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It's been one year since we got our precious pupper! Today we add another to the family and he becomes a big brother! πŸ’œ
Hey guys jess here and today i am really . excited because we are going to be . adding a brand new member to our family . and i don't mean like that little guy . what is he doing over there is he okay i . don't know if he was pooping or not so . i'm not actually going to show that i . thought you think he's pooping okay no . he's just running down he's just being . absolutely adorable so it's been more . than a year since we've got that little . guy and oh he's pooping now okay . you know what i was trying to do a very . nice vlog where he was in the background . and he was just running around all . frolicking and stuff and maybe now he's . in the room and he's not doing any. poopin or anything like that but today i . am really excited because we are kidding . a brand new member to the family that is . right you're kidding a kitten and i'm . really excited to share with you guys . this event because one year ago i showed . with you guys the event of our little . puppy over there let's go get like a . little close-up of him one year ago i . shared our story of getting jet this . adorable little corgi pup where are you . going where are you going are you . running everywhere is that what you're . doing you're just running everywhere you . go all over the place . you call so fast i can't keep up with it . i'm getting dizzy one year ago we got . jet and jet has just been the most. adorable most loving and special little . guy yes you have so today jet hey you're . gonna be getting a baby brother today . yeah an adorable little baby brother . with whiskers i mean you got whiskers . and stuff like that but you don't have . like you know the kitty ears and stuff . and i'll put a kitty might have a tail . so yeah today we're going to be getting . a baby kitten really excited really just . excited to add a new member to the . family it's in a while and it's also. just kind of an emotional experience for . us because it's it's been a while so . yeah excited to share this with you guys . so let's just get ready for him okay so . things didn't go as expected and so we . decided to forego vlogging getting the . kitty cat mostly because the kitty cat . was like not taking very well to . everything and we did . want to put more stress on the animal . because that wasn't like you know like . holding the camera in front of it is not . something that you want to do like all . the time if it's not in like a good mood . so we decided to forego it and instead i . picked up the kids from school . jason's currently at home with a kitty . cat what we picked up the kids from . school see hi hi are you hiding peekaboo . so i picked up the kids from school and . we are going to do some shopping for the . kitty cat right right. bye are you excited to do shopping for . the kitty cat yes so i did it all a lot . of the shopping for jet when we got jet . so i'm gonna let them go ahead and pick . out what they like you know pick out . like stuff for the kitty cat and you . know i'm gonna help them of course . because i don't like anything to go like . super crazy like what did they buy like . the biggest thing ever and i don't know . what to do anyway we're gonna go ahead . and get some stuff at the kitty cat and . then we're going to introduce them to . the kitty cat and then introduce jet to . the kitty cat and as you can see we're . at tech co or auch tipa tipa tipa tipa . so let's go ahead and go inside alright . so we're gonna get stuff in the kitty . cat yeah alright there is the oval . there's a star wars stuff. [music]. you can get a present for the kitty cat . yeah we're gonna go to the katzenjammer . blitzen bow blow some bubbles leave the . kenzi bubbles what are you guys looking . at. oh well that's that's kind of big what . about that um actually we can try this . one yeah this is cute we'll get this for . the quique because maybe they want to do . some stretching on the scratching posts. and joseph i think that one's a little . too big so how about how about we get . one of these one of these at the top . like right here let's get this one um . yeah we need a litter box the litter box . and pink one we're gonna get a small one . because he's a small key you can see . over here julie ever here who's a pink . one okay there we go. so put it inside the kitty cat will be . yeah that's the only didn't get that . nice didn't make it iike it will be good . alright so what else do you any toys . that's good alright we can get a few . toys . like a little cheeseburger a pink one . mommy got the kitty cat a pink carrier i . actually went to go buy a carrier before . we take up the kitty cat and it's a . little cute pink carrier so she might be . like oh we had a theme going on here oh . that's the mouse a meows a mouse kitty . cats cat meows may catch mouse's when . you okay i think we're good i think . we're good on like everything that we . have right now okay all right are you . guys ready to meet the kitty yeah no we . don't want to pet him just yet we want . to let him get used to everything you . guys come over here okay one at a time . be nice be nice softly okay very soft . very soft okay because he's scared right . now. because yeah jokes if you want to come . pet him do i want to pet him i've . already petted him how about you sit . down you sit down . like this you want to pet him in a . second it'll be your turn back okay yeah . [music]. do you like him joseph you sure it . matches the pink case eventually i'm . using well you're like this like that . okay . [music]. [music]. oh looking for a way out i don't know . yeah oh so just walk slowly okay we . don't want to scare him yeah we don't . know this kid doing a really good job . julia hi julia see if he wants to go let . him walk around a little bit you let him . leave on his own okay put your arms up . and see what he does i'll be wants to . stay in your lap you what . [music]. oh yeah he's gonna explore the room a . little bit okay so we're basically going . to do a introduction without the kids . but with jett because this little guy we . don't want to overwhelm him too much and . he seems to be getting like he seems to . be doing a really good job right now so . we're going to introduce him to jett and . see how he takes to him and if he . doesn't take too well then we will oh no . he's on my shoulder but we're basically . gonna see how this little guy does . around yet right yep you ready to meet . your little brother he's right here okay . so jett genu you show me that you're . super cute okay . but now you need to show me that you're . a good big brother do you see the kitten . do you can you even tell that's an. animal that's different than mommy can . you even tell nice yeah you're being . really nice you know that what do you . think of that jet . no it doesn't faze you you're too cute . to worry about that . you're cute to worry about that he's . like i don't know what that is that's a . 50 that's bigger than me . [music]. all right so it seems like jen is being . really playful right now and it seems. like the kitten leave some time to get . used to jess . daddy in the meantime is currently . playing with jeff so it looks like he's . interested like what's going on what's . the gun is not know all right so jett . thank you for being a good big brother . oh he's got this little guy is just . gonna wander around . [music]. hey kelly oh i didn't see the kid oh are . you guys getting along . oh so yeah this is jax his name is jax i . don't think i said that before but yeah . his name is totally jax j ax and he is . just one of the sweetest little guys . ever he is currently exploring and right . now he's in the kids room over here and . we have jet and galileo and they're just . kind of i don't know they're just gonna . like the new kitty and jack is just . being a go-getter . are you being a good big butter yeah you . are . so yeah we're just gonna let him go . ahead and run around and thank you guys . so much for joining us for this jax are . you gonna go say hi to chet are you . gonna go say hi to jack jax check . [music]. all yours owned by your little baby then . we have the two uppers here they are so. again thank you guys for joining me for . this vlog and i hope you enjoyed it and . i hope you enjoy a little text over . there. sukar nothing can break me no no nothing . can break. [music]. oh. [music]. .
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