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- eat and welcome to me reacting to me . kinda my boys . okay listen let me give you a little . back story really quick so every time i . log on twitter which is every day i . check my twitter all the time by the way . go follow me there also follow my . instagram because your boys trying to be . a little bit more active on there as . well with the little stories and all . that but look that's besides the point . every time i get on that bitch i hear . back jane please react to this video and . i click on the link . bye no surprises always this link now i . will do that little thing where usually . people do like little screenshots of . everybody's saying like that should . react to this i'm just too lazy to go . through them but look just take my word . they really want me or y'all really want . me to react to this so without further . ado i'm running when it first arrived. from amazon i didn't know what it was . you'll see is it for me it's for. everyone it's called amazon how's it . going i'm just finishing up right now is . it a lunch yeah it's always on can't you . me right now nope it only hears you when . you use the wake word we chose alexa . well what does it do alexa what do you . do. go to mcdonald's order a hamburger go . back home add cheese to it . congratulation you not have a cheese . partner awesome alexa play rock music . [music]. oh yeah i want to try alexa what time is . it why she don't have to yell at it okay . echo is pretty neat because it knows all . sorts of things song all yesterday was . ask alexa how tall is mount everest it . updates using the cloud that's also how . it gets its answers just read that off . the box huh dad really likes that echo . just plugs in so we never have to charge . it plus it goes really good at keeping . track of things like shopping and to-do . lists and paper alexa add wrapping paper . to the shopping list alexa how many . teaspoons are in a tablespoon alexa set . a timer for eight minutes go to a farm . your job is to take care of chickens . congratulations you are now a chicken. tender that's not a morning person but . echo definitely helps them wake up that . was good. alexa give me my flash news briefing. good evening good afternoon good morning . i don't give a fuck this is channel 1152 . news and here are tonight's top stories . alexa tell me another joke . take a usb drive put it in your mouth . pause do you downloaded your childhood. memory whoa sometimes echo helps out . when you least expect any dad how do you . spell cantaloupe cantaloupe c a and t . alexa how do you spell cantaloupe. original recipe good job echo loves to . play music and knows a lot of songs and . they always sound great alexa . alexa define annoying once it starts . it's the web example my brother and with . the companion app you can access echo . from anywhere when i see you i go go. nuts please let me go let me touch and . cocoanuts let me get the milk with a . cocoa puffs feel that kind of food you . get the cocoa puffs oh shit . to experience echo go to amazon. com . slash echo that is love you guys i'm . gonna see y'all hide your face . alright um they did a good job boys i . came from there you know they have to go . and then look for the little clips i . mean i think it would have been funny . and when he asked how to spell . cantaloupe they would've thrown throwing . in the clip when i was trying to spell . orange you know what look for another . video that you guys have my boy you all . need to be in them . drop shipping drop shipping drop all . ways get requested that always that i . always see requests here's a here's a . video that was the pig on the chef sock . okay . this video apparently somebody took a . gang of my intros and they played them . at the same time or something . every dasha game's intro played at the . same time this video damn near got a . million views. damn you didn't can i get some of that . cheese can we split that hole ah okay i . guess they got a lot of requests for it . [applause]. what's wrong with this - you right here . what gameplay is that and why am i so . upset i need to i need to put like an . arrow on it so y'all see what i'm . talking about i am really upset . [applause]. [applause]. [laughter]. [music]. she will give a new house i take no shit . you know the rest take the whole depot . buy me some milk cuz i got a lot of . fucking take that shit go get your shit . fuck that shuttle presented to a judge . if you get sued you're gonna be anus to . the fuck put in the amigo fly your . nintendo wii u is not a nintendo nx 297 . school when you open your locker or your . home are gonna be done beep that should . put it on your back while you're doing . push-ups you have to be swallows fuck . babe take this and put it in the chico . to gta5 you take that should put it as a . chick quarter gta 5 do not have gta 6 . take the booty like a suppository. [music]. have your baby . [applause]. you are not poisoned take that shit . deposit into my account thank you take . that should put it on your phone call me . later. take that shit putting a vcr press play . the loop from the ring look to the left . you can now see go scrape take the orang . go hug your girlfriend you are now . single take that shit to your loss it . was priceless take give it to a japanese . baby growing you can the cool . tonight you were pretty cool about to be . best i love y'all oh my god . i'm eddie shape my boys um i need sakura . and psychiatric psych. i need help so if any of y'all know . somebody in the field i love you guys . i'ma see y'all tomorrow 3:00 i don't . have what i think i said i'm all hot . report . .
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