HOW I BECAME A SINGLE FATHER | Little Nightmares – The Hideaway DLC

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Little Nightmares second DLC lands and it tells the story of how I became a single father
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My name is jacksepticeye and welcome . back to the littlest eat cpc teeny weeny . nightmares the new tlc is out so now we . get to tells back into this the last . time the tlc we played as the runaway . kid and we were doing some stuff before . the main story took place and then by . the end of the first by the end of the . other tlc that i just played the last . episodes i did we ended up right where . the other game started so it's kind of . confusing the timelines are all messed . up. but i don't know how i access it if i . load game if i resume game i have the . dlc installed it might mess up are we . actually gonna start exactly where i . want to start please do know this is . where we left off last time 6 is over . there on the side and we got put in our . cage as well because we were the kid. that were dragged off at the start of . the main game the janitor came in and. dragged us away his footsteps he freaked . me out again. [music]. you. [music]. where are we. meets unhooks when the bike oh god . oh jesus oh no get notice about india oh . god my fucking legs i'm like back okay . so we didn't die at least we're still . alive we're still good well i hope so we . could be dead credits just rolled that's . what this dlc is the ronnie dudes oh . last time i saw you i was eatin one of . you they're so cute they're kind of . weird actually that kind of weird . they're very very weird hey what's going . on i'm curious to learn more of the . story of what's happening my fella cuz i . i still don't really understand what's. going on or what you guys are or . anything where we should look up some . videos of people explaining it people . who know a lot more about it than i do . i'll come back i want to be friend . friend me friend me be good friend huh . okay can't grab that yeah there's one . right here . hi okay i get it i get it tonight . how do i nail it . flawless. oh he got stuck oh no oh think on it . since you're gonna pull his head off . hi i just want to give you a hug . he's like oh well i wasn't so bad . [music]. cute hey can you open up the door for me . i'm actually doing anything with you can . i throw you oh that's so cool okay fella . come on are you actually able to follow . me lil roni little ronnie fella well . dude oh wait wait wait . silly me i just learned how to throw him . i also forgot that i could sprint hello . that'll speed up the process okay come . here yeah it's fun right ha ha you're my . best friend . i'ma call you mush cuz you're a mushroom . okay come here . that didn't work okay mush you got a . graph look grab the thing attaboy mush . no no moshe is back i thought you were . gonna get lost can we can we push this . together what are you doing mosh . every time i try to push one side he . tries to push the other side okay maybe . that's what's maybe that's what's so . hard about this . he just keeps fucking it up on me okay . you go up there i have no idea okay mari . did i get you okay . i have you um sorry nowhere to throw you . oh okay the all-seeing eye watches i got . it. - fuck do i do give to go up here no i . can't throw you that high i don't think . i am superman okay you're going up here . okay good job you did it proud of you . proud of my son . mush you didn't do it . it's probably an even one i'm supposed . to do just have no idea what else i can . do this looks like one of you . i mean i can't go anywhere from here . didn't do anything . good those that was harder than it . needed to be oh . the all-seeing eye was like portly when . you go through the things it's like the . cake is a lie all right how are we doing . this mush most your friend is up there . and we gotta save him okay . do you think you can do it hold on . there's a ripple rattle going on in here . hey you got a friend no it's okay . we're all friends look i am the keeper . of the people there we go. just call me billy hawkins worth . alrighty and open any of the rest of . these great great throw two of you up no . way i can throw that high right hey go . mush . we have mush and we have room come on . roomie. attaboys nice one fellers you guys are . smart . why is my controller endlessly vibrating. nice ok no it's ok it's ok . shh-shh hogan's worth is here see we're . all friends ok but now what let's push . that box off ok i need to get you down . first of all you want it you want to . come with me mush room we've also got . car i need to think of names for them . now we've also got a fun guy that's . that's it his name he's a fun guy . ok i keep picking them up i don't need . to pick you up . perhaps if we throw all three of you up . there you go . and ok you're just jumping down again . that's cool ok stay out this side stay . there ok we can't push this alright . come here okay you're pointing at the. iic can you follow me god christ . i feel like steve harrington with all my. kids you guys are pointing at that why . are you pointing at it but you're. chasing me maybe we have to throw one of . you up there. no you're pointing at it i see that and . then what you're pointing at oh oh . this game makes me feel gone i just. noticed all the hands on it nice okay . very good take a little victory sip of . coffee i have coffee puss banana milk . it's delicious what's this - what are we . standing in. okay it's cold right all right guys we . have a lot to take in another little . friend hi lil roni dude it's me your bro . okay i can't do anything with him . it's all pointing that shit right okay . i'll open it what's in there oh god ah . see but it's real : i thought they were . gonna run up the ramp and jump in . themselves nice. ah okay i'm gonna give you a chance to . do that one here we go . very nice fellas okay you're gonna keep . doing that for some reason see you now . and now i'm confused cuz the place . opened up down there but this also . opened maybe i need to get another . ronnie dude we have mush we're room we . have shiitake we have fun guy i'm . running out of running out of mushroom . based bonds here . i don't like being away from my ronnie . guys whoo . i guess secret . dunno what that means but i'm sure it's . like there it is it like the from our. same what were the little statues i for . fuck's sake i hate this about this game . the fact that it's a 2d game but you're . able to fucking walk towards and away . from the screen . oh god oh god . [music]. is this mr. break yes you already . supposed to break the board's out your . legs oh mr. bean is back or the . breathing i forgot. he's so creepy okay i'm able to jump up . there . oh no but i don't know what my objective . is here oh don't walk on oh god oh god i . forgot he smells i forgot he smells no . fuck ah and he crunches all his bones . he's so weird oh he makes me so . uncomfortable oh there's a button over . there . [music]. ooh oh fuck nope nope nope nope nope . nope nope nope nope okay okay oh shit oh . shit oh shit oh shit. will that actually distract him this is . terrible. oh. oh i don't know what if i know what i'm . supposed to do but i don't know how i . actually get it doing well he doesn't . like that he doesn't like the sound . comes in the hole . [music]. please please spot it's not enough time . [applause]. okay maybe this maybe this maybe it is . okay . no that was torture . okay please no more of him i don't like . him i don't like any of these fucking . creatures oh that just move on its own . oh it's full of rats cross . [music]. okay let's through here. if you like i should be able to reach . that that's well within your reach okay . you don't want to grab it maybe if i . know right so i'm assuming that's not . what i'm supposed to do no runny dude hi . buddy . how do i get up to you can i climb these. i feel like i should be able to get up . there but it's not letting me look . ronnie dude i want to help ya climb . claim something just hand marik's on . that box that means i can claim that but . how do i get up there . okay i'm coming friend actually just . keep pushing the jar hello. keep pushing the jaren you'll escape all . right . is there something done here i'm . supposed to get reverse things were more . clear in this game he follows me jump . dude jump go yes . attaboy okay come here come here . no daddy's gotcha daddy's got you okay . come here my child . [music]. peaceful serenity you're actually . supposed to go up here i mean i know . that i can throw you up into the ladder . but no not that direction . there's handprints on this for a reason. did you did you just put handprints on . that for no reason. okay moving on i'm throwing up to this . ladder okay are you are you okay with . that you received it in an emergency . exit are you okay with operating the . doors if and when an emergency might . happen there you go that's my boy that's . my beautiful beanbag . [music]. hell am i know . some of the directions you can go in . this game and i feel like i've missed a . bunch of opportunities already yes big . button i get it sup shining your light . at it oh that's creepy . i can see through the eyes too through . my was in where i turned on the tv with . the janitor guy this is go six okay . was that all that that was for that's a . nice little easter egg to be able to do . i'm not really easter egg but you know . what i mean a nice little nod to the . first game first episode whatever yeah . yeah god scare me like that alright . oh it's give me a little runny due to . jump off is he gonna jump up on his own . oh okay how do i get that do i just jump . oh incoming broken legs . smushed into bits my ankles are where my . knees should be oh it just hurts me on . this site oh that's handy oh god don't . do it again oh my god scheme scares me . okay my boy you gotta push this okay . help daddy here you go. i think we're getting it - to open up . that so are we we are not strong enough . for that okay don't get crushed by it . my little bean bag if you can't grab it . from this side okay i don't
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