Human Fall Flat Funny Moments – Toddler Supervision and Coal Delivery!

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Do you like my slight improvement with. my character no i can't tell what you do . i'm happy you're not happy yeah i'm . happy you look like you have something . stuck in your teeth . i could see past that fake smile i know . you're sad deep inside i am you look . like you're wearing goggles it's all i . could do there's real sunglasses in the . game i couldn't find them . your hair looks like a turd stain yeah i . know scottie you paint your spaceman . city hall no i'm an og have you even . been to space yes i see shit just . because you isn't went to amsterdam one . time why are you a pirate you refer to . me as captain and captain only what are . you eating sunflower seeds like a real . pirate whoa oh my god it's albino . terrorizer they'll bind their eyes no . pigmentation for domination get to the . tanning bed get to the fucking santa in . the fuck what what mohawk is that shit . someone took a shit on your head why . don't you have a mouth doesn't take that. long the drop mouth i'm not going back . to drop . fucking mouth this is my favorite former . brian honestly you piece of shit all . right guys you mean our . right everybody okay i've brought you to . this power plant because because i've . brought you here to walk wait is this an . obstacle course no we have to we have to . make it through so i think we are done . just watch through oh we unplug it oh . easy that boom oh we have to get those . why are they over there who put tamayo . there's a ledge okay oh my god planned . here's the plan step 1 . boom boom turn on turn on means step oh . man . whoops wow you made it crank it crank it . oh shit oh jesus. [music]. okay we're good we're not good . we're not going or selling period i'm . someone needs to hand that to me when . i'm low on top oh shit yeah okay so so . i'll come back around . let time no no he'll come back left hand . i got it let go release no your halo . you're done i'm running on a treadmill . oh my god oh my god he's the strongest . man alive i'm telling you i'm a fucking . dumb i'm getting some cardio in there . i'll scrap the ropes. i can't clearly wires there we go . why don't we why don't we play this game . with vanoss he doesn't do home i got it . is he yes he does he climbs balls for . the whole thing and breaks the map . passes all the puzzles wrong and wrong . in my hand okay i got it . look at that look at that no no just . grab onto the end and you just grab on . what are you doing what are you doing . what are you are you trying to fight me . with your penis by that's fine i play it . in fuck then see look no it's not it is . through the wall it clearly is not . plugged in oh i'm stuck i'm stuck long . one rung on every wrong bone oh no plug . blue into red em okay nope i'm still . stuck guys help stop playing the blue . one it - the red one ah can anyone take . the red licorice can anyone please take . the red licorice. and unplugs and plugs it into the . teamwork . evan yes you piece of shit holding him . hostage we're going okay yeah just keep . him on lockdown so we can't fuck us up . the alien oh my hands are stuck again my . hands got stuck again . please keep holding him please keep. holding him please i'm just trying to . climb no oh my god waiting my perfect . [laughter]. and too fluffy you know is to work with . something this is i am i know how to . handle a big penis no penis to talk . about this licorice stick alright talk . about my penis . [music]. here we go all right . way too hard we're good now no no. holding him . keep holding him yeah did it so we're . just back here we need this again oh . maybe not then what yes what you use . your body use your body brock let go . brock yeah. what's your pirate name by the way . marcel captain i don't want to say . anything work sit safe i was gonna say . captain blackbeard boss great that would . come across this you know you know just . saying captain black dick longest dick . of the seven seas apparently he turns . into sean connery when he's a pirate ire . you know i've got the biggest dick oh . what's next what is this christmas let's . go get on this look we gotta put we. gotta put coal in whoo i just go in here . is it on let's close it on a tree we . have to do where we have to do there's a. you load the coal we're gonna have to . drive it somewhere and then tip the coal . up like this milo goes in the furnace . let's just try driving up the top of the . hill and scope it out you know i mean i . guess i see boys yes oh i'm so confused . full speed ahead captain i'm steering . i'm steering i got it i got it . then why are we doing this maybe we were . supposed to go on the path that's not . steep see it to the right yeah i think . what happens if i stay in here . i think we're driving . [music]. what i'm getting at it right where guys . come here come here come here will you . find strippers surfers just stay here . you just stay levitating or else away . you can fall in what happens when you . fall in only a dungeon oh but you can't . get out oh my god brian has a crack pipe . what way down here look outside my name . is terminator jiki i am caveman what we . discover fire once since this since the . old days pass the spliff so i put this . in here oh look the temperature gauge is . going up yeah you gotta get it really . far in there sure me okay so i think . that yeah so we need to go bike i need . to go back . oh cue funny moment turns around and . there's evan fuckin dick all right so . that one's already on oh no oh no no . okay so we have to close them all then . it's gonna get full temperature did this . one have any coal in it yeah it's not it . all the way crank death no . it just went out more now what we need . more coal in the middle one and the . right one guys our captain is leaving . slowly he left like five days ago he's . right there interstellar ship is going i . don't know yeah there's more coal . there's a hell a lot of coal up here . okay so we got to fill the truck with . coal right and then brave ourselves down . yes . oh yeah brock which i kick into . overdrive oh evan are you serious what . you just ran me over what do you mean . are you shit i didn't run you over you . stood there like a dumbass oh you're . actually breaking my fucking car . that's right i'm a superhero i'm strong . i'll let you go this time . hey what cars that so what i was driving . there's two oh wow you drove that up . here for no reason. yeah okay you're good brock you're good . feel the rub baby . where is it i'm working oh there you are . alright guys i'm coming down with this . piece of coal that i got all about . myself what don't worry guys i got this . just all by myself this isn't you know . monotonous or anything hey don't worry . about it man . we need one more turd boom boom ha ha . let's do this what pieces i'm not doing . nothing. alright hey that's the wheel let's go we . oh no oh no no steer oh we are there's . no way we're gonna make this it's fine. that i have faith fine this guy he knows . how to drive a spaceship so i'll be fine . good guys good job try you okay good now . forward. [music]. okay we're okay we're okay broken all . right now turn to her hard left hard . left this thing is avoiding me for some . reason punching bags that just keep put . on the stick and leave it there . just leave it i left slow slow there you . think we're good now you got it . but we need five how did you wedge . between the wheels seconds ago yours you. are back trolling it . i'm also romantic there you go i reach . your own curse no no no it's gotta go . forward it's got its go backwards we're . good words we're good okay to turn i'm . using my body good i got it running on . it moonwalking shit driving me this . perfect turn . [laughter]. when he weet yeah but we got to pour . them out we got to pour them out there . you go there you go perfect yeah yeah . yeah pieces okay these fans . these fans are full our nails are . probably kicking up it is i wait hard . flying dutchman i feel like i'm flying. dude what did you put in those brownies . bro come on yeah yeah you got it you got . it okay . evans finally got reese's full vanoss . potential yeah can fly now here we go . evan hi bryan . look watch and learn barty oh nice . this is sueschubert you don't stop . cock-blocking me you bitch over there oh . sorry are we not going here cuz . checkpoint yes probably the end please . brian come on just get up thanks man you . saw . oh my guys like my peg leg yes please . some either gonna see brian pop up on . the top of my screen on the bottom who's . in the second one please pull me in . please all right take your votes here . folks. where's brian go do a beer up there or . down low leave a comment now come on i'm . so close i know i could do this it's . easier to jump in right way to brush . scott. [music]. [laughter]. [applause]. [laughter]. brian just visualize like you're here . we're just gonna quickly jump over this . wall you got this oh you could go down . there . we won we did it that was it yeah we won . back here that's this house j over so . you see the victory thing on your screen. yeah totally yeah no you're long okay . there's some shit going on you fuckin do . this really not wow and how'd you know . you guys you guys guys you guys do me a . favor give me a favor . everybody's standing right here great . we're having us be right back are you . going stay over there everybody stay . over there all right now look up in the . sky. it is shibai holy shit . what where the footage gone. all right brock brock nope rah come over . here look at me and punch we're making . like a star are you ready okay and then . scottie come in then make a circle . gonna make a circle scottie scottie . you're somebody's ass . i haven't and remember him awesome. person he was punching grant bravo . no no that's double rock bones we got it . nope nope i mean now we do all right . forever yeah . so i kinda wanna try something do you . think we could get the truck into think . we just need to i think i think this is . the end for me i just saw the ground . this is like that scene and interstellar . i'm coming back to reality is what . actually happened to matthew mcconaughey . [laughter]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. .

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