I didn’t deserve this… (My Lamborghini is RUINED)

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Yup.. that really happened.
My car was parked outside last night, and it got vandalized. You won't believe who did it.. I DON'T THINK I DESERVED THAT.
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If you read this far down the description I love you
Oh early in the morning come easy. okay what's going on guys. papa here mama it's crazy okay it's . early in the morning we wake up early to . do the biggest prank ever on bryan oh my . god it was his idea . so pretty no oh just put it on yeah it's . okay but i talked about how much and how . many times bryan prank mean i always . think i get him back but this is gonna . tap all of them he deserved it you guys . please don't hate on me he did so much . to me what are we gonna do it's crazy i . don't know i don't know i'm still . thinking about nobody in the morning . waking up early in the morning thinking . about this okay so i took the number . last night i went out i come back later . park it over here on purpose so and what . happened when he left it outside oh my . god we're too scared to do it but i'm . gonna do it . you know why we're scared because you. guys know how much this doodie mean to . brian brian loved his lambo i swear i . see him in the morning with the towel . like wiping off any little thing what . are we gonna do it's crazy go bring it . i'm sorry brian if you're watching i'm . sorry but you kind of deserve it for . what you do to me so paybacks what's . happening i'm freezing my ass we're . gonna spray paint the car the lambo oh . my god we're gonna spray the lambo with . caroline like what they call dollar . dollars a valid is it vandalism i guess . you guys don't vandalize anything we're. doing this but we read this one you can . wash it off but there's no way i don't . think so i don't know no i i looked . forward i searched for them even when i . bought him i asked the guy and he said . yes it's washing yeah because you cannot . this is crazy taylor still to do this on . the. so um words come towards we heard the . brian about a week ago saying he might . change his rap so steven chu don't take . it off you knows we're gonna damage it. or not i don't know i mean i hopefully . this would but come on we have to do it . come on think about all the things he . did to you okay a year back let's do it . did you go here yeah i did oh my god . let's break it even though i'm sorry i'm. sorry for him we're gonna ron be careful . be careful be careful be careful how how . you gonna know it's okay it's okay go go . go go we have to it's a prank you know . it's a i can do it no okay you you yeah . just the letter you go now i'm scared no . i'm okay okay okay can i do . can i do something now i need a. different color i need a different color . come on. oh come on that's not if people see you . doing this they're gonna call on us i . swear go go go go . okay yes you suck yeah okay okay on the . handle rod how are you gonna freakin you . know it looks kind of good nice rod no . jokes okay um what else what else what . else. no i regretted i'm sorry just quit qu i . yeah q because if you doing it whoa . looking good yeah somebody's walking . their dog hurry hurry. why you got you you have to put them to . you. it righty-o okay i want to do something . oh my god okay on top on top do it like . oh hold on hold on there's a car coming . there is a car i'm scared i'm scared i'm . scared seriously i'm scared than my call . on us three xs maybe bigger bigger . bigger. oh okay i swear one is creative oh hey . guys. faze rug here sorry to interrupt the . video but i just can't . i cannot edit this without saying . something right now so yes guys i'm . sitting here editing my video watching . my parents my parents spray paint my . freakin lamborghini now do you guys . realize how much that hurts like yes the . paint is washable it is just a prank but . just watching them spray-painting the . lambo i know i have a bunch of car . fanatics out there if this hurts you . watching just as much as it hurts for me . to watch i'm gonna need you all to smash . that like button man like this is . torture editing this video and you guys . are going to see my reaction to the . finished product they're still they're . not even close to being done right now . so just just continue watching the video . i can't believe i agreed to do this . seriously this is boris washington yeah . yeah that's true. [music]. go oh shit there's somebody just sits . it's this is homer nothing walk . go go go i think that's enough damage. rod . [music]. you guys look for we did to the lambo. we're so freakin crazy and right thing . i'm gonna go upstairs with him to wake . him up. maybe another if you hear that's it . that's it this is enough . you guys look you want to write bitch or . no no no okay look guys we turn in this . car into like i don't know wow this side . is bad this side is really bad just . right like in the blue over here sorry . i'm sorry . as you guys can see this is terrible . okay go go away come on oh hold on oh no . we have to set up the camera to see his . reaction this is bad this is really bad . i swear yeah okay can you please go away . come up set up the camera okay . we're gonna set the camera if we weren't . crazy parents we wouldn't be doing this . but like i said he did so much to me but . this is the worst really i would get so . mad if what affords me okay man okay so . we have to seizure yeah ron is more . scared okay sorry . yeah it's your fault all right guys let . me see okay i'm not ready to go but we . have to go hold on okay i just want to . get it over with . i'm not gonna even go to . nice brian we're gonna set up a camera . in the front of the door seriously i . want to say i didn't see is that good . but i am ryan ryan ryan wake up wake up . oh well good there's something happen . outside . oh happy oh my god let's go downstairs . please come on hurry you won't believe . what happened oh my god see - i was like . what happening. why is it outside . are you actually kidding me how do. people get in here okay how many are you . actually my fault i know the garage . office i wanted from the door and i i . feel lazy i was so tired i feel lazy to . put it in the garage but that never . happened how many can we leave work hard . but do this you know what i don't know . what to say . oh we were even scared to come and tell . you because ron shall guilty he said on . official canonical show up enough noise . i don't how are people getting into our . community i parked my car every single . time in the garage it's my boy i look . for the garage opener i didn't take it . so i'm sure and i know what does it say . you damaged the car i know we need to . get cameras for overnight i don't care . from the thing they're not well but but . what are you kidding me do they say. something once yes you okay oh and it's . a good what porn what on earth do i do . to people that they want to come . spray-paint my car not only bad thing . that we live in a gated community for a . reason we should feel feel safe to park. our cars outside. not fair that's not fair i didn't do. anything to deserve this i live on only . thing was the right i mean any go any of . ours people on our property that . shouldn't be a thing and let alone doing . this is it that much hate in their heart. to come and ruin your life i don't know . i'm gonna get the footage what about . this deserve i'm saying we need cameras . on our property property not just with . you not to the out in the front they . don't do shit here's gonna do this i. mean at least it doesn't damage the real . pain like this is just my rap i like . this rap i me to do this is not only . that this is a they come they came i . know you don't know what else they're. gonna do hey no ron whoever did this . desert to get punished i know that's . what i say okay you gonna punish them. really yourself . no no because you're gonna punish dad so . bad that he deserves you park it outside . you spray-painted and i did why are you . guys laughing you said you're gonna . punish whoever did it cuz next to you. why you guys good morning brian i know . you didn't want to wake up to this but . today is a special day yes . today we got your da car rap that's not . friendly no just a friend . no no because we bought a paints a . washable and we can take it off so . hopefully now we don't know it says goes. away no no you don't scare me i'm . leaving now . oh brian have you heard something say . payback is what it's what it's what i . get it okay seven in the damn morning . you know how scared we don't leave this . you know what just hurts to look out . right now you guys don't know you're . speechless when you give i feel bad and . people start walking their dog see no no . way and that's it . and we hide behind the car i was . planning on changing the rap of my lambo . soon think through the rap to go on my . real pain oh my god we didn't you don't . have it guys do you know how i feel . right now like imagine waking up to your . lamborghini like spray painted thinking . that haters came to your house and did . it only crazy parents do then okay let . me let me let me show it let me show her . you know what i swear to god when dad . was doing it i go you're oh sorry . doesn't it look good oh this is where . this stop every couple of doing this has . topped every prank that i've been on my . mom. oh yeah well i wasn't much to me my . heart dropped oh i just bought you a new . car okay can we have can we go how . continue having my coffee please how . good lick lick no i honestly did not . know you knew how to write ice well here . he write it really good pretty stoked . okay guys so just to show you all it's . gonna go away i think i'm gonna help you . for sure i know look yeah guys it's . gonna go away so i need like ten people . yeah we're just gonna either we wait for . it to dry and we peel it as you can see . it's peeling so thankfully you guys . didn't actually damage the wrap you guys . actually pranked the shit out of me guys . you comment down below do i deserve this . after all the pranks i've done on my mom . and dad listen rugrats i know i know you . guys are gonna say yes but like this is . my baby it's okay as long as it goes . away then it's a prank . you guys thank you i hope you guys did . enjoy i don't even know like i haven't . watched the footage of my mom and dad . spray-painting it you guys made me wake. up on the wrong side of the bed you guys . hear the shit outta me when you guys . came in saying something happy i'm like . oh god it's okay listen i deserve it i . get it okay guys let's see how many . likes we can get on this video for my . mom and dad possibly topping every . single prank that i've ever done to them . by hurting my baby they didn't really . hurt it but like they made me think that . they heard it yeah guys please subscribe . if you are new thank you all so much for . returning to my channel drop a like . check out mom her egg and papa rugs . channel as much as it hurts to say that . mama and papa rug go subscribe to them . they actually did a good job . i can't wait to rewatch this footage and. see it's gonna it's gonna hurt for me to . like see them do that like the videos . you guys cringed when they were . spray-painting cuz that's probably gonna . happen to me hope you guys all have a . great rest of your day and other than . that's been drugged . every health . [music]. .
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