HOW THE TABLES HAVE TURNED | Sea Of Thieves #6 w/Mark, Bob and Wade

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Oh boy how the tables have turned in Sea of Thieves!
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Hey hey oh god hey what's this fucking . kudos someone to the brake oh hey hey . well okay okay i'll show you guys what . what i ended up happening with the money . okay . so you see that you see look you got an . iphone i got an eye patch . let's did you fuck you on you know what . that's good for you great job that's . what i said i still have ten thirty . seven so technically it i didn't spend . anything yay oh wait combination . unlocked what wait wait wait guys guys i . can explain explain so so over over . there see over there there's a lot of . gold oh okay all right okay is it buried . yeah yeah just dig all right okay we got . you did you'll find the treasure. all right all right i'll find it first . wait on wait a minute wait where'd he go . i'm digging for treasure guys don't . trust you for a second it's way where's . our boat and where is he . i'm i'm buying more eye patches i . decided i'd buy one for everyone because . only i have one now he's not he's not . even in cecil shop oh it's fucking . betraying us boys is weird what is still . a bullshitter are you drunk . wait seriously man all right yeah i . fucking hear that. you bitch junior you know you're this . way. i'm in somebody's easily coerced . everyone to the break hey wait . keep digging that dredger way and you . got it did you find the gold . [laughter]. did you see you at the end of the dock . of my telescope i didn't know we were . leaving wait here quick somebody help me . get the anchor back up you can make you . swim wait swim damn why did i tell you . the secret of the fast launch off the . dark it's about to take off wait . [music]. okay well i'm just gonna go up here and . contemplate what i did. why didn't we vote jack into the into . the brig i was on board with that cuz no . no no didn't feel right we still can i . still say we should fly towards that big . skull like that's got to be something . right it does feel like it would be . something we go we'll check it out i'm . not the one steering the ship i'm . steering the ship i'll steer over there . let's do it. i'm willing to bet that that skulls got . to be like a storm something something . yeah right you got a big storm a-comin . baby it feels important that's the beast . from the east wait is he he's northwest . yeah i proposed a new quest guys it's go . do the fucking thing we'll stick your . names in my tabs and shit yeah stick . your knife in me table oh shit an . all-night fit wait i got a knife it . before you shoot the water let me check . the map see where we're heading looks . like a buildings over there rock no it's . key keelhaul fort which way there's not . a rock oh there's a rock is this like . there's a for slightly to the left yeah . that's it right there right in front of . us . oh let's let's do it it's doing everyone . make sure you're full and you're good . guns and you're not i'm allowed up the . cannons i guess question mark probably . maybe oh the music shopping this is what . i signed up for cool . pirates lads a whole exide cannons are . all loaded captain starboard side lord . enough captain. wait i'm the captain you're the cab . get ready sky whoa we just loaded it's . huge. whoa oh fuck it's gonna be ridiculous . this is good oh this is so cool this is . good shit no no no it's just a ford okay . i'm gonna turn off you all these barrels . on the left in the water that we can use . for supplies whoa there are just barrels . in the water let's drink them . you guys want to straight from and try . yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah because they're . gonna start shooting cannons at us okay . there's one yeah we gotta get ready to . fix the boat i'm ready i'm gonna turn . left we're gonna hit him with a with a . starboard side thingy you can also use . wasd to move oh boy oh boy. get em boys get em boys get them i just . tried to do something here we go now . this is podracing oh hell yeah boys kids . okay no it's loading fire simultaneously . so we're all good i think we're i think . we're good i don't think they're . attacking us. this is batteries is your bottle we need . to dow sales a little bit i think yeah . on it where what the lower-right lure . right okay you got this fellas . lads oh we got a lot of incoming fire i . think it should we go straight in and . gap we should go for i think it's . alright fault full sail full sales speed . your way speed in but you're gonna crash . into it they know just get ready to drop . the anchor okay okay i'm ready to go . right at it now we're hitting again . alright we're going we're going right . now if we get oh my god if we get off . the pole mine if we get off the boat . they'll hopefully attack us and not it. [music]. anchorage phone slips and right i got . blasted off the boat yeah i get bounced . all over the fucking place okay we got . to get out we don't have any treasure on . it it's fine let's go oh god i have no . bananas left okay it seems like the . skeletons might be breaking off yeah . okay . i got one in the counter news yeah dude . this is awesome this is amazing oh my . god has the block is impenetrable oh my . god oh my god i'm almost dead i'm dead . i'm dead okay . what is the ferry of the dam you'll end . up you'll end up on davy jones's boat. and then it'll help you come back can we . just like sneak into the center of the . fort and steal this shit and get out of . here or do we have to kill everybody . you don't know this is new stuff hey i'm . back i think as long as the boats kept . the boat is a respawn point so as long . as the boat is kept sinking boat has . sunk boat has sunk hey hey not too bad. i mean i'm do it dead boy it's okay open . look at davy jones . steering a ship oh shit he's he's like . hovering . yeah he oh he ghosted he fucking mad he . has no friends though okay oh through . the door if the ship is still . technically like not dissing is it's . gone yeah i just responded just left oh . yeah we respawn at a shit that's so cool . that we could blow holes in oh my gosh. are you serious we are like yeah we are . an entire map away from you guys. well fuck you maybe you should just i . think you're gonna get your wish jack . wait did they respawn on the boat the . boat wait i'm just gonna go to the top . of this tower see if there's like . something here are we gonna no i'm . fucking in it for this or we could . meehan's do this oh my god the storm is . intense. when you guys respond you're gonna be in . another nightmare of a situation oh boy . i can't wait . the lightning is so fucking awesome is . it oh my god this is amazing from of the . boat and point to that storm but that . one here we go here we go i hope you . reload on our boat no i'm gonna shit. goddess we're phone can go into it guys . this is no shit i'm going up to the . crow's nest i'll let all the crows nest . i want it you're late i'm already up . there. there's repellers mother's room for oleg . about people i'm gonna ring the bell . this is everybody on the boat up in the . crow's nest water buckets and i'll steer . the thing broke my ankle sorry it's slow . yeah my ankles are fall oh my god why . are why are we here we don't belong this . is awesome. why is it raining below deck way to eat . a banana ok shake come on oh my god . going from the bottom of the deck into . the onto the bridge wait what is . happening why i love last words that . doesn't sound good . the compass is freaking out guys yeah . stories oh . ah left oh yeah we're live left laughs . hard left ik this is where did we get . hit hey we didn't hello hey we're okay . bounced off good job bob good good good . we got the direction i can't see . anything and so gavin got the rubber . ship this time oh shit no i can't okay . oh my god i feel like i hoped it would . be it is everything and more we are very . very full of water we're bailing ship as . a homeland okay maybe that's why we were . taking on water broke oh fuck oh there's . two whole hope wait okay regular old . knot it won't fix yeah sometimes the . boys bounce back off okay okay we are . dying to the elements right now to sail . a ship without dude sinking on its own . that waves are like hundred feet high . guys just look off the side of the ship . holy . this is nuts this is impressive. technology oh my god wheels yeah i mean . when you think of it from the . technological it's simulating the water . but also it's a physical simulation boat . in this like oh yeah huh the steering . wheel on the boat is so fucked right now . guys obviously get drunk that's the sky . crash into stuff i can't tell ya there's . some tiny rocks in front of us but i . can't really see them oh these are can . you imagine having a ship to ship battle . in this smite ride you see the light . cannon fire okay the reason that this is . bad is because this area is the wilds ah . is there somewhere i should be good . straight straight. you're turning way left right now and . that's not good okay for the turning . situation i think this boat is a lost. cause guys good oh god i'm sorry drunk . first. okay wait no guys there's a hole down . here maybe that's why i couldn't steer . the boat good it's okay i'm fixing a . hole it's fine it's fine. everything's fine everything's calm and . fine now feel fine post . no we don't like babysit it in the storm . if it sinks we don't have any treasure . on it does it really matter yeah we . didn't get any treasure the first time . dad treasured okay i'm going back to the . tavern i'll meet you guys there there's . a tavern there perfect this is weird the . sun is shining in the middle of the . storm and it's just as weird yeah your . lantern it's like great the tiger i have . no money. oh he's got more squeezy boxes oh which . one's the tavern is it this one thorn . with their bird stole outside it hey hey . what's up boys oh he's got some good . stuff oh he's got some good stuff i wish . we had loot glad you guys made it i laid . out some placemats for you and i ordered . some stew. oh wow really yeah who are you i'm just . gonna take a nap very long day out of . water . oh we're sisters after all well it was a . great day out and waters we didn't make . any money captain that's true bragging . isn't the ship sinking right now yeah my . vote is place zero you are lucky no . lojack boy you like that yeah . i hope i end up like drowning in the . break immediately it's just a personal . jam session let's entertain the whole . jackaboy in the i'm going the right way. i think it's this way . whoa oh the ship's still afloat jackie . you can say that i can put all the water . in my bucket . oh wait you guys wanna see a magic trick. see all this water wait a second can't. kill you. oh god your weight your face i feel like . i have to put you down yeah . i killed him he's dead let's wake up . you're faker shrunk up in here oh yeah i . don't know if this hasn't been to break . guys why when your ears like they used . to before. [laughter]. hey mark let's crash the ship okay yay . water sweet release of death water ray . can you hey unrepaired the ship because . there's a lot of holes yeah i wish i . tried that i couldn't . oh there you go it's okay we'll fill up . its full pretty good i got you we'll all . go out together it's like the titanic . when they were playing the violins on it. there we go. gentlemen it's been an honor wait you . need to come stand in the middle of the . two guys because now you're right. between the bars of the cell there you . go. wait a little to your right a little . more. there perfect what a perfect picture . this is wow . wait so so when does this happen i . wonder if we can all like scoop water . right now the water actually go down oh . wait if it sounds like a-- everyone . scoops water you get your heads back all . right. can i eat bananas underwater as i'm . drowning yeah then you eat bananas . bananas he'll drowning heard this before . what bananas actually fuel drowning . guys guys it's time for me to go see . it's time it's time i'm dead . okay well see did you guys see that for . you to go mark what why me this is my . magical watch where i kill people i . think it's time for you to go wait for . me to go as well you can't you can't . jump off the boat of death oh my god . i respawned on the sinking ship . table debris genius white shimmery shiny . listen they're still hold out wow can't . put me in the break if i i'm not . [music]. [laughter]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. .
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