Who is Jacksepticeye? Apparently I have no idea because these jacksepticeye quizzes are hard!
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My name is jacksepticeye or is it oh . well do you actually know jacksepticeye. that's what we're here to find out today . how old do i know me well i sure hope a . lot because i am me me am i the truth is . out there look for yourselves i'm here . today to take some jacksepticeye quizzes . because for some reason i haven't taken . them i'm certain to down who i am i'm . starting to figure out wait am i eating. except the guy i'm not sure i've already . been doing this for five years maybe i'm . not him anymore . who knows maybe somebody else is taking . over maybe an impostor somewhere hidden . in this room there's actually a secret . clue hidden in each episode of the. jacksepticeye show can you find it for . yourself the secret is the number seven . that's a seven how do you how do you . like the numeric values i don't know the . camera could be flipped who gives a ting . of hell . so here we have on all the tests calm we . have two jacksepticeye quizzes only ten . questions so let's get through it pretty . sure i'm gonna ace all these i mean the . campi any surprises in there unless if i . know who my true father is maybe stars . vader question a number the first jack's . last name as far as fans know is . mclaughlin yeah great freaking picture . by the way a true okay off to a great . start. i'm not hiding any secret last names . from you my name is actually shawn . mcgillicuddy pleased to meet you . number two check his friends with true . equals billie false equals pewdiepie . okay well i could be friends with billy . if he's watching such a little shit but . uh. false i guess you couldn't just put in . or they have to be true or false answer . okay i get it . it's like wait you just put in the names . jack said the guy push is named steve . that are a false room aye sir that's not . true . steve is to guard of happy wheels the . speeds key and all that nice segue but . he's not my set my mascot burt i don't . have a sam in here i'm sorry . i'm not a true fan if only i could get a . free . sam plushie just for fans limited time . offer honey one no oh wait i forgot this . isn't twitter it's only twitter where . the bots come out jack is 25 as of 2015 . correct what the fuck is this when it's . your birthday and you the hole and you . spend the whole day with your best . friend okay good meme question number 5 . there are 60 reading your comments . videos as of may 2015 was there i don't . know there's over 100 episodes of that . man i can't even when was the time i . didn't episode 100 i would just say true . wait a fuck that if i get one wrong then . actually that's pretty bad the name . jacksepticeye came from true and i. endured injury that jack had her faults . a random nickname i mean kind of a bit . of both it was a random nickname made up . because of the random eye injury . actually wasn't random . i injury he knew what was going on he . knew what he was trying to do that day . he wanted to scare me maim me make me a . different man well joke's on you i was a . different man afterwards jack has around . four million subs as the start of may . yes august 2014 was when the channel hit . a million subscribers then - it was like . two million two and a half million by . the end of that year there was three . million at the start of 2015 so four . million in may yes true i'm using my . brainiac jack's favorite color of the . rainbow is green but not true my . favorite color of the rainbow my . favorite color in general is red even . though though here's a lesson for you . kids the older you get you don't really . have a favorite color anymore because . you start to appreciate lots of . different colors sure you might have a . preference for one specific color but no . one color goes great on everything it's . like oh i love the color range and then . it's like oh my little spider-man here's . like reds and blues that's really nice . within you start getting curtains and . you start getting stuff for your house . and your . red and blue don't really go with. anything anymore then he started having . to go with like whites and beiges and . creams and paint my whole house pink. false obviously false and there and if i . get that run that's on you quiz maker . who made this quiz billy is evil that . much is true . nobody did scrappy oh boy remember that . bring it back the old means don't . remember. screw you billy and speed is key number . ten true yes speed is key . ah remember those i nimble okay let's . see how we got the test results am i the . father did you accept the guy quiz i got . boss the trio i think this must be . busted ronia what that's the weirdest . thing about all of this is that a while . ago i made up this thing that i was the . last boss from the planet boss cetrone . eo or something for the planet bosses . ron i said it like twice or maybe a few . more times that was ages and ages ago . and for some reason that's the thing . everyone brings up all the time if i'm . ever on a list somewhere thank judge . sean william mclaughlin says that he's . the last boss at rawdon from the plan . boss attorney i'm lea know there was . there was like 2014 cringe territory let . it go oh okay . also that shit out of here achievement . dead like a boss police say still say . that at least i try to . oh you have answered ten out of ten . questions correctly . on average 2441 of users who took the . quiz gate 7. 26 answers like what's wrong . with you would you know me jack face the . septic man the green boy or not green . boy anymore. in here i'm still green hey that's just . one quiz you can't have a definitive . survey of people and of knowledge by . just taking one quiz you got to go out . there and you got a sample from all the . different areas but if you like me going . out and being like do you like crumpets . and only go around brain and then saying . oh all of the uk law crumpets i mean all . of the uk dude fucking love crumpets . but that but that would not be in the . name of scientific endeavor so me jack . septic science as i am to the people i'm . going out here and i'm getting all the . results so this is the how well do you. know jacksepticeye quiz how well do i . know i don't know yet maybe i don't know . me at all maybe the people out there . know more about me than i know about . myself. some reason it just as 5th on the first . question hey there welcome let's get on. with this shall we what year the jack . join youtube aha bit of a trick see one . here because while it is true i joined . the website in 2007 that's when i first . made the jacksepticeye channel but back . then it was just for commenting on . things watch videos like and stuff you . know just my general interests my . general hobbies i was just venturing out. i was 17 what fuck did i know so back . then i wasn't making any videos it . wasn't until december 2012 november 2012 . somewhere around then that i started . actually making videos that was what my . first uploads went on and then it was. like 5 years it says 5 years on youtube . over here but you can't see that can you . it fell apart 5 years on youtube . jacksepticeye his real name . earlier on i was gonna say my name would . be jack murphy so what did i say jack . mcgillicuddy's or something shawn . mcgillicuddy i was gonna say my name is . shawn murphy just as a joke i put that . out there and then everybody freaked out . what if i actually just answered . actually it's jack o'sullivan and . everyone at home start freaking out like . the first time to find out my name . wasn't actually jack shawn will . mclaughlin please the name of jack's . mascot dead sam billy oh joey joey the . septic guy he suddenly australian that's . why her name is sam is jack fallin irish . well suddenly enough when this test was . made maybe everyone a bit like of course . he is jack is fully irish 100% dog and i . would have said that i'd still fuck his . aide right . down deep down in sight i may be living . in the uk now but i'm still full-on . irish i know how to give you a fucking . lash matt hurl if you know what i'm . talking about. but is that full-on irish sea apparently . i'm only 62% irish pretension most irish . people these days are not a hundred . percent irish actually are any irish . people 100% irish anymore since good ol . uk are you listening came over invaded . us took over everything and we were like . that fucking why not yeah and then for a . while that was fine and then we turned . out and went wait wait wait wait i don't . like this and then we fought back and . got our country back hence we have the . old good old republic of ireland so yes . how did he come up with the name . jacksepticeye okay here we go . jack is just a very creative guy he came . up with it himself if i was a very . creative guy do you think i would have . come up with jack septic i that is not . the most appealing name nowadays people . just hear that jacksepticeye and it's . like oh yeah that gobshite but like if . you actually break down the name a . septic eye does not sound that nice it . sounds gross it sounds infected cuz it . is that's what it was his family . nicknamed him jack while septic i was . from childhood events somehow somewhere . legend speaks of a great travelling . green haired man who had all across. ireland banished snakes also vanished . kangaroos back then kangaroos really. loathe the lands of ireland we kicked . them all out australia . his name was shawn were mcgartland . but the people of the earth called him . jack septic 70 guy and his legend on and . people praise his name for all eternity . ok sigh come on what does the name of . jack's evil self oh no in our malicious . gamer what are we gonna do guys . it's the malicious gamer his body was . weak fucking circles it's dark jack . no that was 15 year old me they used to . listen to linkin park in er the . antiseptic penis last but not least . when's jack's birthday no when's jak . birthday i didn't know like how you you . establish that my real name was shawn . and then for the rest time you just call . me jack i mean it's fine it's just a . little funny one um february 12th . february nice do you know do you know. out there all of you out there who've . seen the questions now how many of you . actually knew the answers as i was going . along how many of you were just like i . know it i know it that's it's that one . and then i went up and i clicked on the . actual one and then you were like oh . shit i didn't get it right what are we . get 86% hold on a minute is that me in . the camera baby is is it looks like me . wait i need to take a picture again . apparently i keep forgetting what i look. like that's that's me that's me again . can i can i figure out what i got wrong . apparently not i'm just destined to know . there's one question about myself that i . just don't know maybe it was the irish . one maybe they just put down maybe maybe . they didn't know either fucking old as . this fucking taking this again sack full . on irish maybe here we go . here we go i'm gonna get this right this . time there you go huh what what question . am i getting wrong 2007 yes that is it . sean william mclaughlin sam is that full . honors is it know so much about my. favorite youtuber jack jack's backpack i . jerk soup to key and there you have it . folks . the jacksepticeye quiz is over the . experience is finished who's the number . one jacksepticeye stan partly not me . because i cook me an 86% of myself . see it's all relevant to when these . quizzes are made i think this one was . made a week ago published one week ago . goddamn it shouldn't look that up first . here is your jacksepticeye stamp of . approval there you go now you're . certified you are a jacksepticeye fine . because you know all the answers i . didn't i don't deserve that tissues rip . it up rip it up i don't deserve it . i've nothing to rip up around me okay . the joke is dead the joke is over the . video is over but thank you guys so much . for watching this if you liked it punch . that like button in the face . who are your boys and row . [music]. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. man i'm only 62% irish . i only know myself 86% i'm a hundred . percent confused . .
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