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So for today's video, I picked up a new baby pig to have as my new pet, do you guys like her?? Let me know if you think I should keep her as my new baby :)
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If you read this far down the description I love you
[music]. [laughter]. thank you thank you thank you i . appreciate ya i've been practicing for a . long time guys you guys know where i got . that from comment down below but anyways . good morning rugrats how's everybody . doing today welcome back to a brand new . video i hope you guys are all having a . fantastic day as always and today i woke . up in a better mood than usual . so if i'm in a good mood i really hope . you clicking a phase drug video puts you . in a good mood that's always the goal . any time someone clicks my video i . always want them to have a smile on . their face at the end bosley did you . enjoy my performance hey alright so real . quick guys if you're going through a . tough time let me help you out if you . had a bad day yesterday and you're . having a bad day today or if you've had . a bad week just know every day is a new . day and it's up to you to make it a good . day it's literally all in your head if . you tell yourself oh i'm stressed out . you're gonna be stressed out but if you . clear your mind and think positive . that's one of the things that i always . tell my friends are the rugrats if . you're going through a hard time being . positive and that actually changes how . your day goes trust me my life isn't . perfect i go through things on a daily . basis but i try to stay positive . i try to be inspirational and when i . think positive i have a great day so . please take these words into . consideration and actually try it out . because i want all the rugrats to be . happy but yeah guys thank you so much . for coming back to my youtube channel . that means i'm doing something right if . you continue to come back to my youtube . channel that means i'm doing something . right so thank you guys for returning . that makes me happy so i hope you guys . do enjoy the video and let's get right . into it oh yeah i almost forgot to do my . trick shot but watch this . thank you you guys learned all my life . with a hook shot so good that's all my . regrets out there baby you guys know . what people do music videos they sit on . lambos rolls royces and ferraris what . about the golf car by the way you guys . believe that i make these trick shots . first try right courts like obviously on . the real though when the ace family . comes over i challenge austin to a . basketball trick shots challenge austin . thinks he's the greatest basketball . trick shot of all time but little does . he know i used to be a trickshot er . maybe not a basketball trickshot or a . call of duty trick shorter but that . still counts i still have trickshotting . genes in me so yeah when the day comes . when the ace family comes over austin i . hope you accept the challenge guys this . is goals af right here if this doesn't . inspire you right here i don't know what . will i was just doing a little photo . shoot for my instagram so if you guys do . happen to stumble upon that picture i . took a picture in between my range rover . and lambo if you guys happen to stumble . upon it hit that like button i will be . following in dming some people back i . try my best to interact with you guys on . social media whether it's following you . guys messaging you guys i try my very . best so if you guys happen to see my . picture on instagram hit that like . button cuz i will be following and . messaging a lot of people and. interacting with you guys because i have . a lot of free time on my hands and what . better way to spend that free time than . messaging the beautiful rugrat . [music]. alright guys so this is what you call . the paranoid prank so i went to get a . smoothie for myself and my dad but i . didn't tell my dad that i was gonna get . him a smoothie so when i give it to him . i'm gonna act all sketchy i'm gonna be . recording him i'm gonna be like dad take . a sip on camera like just be careful you. know like i was just scared but in . reality it's just the regular smoothie . and honestly i don't know if this is . just me but am i the only one that loves . smoothies in cold weather when it's hot . and sunny and perfect for a smoothie i . never crave a smoothie but when it's . freezing cold out i'm always like i need . a smoothie so yeah let's go try to freak . pop a rug sup dad got you a smoothie . yeah i hope you like this one dad yeah i . mean just take a sip on camera why i . just want to record your reaction to . that delicious smoothie you don't have . to smell it . the sound from the tv just made that so . dramatic. like the build-up music that i was just . kidding like i didn't do anything i was . just trying to get you paranoid is good . you know yeah so guys at jamba juice i . went ahead and got a ginger shot i don't . know if you guys have heard of what a . ginger shot is it's really good for your . immune system supposedly but i hate . ginger the only reason why i got this is . because i heard selena gomez takes a . shot of ginger every day and it's . supposedly good for your immune system . and if you guys can tell i'm super sick . so i despise ginger like once i tried . ginger and i almost threw up so i just . got this to like make me feel better . should i take it that i have another . shot for you but i have this one's like . a wheatgrass shot okay so like i'm gonna . smell it i know i shouldn't no i just . don't understand why they make healthy . beans taste so bad like i get chocolate . be healthy why can't cake be healthy why. can't fast food be healthy why does it. have to be these things i know you used . to party back in the day but cheers and . cheers to the rug wrap or the ginger so . scared oh my god the worst thing ever . it's good for you so if you guys want to . try and ginger shots go ahead but the . worst thing yo good morning rugrats . how's everybody doing today it is. currently the next morning and i have a . little surprise on its way i'm sure a . lot of you guys are gonna be really . excited for this but not as excited as i . so the other day if you guys missed my. video i went to an animal shelter and . donated a bunch of necessities that that . shelter needed and they had a baby pig. up for adoption . are you serious a baby pig. so that pig is up for adoption and i . asked you guys the rugrats if you guys . could see me with a pet pig and i . personally think that would be the . dopest thing ever but before i go and. adopt a pig i kind of want to spend the . day with one to see if it's hard to take . care of i don't want to just go into off . the pig and then like after a couple . days say okay this is too hard like i . don't know if i can do it . so right now i'm actually waiting on my . friend who recently just had baby . piglets and he's actually letting me . borrow one of the baby pigs for the . whole day so i'm gonna take him this pig . i'm gonna take care of it for a day i'm . gonna see if it's hard i'm gonna see if . it's easy i'm gonna see if the pig suits . this environment i'm gonna see if my. parents like him i'm gonna see vazhi . likes him i want to see if the rugrats . liked him because your guys's opinion . matters the most - and of course if i . like the pig i will definitely adopt the. one from the shelter guys i'm so excited . for this because how many people could . say that they own a pig for a pen oh . yeah there's also one thing i forgot to . mention i didn't tell my mom that i'm . bringing a baby pig home so that's . probably gonna be a problem when she . comes home but you know we don't have to . worry about that now oh my god i'm so . excited for this pigs are so cute . especially when they're babies so guys . let's wait on this pig to get here and i . will pick up the vlog in a second oh my . gosh guys i don't think you're ready for . this i don't think you guys are ready to . see this cute ass pig my friend just . dropped her off her name is bella she's . one month old she's waist smaller than i . thought she was but in my arms i . introduce to you guys bella hey bella . how you doing hey girl look at this you . guys look at how small she is are you . kidding me where you going where you . going you're camera shy are you camera . shy you want to say what's up to the . rugrat guys bosley has been trying to . interact with her for a long time but . like i'm scared because bosley is not . the friendliest dog he might look . friendly but right now he has a snake . look on his face all right like i'm not . putting bail out any risk with bosley . but i mean they're kind of twin like . bosley's a pig himself. bella's a it's kind of funny because . bosley is a pug and then this is a pig . but they're so similar that they're only . one letter apart you wanted me here come . here . here you want the pig okay she might not . look as small on camera but when i put . her on the floor she's literally so . small look buzz he's creeping up bosley . come on he's waiting he's waiting for . the moment he could just like in . act with i don't know if he wants a . friendly interaction or if he's gonna. attack but hold on give me a second guys . so look at how tiny bella is look how. small the bed is and then look at her . what's up bella you tired you tired. aren't you my friend gave me a little . playpen and a little like litter and a . bed just to take care of her for the day . we got the food and treats and . everything and honestly i've only had . her for like 20 minutes but i'm already . falling in love what about you guys i . haven't seen her walk yet or even . attempted to walk her because she seems . a little bit nervous so i'm gonna let . her get used to the environment for a . little and then i'm gonna try to walk . her and feed her and take care of her . rugrats give me your first impressions . on the pig so far i've already fallen in . love and i'm just scared for my mom to . come home because i don't know how she's . gonna react but who knows maybe she . might fall in love and maybe we might . get a pig because we had to trap bosley . outside of the cage
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