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i wanted to draw.. SO I DID!!!
hello new magic pen..
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That's right i did it what you are . looking at right now is the brand's new . one-of-a-kind magic pen version - just . look at it it's beautiful it's . prestigious. it is not gonna make me draw any better . but it's gonna allow me to draw this is . the old magic pen not quite sure what . happened to it like how did that even . happen the electrics are exposed there's . no tip i ruined it so this one's . officially dead and has been replaced by . the brand's new magic pen and it is . insane i've been inspired by all of your . drawings recently especially on the . among the sleep series and i just felt . like drawing again because you guys love. the magic pens so much you gave so many . likes on the previous one i thought i'd . sit down buy a new magic pen and tablet . i told you i was getting serious about . this look at the size of this thing and . i'd sit down and draw what you want me . to draw so this is my twitter right here . and i'd sweet its want to draw what . should i draw now i'm gonna look through . and see what you guys want me to draw . cuz i need to warm this bad boy up loads . of people want me to draw pugs now the . problem with that is i'm not very good . at drawing pugs regardless of how much . time i spend with them i'm just not good . at drawing them i don't know why see . what is that oh actually i know i pushed . it this tweep i've just had a really . good idea i'm gonna do the dance edm . drawing challenge okay so if you don't . know what this is i will search you . doing the 38 day drawing dan challenge i . think that's right yeah there we go look . so this is a challenge that you guys . have been doing for the past of 30 days . and i think it ended two days ago i . mentioned it in my birthday video a . couple of weeks ago and has some certain . rules so i'm gonna go through some of . these and also try and do my own we're . gonna pick three days and try and do . them i think this would be fun okay so . here are the days here are the rules . this is what you've been doing over the . 30 days of november i just need to pick . some okay first what i'm gonna pick is . down in a dinosaur onesie let's do this . i'm taking this seriously guys i'm doing . what some of you guys do normally and . you do like a lie . blues sketch in the background just to . get it right which is really cool so i'm . gonna do that okay there's my mannequin . guy and now i need to draw over the top . in a different color to get this right i . think this is gonna be cool . so i need to draw a dinosaur onesie i'm . gonna go for a big hood over the top and . it's also gonna have teeth coming down . as well. i think that'll look pretty cool so it's . like my head is in his mouth and we're . also gonna add big eyes on the top as . well so it's kind of gonna be like a . monster and a dinosaur in one check this . out it might even accidentally like a . frog but we'll see what happens . nostrils of course there we go okay this . is coming together it's gonna be like a . full-on bodysuit so we need to make sure . they're all attaches together this is . gonna be weird i just need to rub . something else i've done this bit wrong . i kind of messed up a little bit but you . know what it doesn't even matter . i am also gonna put a big old tail on . there as well which is of course gonna . have spikes on it yes i need to fix this . there we go that's better okay so now i . need to make sure it sits up so it's . gonna have a zip down the middle . 93 details so i need what do i need . before i do the color i'm gonna add like . a little kind of thumbs and fingers just . because i think i look funny the eyes of . course there we go and then i guess the . heads gonna come in like this way big . mouth and i think we need to color this . bad boy now it's looking good what is it . alike without the guidelines that's not . so bad i need to add the hairline cuz . otherwise i'm gonna be bold which isn't . a terrible thing but if you looking at . my hair right now it's not bold is it i . don't want to have a zip as well but i . don't really know how to draw them i . guess that'll do i want to add some . other bits as well i'm gonna add some . toes because dinosaurs have toes yeah we . go tail detail as well just like this i . guess i need to make sure he actually . has like a defining teeth section i . don't know what style i went with here . but aren't you kind of like it right . there do some colors this green is. actually perfect it's so dinosaur if i . add in some yellow bits now because i . think that just matches the green so . well coloring . the face yeah coloring done i'm not sure . what to do about the top bits of eyes . because i didn't leave enough green but. you know what it's fine for now and . shade this there i say guys i think i'm . done i've got the shading i've got the . colors and i still have two more to do . so i think this guy is done so far i'm . pretty sure you guys would have shown me . up but that is my entry for um 30 day . dan challenge but down in a dinosaur . onesie . let me see i'm i'm just looking through . to see what other ones there are there's . this one that's super cool is this the . dad as a chicken i need to do that one . next . all of these are just just incredible. though i mean look at these they're . insane oh look at that wow that's so . good it's even got the little dinosaur . blowing flames. that's matt and this one too it's good . truly in my hand no way right time to . draw it down as a chicken this is what . i'm gonna use as my guide ah i think i . need to add some hair on so maybe like . this and i'll make more sense when i . color it i don't really know i . definitely went with the crazy-looking . chicken look this is going to be this is . gonna be a masterpiece i don't know why . i really want to be like a super angry . chicken i this is gonna be great . i've got to put the belly on the . dinosaur just remember so i'm gonna draw . this one in so i do remember how to do . it i'm gonna draw an egg as well just . because i want to be popping out a . little egg am i doing another egg up . here as well might be a really cool . background to have i didn't think of . backgrounds last time no what color do i . do a chicken chickens gonna be like . white but i kind of guess i could do . like a light blue chicken let's do that . this looks just like this's looks crazy . especially with the light blue and the . animu eyes actually quite like this i . thought the perfect background to add as . well comedy if i didn't add a background . before okay it's always fully colored i . just need to do some details i don't . really know what details to add i need . to make the actually i need to make the . eggs a diamond color that'll kind of do . i kind of want to do like some kind of . shine around the outside as well . it will look good i promise it'd look . really good shading is going on . this has got to be one of my favorites i . mean i've only drawn two but you know . what i mean my favorite ones i've drawn . with the magic pen me as a chicken . looking pretty anime i just need to add . like a really cool background and you'll. understand how crazy this is gonna look . i'm actually gonna do your highlights on . the eggs just so you look super cool . i've got six in that for some reason i . don't know why but i tried to do a . little swell there we go like diamonds . chicken eggs from your man dantdm guys i . actually think that's done i just need . to add the background . i'll show you get a big brush up in here . hello hello is it during the brush oh . that's weird there we go perfect oh oh . look at the eyes i forgot to color the . eyes it there we go that's a little bit . better it's a little less freaky well is . it it's kind of the same amount of . freaky i don't know why that happened . like that but that looks pretty cool to . me . it's like delayed it's so weird but i do . like a sunburst in the background that . looks insane i'm so pleased i'm so . pleased i think i make it one better . slightly darker in the middle and this . this is up it's a masterpiece absolute . masterpiece yes i've created the. greatest thing ever that's me as an . angry chicken with a pretty crazy . background . alright let's see what you guys created . there's me as a minecraft chicken i like . that okay this isn't the chicken version . but it's a baby me with the tattoos as . well he's pointed at him he's hurt so . proud whoa is that means a scientist. that's awesome i love the style and the . crown as well there's me the chicken i . like that similar to mine but a little . less crazy . that means the unicorn that's mad whoa . that's bendy that's so nice i love that . that's cool to me as a rapper oh my . goodness that's that's amazing now . that's me as a chicken. dan's fan draws who i think actually . created this challenge that's awesome i . look how dedicated they are they did . every single day i need to pick one more . um i'm gonna do dan as a cup heads not . just as a car peds as a cup let's just . put the chicken away so i'm talking like . a big old mug my . version of cop had a mug man i'm gonna . do it really quick because of how long . we've got left of the video this already . looks at crazily derpy like it was not . how i expected it to look nobody just . realized as well why it is mug man and . cup head have a straw coming out of them . and then many people that drink from a . mug or a cup with a straw . like a coffee mug not not like a normal . glass anyway i need to add in the hair . as well i'm not quite sure how i'm gonna . do it with the the cup in the . backgrounds i think this kind of works . right here's the concept let's get . drawing it might actually need to draw . the hair first because it kind of takes. over everything else takes over the . entire mug guys actually kind of like . this like this little lip bit here . because it looks like the edge of my . real-life lip that's cool and completely . done by accident . also don't ask me why but i've decided . to go for like spongebob no blinis i . have no idea why as thing looks cool . how'd you don't know what else to add to . this it's like i'm gonna add some . stripes to the straw of course but who . else do i add to me as a mug um i feel . like maybe like glasses or oh an . eyepatch i have no idea why i think one . of the drawing challenges were was a. pirate as well i was gonna do glasses . but i changed mine store eyepatch . that looks cool alright let's start . coloring this bad boy i need to think of . a background for this as well because i . don't quite have one in mind . as with the chicken i'm gonna go for a . light blue colored mug the straw can be . in pink . and i don't know other color to use . let's find one why actually doesn't look . too bad by itself um a little card to do . my no bellinis i guess just in the blue . color right actually maybe we should be . wearing some kind of shorts instead let . me give that a go with little hearts on . definitely look at those oh my goodness . this is perfect i'm actually gonna do . the opposite shading on this one just . because the cup is a different kind of . color doesn't really need that much to . be honest. let's try lighting up the hair sooo yeah . that looks much better i like that i . could do both but i think like shading . and lighting is gonna be kind of weird. at once better shading on the eyepatch . looking kids okay so i think i'm gonna . go simple on a background for this one . this one's just gonna be a straight-up . beach . lots of sands big old sea and some waves . like really really shabby waves i've . also just realized i've been using the . pencil tool this whole time that's why . the lines don't look smooth but hey i . think we're good here . by the way it's even incredible at this. event just exists there's 2425 posts in . this challenge which is crazy because it . was all curated by you guys you guys . came together as a community on. instagram and to make this awesome . challenge happen so i thought i'd get . involved and show off a few of your . drawings as well because there's 2,000 . of them and they're absolutely . incredible all of these all of these . they're absolutely amazing thanks for . taking time out of your day out of your . month to be able to create these it's a . joy to look through first of all though . let's take a look at my entries we have . done in a dinosaur 1c which i think is . pretty cool which i chose a background . for this and actually did the belly but . you know it's fine then and my second . favorite is gonna have to go to the cup . it was supposed to be dantdm as cup head . but i just drew myself as a mug with . shorts and an eyepatch i mean it's . pretty cool then finally we have my . favorite one the chicken i don't know . why it just works so well with the . colors the style and everything i hope . you like it too so guys that is it that . is the magic pen version 2 taken out for . a spin and i think that was awesome if . you enjoyed this then please be a big . fat like if you want to see some more as . well leave a big fat thumbs up that'd be . greatly appreciated and if some three . the first b that you see mommy please do . consider subscribing to join . seem t d ends april daily videos bar . from that guys thank you again so much . watching you . the best have an amazing day and i'll . see you all next time goodbye . .
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