . it's a bomb why he's on a bull what do . you mean why yes the drill ds neck is . open. yes are you kidding me oh my drill . pretty ever use a drill bit hey hey . that's my drill oh wait hold it hold it . hold it there hold it anymore keyboard . keyboard i got it i got all you let go . let go let go boys i got the drill wait . just five minutes of my fucking life all . right let's try that again boys . [applause]. [music]. there you go now hold it oh am i getting . in yeah you got it that one's done yeah . boys yeah oh what you're seeing i don't . see see there's nothing moving i might . see them okay one last beatbox all right . oh okay okay okay this is our chance . boys let's not fuck this up okay install. toggle switches in position a1 b1 c2 d . okay so see this toggle switch a 1 b 2 c . 2 d 1 e use a finger one finger only . there you go a 1 yeah . now c 2 goes up just tap it up just a . little now e 2 e goes up as well there . we go yeah ok wait wait is a is a on one . i don't think a is on with oh way to go . tattooing is big party will i have a . hey 101 shit off so you want to get him . out of here hold on . you want to try any one screwdriver just . fucking not eat you pretend to win . spider-man hands into that what are you. oh well we got wait i did it would you . know that much time we have do we see . that what the clock says maybe you . should move the peony don't worry about . it the clock is not a problem . i gotta give a few say and see oh i . think this goods good and then what's . the next one oh my god see anything you . won't have to read it if you can't okay . yeah it's you see i can see that good . see it see oh my gosh oh oh my heart my . heart talk. what oh hi okay move your hand so i can . read it remove all the blue wires . walkers can do that yes remove all the . blue knit wires . we're almost there boys i don't think . you can use your finger on this one you . have to oh yes you can't it is he just . poked it with the stump there we go i . removed that one . just fucking wiggle it around get your . thumb in there shake and bake all right . okay boys here we go this is it fine i'm . just gonna fucking leave it to take them . completely off no i think he just . disconnected like that i've been . probably good shit like that don't have . a light . and be in oh god no but jesus i'm trying . to trow it away okay okay that will have . to do your arm is stuck through it all . right day two is up b1 is up c to up d . to down e one down good all right oh . nice nice placement you can see no wait . wait. it hasn't exploded yet remove all red . wires my god oh my god oh my god fucking . the bomb oh my god this is our chance. boys yes yes yes one more one more. you got a remove seed the double oopsie . you did remove now it is ease this now . what not the knob to eight just let the . knob to end there you go just just inch . it in chicken shit we're gonna do a boys . no no if we did it we're actually still . alive you see like somebody's shaking . their head over there there's like wow . yeah he's just like no no no no the . greatest bomb defusal i've had yet we . did it right that was the last step . right yeah we did it thanks for watching . be sure to subscribe and go fuck . yourselves. [music]. [applause]. .
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