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to celebrate my new DVD coming out TODAY, someone thought it would be funny to slime me.. ON TV!!
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[applause]. so i had a pretty interesting weekend so . if you follow me on instagram or twitter . you would have already known a little . bit about this i've got a little bit of . trouble i got i got slimed badly no i . didn't actually tell you guys why i had . slime all over me and i'm talking about . literally all over me . so let me give you some context so on . the past weekend on saturday i was . starting my two days of promotion for my . brand-new dvd which just so happens to . come out today that's right the . brand-new dantdm alive on tour dvd comes . out today and is available in the . description below amazon is also . available in loads and loads of all good. retail stores that normally have dvds . and i'm really excited to see all you . guys getting those signed versions which . i sat in a room for the 3 full days . signing so yeah i was doing some . promotion for the dvd and part of that . was to be on one of the saturday morning . children's shows called saturday mash up . now a lot of you guys won't be able to . have seen this because it's only . available in the uk i believe so i want . to show you a clip right now of what . happens let me just set the scene it was . early on saturday morning and i was . briefed that i could potentially be . gunge it was a votes between me and joe . and one of us would be guns and it was . all up to you guys so thanks to cbc . they've given me the clip that you guys . would have missed so here we go no i . haven't seen this yet so i've actually . really excited let's press the play . button and see what happens today . here we go that's me that's me . guys look i never say i am look look at . my face this guy already wants me to get . guns doesn't he he's not gonna be like . please please please be down tdm did you . choose for dantdm i really really really . did know how to get gun just because . also after i recorded and filmed this . show i would have to get fixed and . shipped myself off to birmingham which . is like a two-hour drive to do my meet . and greet covered in slime joe rossini . and i'm clapping because i really want . it to be him okay so the mashup monarch . is pretty much someone who gets chosen . at home to kind of co-host the show a . little bit and jennifer this is jennifer . with a royal baby . she says jennifer jennifer what's going. on this is the face of a man who's about . to eat guns so no i can reveal can i get . a drumroll please . this is when i realized it was about to . get real messy 59% and so close so close . i'll blame you actually he looks pretty . upset so i like you you know . you look good too happy pockets is okay . so the amount of slime was crazy which. are just about to see there were 20 . buckets of slime and they also had these . gun things as well which would fire the . slime out of them it was insane like . professional gun jing oh no oh no as . long as it takes you to read out the . celebrity going into the jungle that is . celebrity jungle just like let's go i'm . listening all these names little did i . know how difficult it would be . [laughter]. [applause]. look it's going in my face i'm trying . too hard oh that's grim oh it went in my . mouth it went in my mouth and look at my . ear. i couldn't hear for about two hours ah . no looks up i've tried to read . now hold i got that big piece of paper . behind the camera for me to read but i . literally couldn't see what oh it looks . so cool though like stop . [applause]. [applause]. if you can i don't know to sit there . until they did the outro of the show and . it was cold real cold let's let's watch . a slo-mo shall we . there i am preparing for the onslaught . of rainbow mess and here we go . [applause]. i like how they did the blue on the top . of my head that looks really cool oh no . i just fell off a 23 second clip of it . happening again . i didn't realize there were crew members . and stuff too max and harvey joke you . guys here we go. [music]. hahaha it took me 23 seconds to read the . ball out oh it looks so different from . my perspective this this looks like. chaos absolute chaos all because you . guys voted for me thanks guys thanks a . lot and as i mentioned i then got . cleaned up which took about an hour's . worth of showering and then whisked . myself our fur to birmingham to do a dvd . signing at wh smith which is awesome i . got to me about 150 of you guys which is . cool and then the day after i went to . hmv in london the biggest flagship hmv . store you've ever seen to meet 150 more . of you guys and i just want to say thank . you to everyone i met you are absolutely . amazing you want your signed dvd's days . early which is really really cool but . it's now officially out the dantdm dvd . and is also out on blu-ray as well which . is really really cool which you can get . in the description below mainly from . amazon and you can get it from tesco and . digitally as well you get on itunes . google play amazon video and microsoft . store pretty much all good retailers . that sell dvds videos you know what i'm . saying. so we also have the stage as well which . is pretty cool and this stage i know . you're asking what's it for it's for . these these are the ar cards which you . can place on the stage and use the. special . and tdma our app to get these guys in . your world which i showed you last time . roll the clip ah there he is look is . literally in the real world that's right . but now we have three new characters as. well we have elia darcy craig the . mailman evil dan and a tray or is it too . so i'm guys i hope you enjoy the dvd . i've been so excited to be able to get . more of you guys to see the full show . let me know what you think i really hope . you enjoy it i cannot wait to watch it . myself again i'd also love to see . pictures of you guys spotting the dvd . out in the wild or at home or pictures . of you guys watching it at home send me . the pictures on either twitter or. instagram using the hashtag just dantdm . dvd hashtag dantdm dvd and i'll pick . some to retweet and like a favorite and . all that good stuff and i hope you . enjoyed watching me get slimed because . essentially it's all your fault. thanks so yeah go check it out all the . infos in the description below thanks to . cbbc for having me on the show and for . getting me super slight and up i really . appreciated it there's also some bonus . content out there somewhere which i'll . put in the description below if i find . it if it's live yet i'm also going to be . on cbbc playlist which i filmed while i . was there too lots of cool content but . keep an eye out on instagram and twitter . to see when it goes live so it's not . live just yet yeah go and pick up the . dvd i really hope you enjoy it as much . as i did filming it creating it writing . it and all that good stuff and . performing it in front of you guys you . are incredible . yeah thank you so much watch me get guns . today i have been down tdm if you . enjoyed the gun jing and are excited for . the dvd please make that like they'll be . greatly appreciated and it's an to be . the first pc i mean you'd like to see . some more wacky content then please do . subscribe and join team tdm today apart . from that guys thank you again so much . watching you the best and good . [music]. .
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