HOW FAR CAN A KID FLY? (Happy Wheels)

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Well welcome back to my channel today . lisa des plaines it should look happy . wheels yay . look at this guy friends over here argue . he's an old man just like me cuz glove . if you look closely . i'm growing a beard i'm getting all the . ladies and gentlemen i'm getting old you . might be like well chili there's this . looks different you're wearing a blue . shirt. first of all this is my first video ever . wearing a blue shirt that's because . right now i'm using a green screen . kelly what the hell are you using a . green screen you're supposed to use a . blue screen because the jelly shirts . green well today my computer broke on me . a freaking broke it doesn't work anymore . and that's why everything is looking a . little bit different today it's because . i'm sitting on santa's computer i'm not . technically sitting on our computer i'm . sitting on santa's chair and we're gonna . play happy wheels because i want to g i . feel like to get a video up for you guys. today that was like santa can please get . a video uploaded game that should . probably start playing happy wheels now. what the hell's it to start off we're . going to play short drove i don't know . why but i just feel like it okay . see that little kid in front of us there . pretend that's justin bieber see you . later justin i killed him with two . swords 241 that's the way i like it . especially with justin bieber alright . got three sorts left and i've got one . two three foot by six people lap guy i . encounter grain i miss ok so i should . probably starting now the pretty good . hit alright so one sword and five people . that is technically not possible i got . two and one though huh blows cd battles . we all know this game of on ios it's . called blue cd battle it's an amazing . game i've actually never played on my . channel but we're playing and happy . wheels choose the dark monkey put them . here blows are common good luck are at . oh my god . so this injury is gonna shoot all the . balloons and eventually we will unlock . yourself i think is that works with more . stuff down. lol ok ok maybe next it's time to dodge . some our food ladies and gentlemen our . poon dodge you i can see that . click me to start okay shit i thought we . had to jump or something . ok i could get 123 a lot of calories and . waiting go oh and it was easy . alright yeah well right got those this . will be 2 i'm not gonna have to move . ok now i might be screwed oh ah god . again let's try that again that was . actually really original. i liked it reminds me of like those . movies where there's lasers and if you . get into the laser you get caught but . now there's not actual lasers that hard . foods flying around which is kind of . even more scary. while my god probably but this dog that . ok well who okay lay down lay down . oh yes ok oh shit what the hell . well my god guys i'm doing amazing way . better student i finished i need to get . going now see that was odd so my love . that level but it's so embarrassing . because they can't get the coin there we . go lol you . yes guys this will be the end of happy . wheels just like club penguin they . closed down those servers this will be . the end of happy wheels polka band . versus naked girls okay stop making them . yeah stopped up copied us if i kill this . woman she goes to make it she'll be . instead. do i have to go naked a the i guess not . rosenberg by the way hope that's okay . timmy's challenge used to me . press ctrl + c ok what i do not grab it . space . oh my god no way okay i'm gonna grab the . jet watch this . but garage date yes i got it without . what about my guys haha settee grab the . rope . i got it sitting on the wrong one oh no . oh no this is not on now that my arms . broke off and the gentleman sure that i . died. thank you jett your grade right let's . try this again i actually think this is . quite a lot of fun. we're going to grab the jet tonight . mighty wall yeah alright we're going to . make the first part the first part is . quite easy although i already lost an . arm like i thought it would be easy but . it's not all right row haha it's a lot . harder to grab the rope and he actually . think it is but let me do this again . guys let's not push it no it's not 21 . you idiot . all right y'all wow right back let all i . landed on my hand but to be completely . fine. oh yeah what do i do not fly i think the . other way around . wow oh my god hahaha i was sick i think . i'm making shit i think i'm going there . i'm going to the finish line i think . come on almost there little teeny almost . there actually have a friend in real . life with him . shadow little timmy alright get what was . as what the hell am i supposed to do . no doubt too i think i think i'm . supposed to make that i think i'm . supposed to go down there alright make . yourself small to me dammit are you . serious dude i think of dead space . access the time for a happy wheels ball . throw either only done two million of . these but it's fine if it's completely . fine a guy . alright so the wind is locked i'm . supposed to open the window and then i . can actually win but i need to dodge the . death one but i think the the help that . wasn't the end that will close off the . death ones so i'm going to go for help . first. ok nevermind i'm going to go for help . birds . nevermind i've gotta go for out first . bonus ball was great all the god all my . god haha a touch it yeah can i still . make dr. king jesus christ right so i . need to throw it in the help otherwise . i'm just gonna die cannot jelly . nope ok this is really hard i mean what . the death is really easy to get the ball . inside of are you kidding me . boom come on. no no mana haha okay maybe that i don't . know what's going on okay i through it . and nothing that works i guess right now . this one we're going to have to throw . back if that was an awkward spot. ok we're going to continue help a great . deal of the possible . seriously this is a lot harder than it. looks. okay well this is just stupid okay i'm . gonna give up super level i quit it's . time for the ultimate spikeball level of . only done 10 million of these but it's . alright 10 million still not 11 million . so it's still fine okay but at the . diesels are always quite topic if you . get this first drive. i got a second try but if you get a . first try your lg lg i mean mlg if you . get a second try. you're officially cool which means a . ghoul there is no map . what that's what there's the door . do not click green ok some sake come on . you got that tells level about guys it's . usually just gonna go this way i what . stuff huh you are a pro i think not . i'm cool but i appreciating now what of . ok this is not looking great i think . they're fooling me i think i think . there's are not going to kill me guys . oh my god oh my god oh we can just go . over it just like that asap . well i got haha i thought i was going to . land the spikes but i didn't i think . it's funny because i i really like this . which allows though you click it start . was i okay well as super random okay i . don't know what this is but i think . we're supposed to jobs . no we're not supposed to jump we're . supposed to fly over everything with mr. grandpa over here . oh god okay alright so i made one thing . now we're supposed to make the next one . how do we do that . come on so on no it's not really working . guys. ok it's definitely not working now . alright grab but ok said nevermind he's . old anyway doesn't matter it's okay . kill him who do i kill kill the . kidnapper no death . you shot you use this to save your head . watch out grandpap knees that that's ok . run this so the kidnappers going to . shoot at me . wow god . i killed my kid so i need to save my . child come on child shot the hardness . the rod run come on run again . alright we're going to kill the . kidnapper now facing myself what . happened the axes got a lot happier just . now . ok i didn't make it again come on ax you . can do it . yeah within it and i'm still alive . am i not my dad i i don't even know ok . whatever i think i got shot there but . it's ok that for the mind challenge what . was happening i was great time with my . challenge i think i'm supposed to hit . the mind. wow right i think you just made his . first time . take it down right those that counts as . the first try am i right . jelly is right eat okay what . what what what is going on . it looks like domino day isn't so . ridiculously stupid is eventually gonna . like throw me out of the box. nope doesn't look like it where is that . thing going off the jet or another jet . engine i'm not a jet engine . jesus christ our bottle bottle flip to . the bottle isn't just going to volatile . no way it's not that we did it the fact . that well sweet sweet all alabama that . for the mycapture ok we get minecraft . sort of me and we got just been i think . we're supposed to kill just thought we . could maybe i can now buy justin a dios . amigos for our success . okay i think we've had enough justin . fever killings now you know i'm starting . to get a bit sad. this is a rope swing level what why i've . already done 10 million of those still . not 11 million so it's fine but i've got . totally engrossing level guys i love . happy wheels but sometimes i'm just like . first anymore arrested out that out and . said that before . maybe already like 10 million done . alright and i made it . yay i don't know what this is about but . it's something about a lamborghini and . it took him 10 hours okay well that's . great . that is if you 10 hours dude stop . wow that for a bottle flip all right . this is gonna be the last level of today. just because i know that i'm not going . to be able to exceed any bottle flip . watched it all right so i got one over . there it failed whatever they're . building of what that got built and one . just landed on my head that technically . we didn't tell ok so maybe maybe now . come on. o. o all the bottles lips failed i am sad . now and that's why i'm good to go thanks . for watching guys catch you next time . [music]. .
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