I Was In Hunger Games And Ruined A Scene

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This is the greatest extra role of All Time
I was an extra in the hunger games . mockingjay part 1 i know i know no . autographs i'm just a normal person like . all of you i put my pants on one nipple . at a time and wiped my ass crack after a . hard shit with both hands but i figured . i'd go into detail about this i've . talked about it on the official podcast . a little bit but i've never really dove . into what it meant to be the world's . most spit on extra when it comes to . being a useless extra in a movie . i'm the cream of the crop i'm the cream . supreme does that mean that i'm the best . actor in the entire world of acting i . like to think so . but on paper not absolutely fucking not . so this though this story starts like . every other good story every other fairy . tale i just drained my nuts out a hard . jerk-off session and that's not a joke . because i genuinely did jerk-off and in . that like brief 5 or 10 minutes of just . pure euphoria where you feel like you . know everything in the universe like you . see the strings that hold it all . together i decided you know what i want . to pursue some acting so like every 21st . century man i turn to google and i was . looking up open casting calls and found . one for hunger games mockingjay part . it was in atlanta and they wanted . headshots and full body shots . shirtless i didn't really know how to do . this because i didn't have either of . those and i didn't really want to ask my . friends because tinder wasn't exactly . around at that time so i couldn't just . play it off as hey bro i'm just trying . to slay some poonanny out here take . these cool shirtless pics of me and let . me flex real hard real quick so i didn't . want to ask my friends for anything like . that so i thought it'd be significantly . less weird to ask my dad to do it so my . dad was snapping some cool shirtless . pictures of me like every good father. and son relationship but what i didn't . think of at the time is my dad six foot . five he's tall his shit and i'm five . foot six i'm short his shit and he was . taking them at regular i level so he was . looking down on me and which made me . look even shorter than i am so i looked . like a fucking action figure in these . photographs they ended up choosing me to . play an extra and when i went to the . fitting they had a hard time actually . getting me anything because they had . already banked on me being four foot one . so that was kind of nice and flattering. when they're like wow you're taller in . person because that's something i've . never heard in my entire fucking life . usually it's wow yikes . but anyway they we do eventually find . some clothes that fit me luckily as if . that was a hurt really tear cillian task . you could have just gone to toys r us . and found some shit for me but anyway we . move on from there we go to the filming . it was about a week after the fitting . and the scene took place in this podunk . shithole rust filled factory that they . were using for this location i guess . they had just nicely asked all the . homeless people that lived there to . leave and kindly ask the heroine air . addicts not to come back for the course . of the next week so anyway the scene um . in katniss goes to this factory it's . district 8 it's supposed to be a. hospital where she's looking over shit . i'm gonna play a clip from it here here . to fight with us . i will . here i played just a helping hand some. goofy goober who had no clue what he was . doing but was supposed to be caring for . a burn victim they gave me a slight line . to read i guess it wasn't supposed to be . like a sag type line sag being screen . actors guild where you need three lines . to automatically enter it so it doesn't . doesn't really count unfortunately and . it never would have even if it didn't . make the fucking final cut which it . didn't i will never forgive them . boycott hunger games because they took . out my part but anyway my line was . somewhere along the lines of this girl. needs help she's bernie ikes oh shit . it's a burn i don't know what i'm doing . i am not a doctor it's a burn to help . basically just crying for help that . didn't make the final cut andy they did . a lot of other people's aligns there's . an elderly man next to me that had a . line you can actually see him in the . final cut here but anyway i was on a . mission to solidify a spot in the final . cut of this movie so i was doing . everything necessary no holds barred if. i had to start rimmon people i'd start . ribbing them if i had to start flipping . tables and wet willy and bitches i was . gonna do it i was getting into this . fucking movies final cut no matter what . so what i would do is i would chase . around the action in my designated area . so the other lee man that had lines i . would keep scooting closer to him in . between takes oh i'd be there they . didn't use his line so that slapped me. right in my fucking face unfortunately i . also really goofed around probably too . hard i would be like screaming kind of . loud cuz i like be chaotic be wild now. there's like fuck oh shit fuck sometimes . and obviously that didn't make the final . cut i thought there'd be a slim chance . of that though maybe in the background . like an easter egg . but i didn't put too much real estate in . that i didn't expect that to make it but . what i did attempt and really thought. would make it to the final cut is when . this kid right here the kid who says are . you here to fight are you gonna fight . with us katniss i was originally . positioned where this one girl's head is . poking out that was supposed to be me. but my plan was i knew this kid was. going to be in the movie no matter what . cuz he's an actual actor they paid him. to do these lines so my plan was to set . up as straight as possible as erect as . i've ever been in my life the world's . most perfect posture so that way my head . would be it like his titty level so . every time they'd have his lines going . you would see me you . have to see me unless they were gonna . fucking pixelate me like a ufo . documentary you were going to see me but . what they ended up doing is they told me . to switch with the person they ended up . putting there which is this person . that's poking their head out all very . cautiously just trying to avoid it i was . trying to get in it they're trying to . stay out of it and they changed me . because i was blocking their shot i was . too intrusive. so they ended up putting me a little . more ahead that's not to say i didn't . make the final cut though it was at the . end of the end of the day a mission . successful if you pause the movie right . here you can see my arm doing the i . don't remember one at one of these or . whatever the fuck the the symbol is for. hunger games but yeah you can see me . poking it out there and yeah that's . that's was my extra role in the hunger . games mockingjay and i probably ruined a . little bit of that scene not my design . but i was out for number one i was going . to be the world's most impressive extra . on this movie unfortunately they . outsmarted me but i do honestly kind of . feel like maybe i did ruin a couple of . the scenes that were supposed to be in . there because like i said there was a . lot more lines but i keep i'd keep . fucking scooting closer to them and i . guess they probably didn't like me being . in every single line which honestly i . can totally understand and that's not . something i crossed my mind i never . thought that i would maybe potentially . ruin someone else's line by just being . there but i can totally see how that . could have happened so if you did have a . line in this movie that didn't make it . you suspect it's because i kept . photobombing the shit out of it that's . on me and i'm sorry about that . but i mean hey it's hollywood you know . it's a dog eat ass world out there . i was just gunning for it and it did not . play it did not pan out the way i was . hoping it would but uh anyway at least . you can see my arm in there that's it so . yeah. .
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