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Hello Neighbor Beta 3 is out and nearly everything is updated! The red key is no longer in the car, the house has changed and there are all-new rooms in the house to explore!
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[music]. hey what is your friend think noodles . and what a beautiful day in the nate . whoa there's like an eclipse they're in . the neighborhood and i'm saying hello to . my neighbor here again and i got some of . your tips guys i got some of your tips . so some of them were well one of the . main tips was that i oh oh the globe oh . i'm already home. great so one of them was to put the . globe into the freezer somehow so let's . try that the other one is that can we . put it in there that didn't work are you . guys hey you guys lion-o no . okay so now i suppose up with a globe in . the freezer and then oh dude i thought i . would have to shut it look it turned to . ice okay so supposedly if i take this . and i don't know if if it'll stay frozen . or what can i have it back whoa this is . cold. if i take this back to the house and put . it in that thing i call the fire pit . which is actually a globe holder it will . freeze the water upstairs and we can . walk on water. well on ice yeah also that now that i . went to that minigame i do this and you . guys see how it looks like this this is . just like in the mini game means i'm . invisible to the neighbor so let's see . let's see if it's true let's see if it's . true i see you see me now you don't wait . you can see me . how about that huh huh huh huh you look . closer let me get a little closer let's . do this let's do this let's knock on . your door hello hello knock knock i feel . like if i move when that turns off that . means i'm not invisible anymore . hello come on open your door alright . come on dude where are we at here come . on. no let's find that i'll get up back up . back up get down yeah come on come on i . flipped the trap you had to hear that . you've the worst security ever can they . see me . that's crazy i don't like this i don't . like this i mean i like the fact that . i've got this like special ability here . but i i don't really like using it much . where is he . seriously i got this special ability and . you don't even you're not wait is that . him is that is that an arm yeah it's not . even like didn't in tintin tintin huh no . i'm not here stupid so stupid. aisha he was climbing around outside hey . buddy hey buddy i need i need morning oh . yeah how about that okay so once he . knows where you are . he's gonna get you but if he's coming . around and you and you hide see yeah he . has no idea i'm in this front yard . all right do i have anything no i don't . have anything i can throw oh oh dude . this thing defrosted okay so you do have . to keep it frozen all right i gotta go . refreeze this and then we've got it . we've got to be quick then it's in that . room right the open room there okay i . know how to get there pretty quickly oh . let's leave that thing freezing let's . get let's get a banana and wait oh oh . wait wait what i've got two magnets . where did i get to think that was . supposed to happen . okay yeah let's be careful now and we've . got to race i'm gonna go up i'm gonna go . in this way just what i have to deal . with him it might have defrosted it . because i got caught . not because of time no it's this way . right this way yeah yeah yeah is this it . isn't it okay now i'm lost . oh is it this way is it this way right . yeah i think it's this way yes here we . go so i just put it in here supposedly . boom all right let's go go go go go go . like oh why is he no why is he always on . the ladder he's always there and as soon . as i go up he climbs down oh you . frustrate me dude whoa whoa why is there. a lamp there all right well i need to . get in anyway so wha . i'm not here he heard the window break. but he couldn't get me yeah . oh what he was right out there oh this . is not going well ha ha finally finally . made it up the ladder without his but . coming down to get me come on . but it probably knew we do not fall back . down the ladder and oh dude wait why is . it now wait why are we swimming here . what's happened okay so is it because ah . is it cuz i died or i got caught so it . looks like if you're gonna do that . you've got to you've got to freeze it . and then go straight up that doesn't . sound good . quick quick quick quick quick quick we . have no time we got a speedrun this go . oh i didn't bring anything oh there's a . coffee cup there though i think i didn't . bring anything to break the window but i. think there was a coffee cup yeah keep . yeah i kept noticing it here there we go. my window breaker oh yeah okay hopefully . he doesn't hear that come on get through . don't have time for this i can't get . through the door anymore come on man . what if i dropped here okay quick quick. quick quick quick quick quick. what do you mean ha no no no ha no ha no . ha through here . where is it put it there oh no come on . no no no come on oh all right i can go . quick i can do this quickly . let's go can we do this though quickly . quickly go up go up go up up up yes yes . i got a stim i got bathroom if i can go . quickly enough i wonder if i can crouch . and he won't be able to find me because . i know he can climb this ladder up up up . come on dude. up up and what is it cuz he caught me oh. i'm gonna okay he's coming up he's . coming up let's crouch let's crouch does . he know i'm here does he know i'm here . no he does it . d he got me no ha i decided that i just . need to be more patient so i like . breaking this window right it brings his . attention but i've got to just chill out . i've got a duck and just wait till he . lose his attention on it then i'll move . through because he's just behind me . every single move i'm gonna try and . distract him downstairs maybe that will . like cause him to go down there and not . bother me up here just don't know he's . got these security cameras everywhere so . he probably knows where i am. he's downstairs he's downstairs so i . think that might have worked oh man i . made too much noise. stay still no come on dude he is so uh . you know i'm not kidding the ai has . definitely improved in this version like . i wish i can get him stuck on that on . the on a railroad track again because . dude this guy is crazy now whoa that . book do the things like a missile can do . that again . am i supposed to read these c can i send . it because i'm gonna i want to play . break up there to see jeez that thing is . that is like a super weapon i want to . hit him with this it doesn't it doesn't . respect gravity at all it's just like a . straight shot so i go like this it'll go . right in the middle wait what oh oops . oops well it broke something . okay he's outside he's outside go go go . go go go go come on. he's outside and he's turning on the . power again so i should be able to do . this come on quickly quickly quickly . wait there there there there . here we go down down down up up up come. on let's go. oh come on no don't do this to me okay . whoo i thought it was gonna be like . alpha or what was it beta one where i. couldn't get on the i kept getting . booted off of the ladder come on we can . do this please be frozen okay what am i . doing wrong here guys i put it on the . thing it should be frozen what's . happening why is it not working . i totally did it id is no way that i . didn't do it quickly enough cuz i did . that wait i did that really fast oh come . on oh it works guys look it's ice i'm . skating on ice okay i'm supposed to i . think i'm supposed to get up here . and oh can i get up here though oh yeah . i can up alright parkour and i'm . supposed to grab his gramophone i got it . yes yes i got it . yes this is amazing ok what is this map . say what does this map say i'm supposed . to read the map no all right i'm out of . here. alright now i can go slow is is it wait . is it gonna stay ice forever or cuz i . feel like that thing i feel like that . thing is gonna melt or did i put it in . the spot quickly enough because this. time i left clicked it because it i've. been writing it sort of rolls around . when you let it go right into place i . think this is gonna say ice forever . well whatever and weight which . gramophone is this because you're . supposed okay read record so the red . record supposedly according to you guys . stops things from growing okay so i . turned off i turn off the power so i'm . gonna i'm gonna run backwards here . where's where's where the the tomato. plants work because supposedly the red . one that makes the potato plants the . tomato plants make potatoes no it turns . the tomato plants. smaller and the green gramophone which i . don't know where that is currently makes . them grow bigger and what we want to do . is make them grow smaller in that one . room yes oh not here i'm not here so i'm . supposed to put mate or set it down and . play it and then these are go smaller we . can get into this door let's see if that . actually happens how do you make it play . got to turn it toward them it doesn't . seem to be i mean i wouldn't think it . makes a difference but is it is it going . or not play . [music]. i was just this is some really creepy . music i understand why these things do . not respond well look at them shrinking . in fear all right you stay strong okay i . don't like this music either where does . this go okay there's a ladder so we can . come back up what is this what is this . can you stand up can you be a normal . person here okay. what is it whoa what's this a light bulb . okay and what is that goop wait why do i . want a light bulb literally all that's . in here i did all that for a light bulb . oh no ah ah i don't like that wait am i . supposed maybe i'm supposed to drop the . light bulb in there no no i'm not gonna. do that because i'll probably never get . it back okay but i got a light bulb okay . you can stop that now . wait oh wow okay so it shrinks them . permanently okay all right i feel a . little bad now i've like killed all . these plants okay so oh yeah so the the . only place i saw a light
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