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Oh yes - impossible . try not to laugh blooper - esp-2 is that . you jack. okay so back in january i made a video . where i tried not to laugh have my own. bloopers my boys well i have more . bloopers that i ripped out randomly . selected a handful react to these . without door yeah hi these bloopers are . from the video i did with the homies for . called omfg now if you want to watch any. of these bloopers or the actual video . [music]. [music]. [music]. close that's what gets me all right me . trying to add what's two out there i . better look for that but hold up before . somebody pay you remember that girl look . like a little bit like alicia keys but . she was missing like all the keys it was . like alicia key but she had one and . share one just like alicia keys yo you. remember that girl look like alicia keys . but she didn't have all her keys it was . like alicia keys from a video call sir . please. and this homie that i was working with . right here he was a co-worker of mine . and all these people that i used to work . with i used to work with . like literally i worked at a grocery . store i don't know if y'all saw some . video about me like before they were . famous everything was wrong i never . worked at a subway if i did i wouldn't . be ashamed to say it but i worked at a . grocery store i worked at a best buy and . i worked at a blockbuster and that was . my only jobs but look. okay so sir please let's do this shit . [music]. yo i have one of them little cameras . what was that every light youtuber had. them joins they used to vlog with them . joins it was the one that had a little a . flip cam and it had the little usb joint . that pops out from the side that's what . i used to film all my videos with it go . ahead . [laughter]. another thing me exercising my boys i . need to get back of that regimen regimen . i have never used that word real quick . now i every time i messed up a take of . this i had to drive back around and come . back every time i think we did is like . 25 okay so little back story to this . he's just a random dude he keep popping . up he taught my yo can you take me to my . girlfriend house and i'll be like far as . he eats her about 35 miles and i said . well you got some gas money was good and . then he gave me like a little bit of . change . alright you threw me over there not too . good he always kept at living words so . he kept throwing new words every time i . did a new tank and then i would laugh he . time i'm not good that wasn't expecting . that. yo gas is a lot of money right now man . oh yeah i mean if you're not a little . bit of money what's up man yo show this . real quick . oh my god 13 cent all right let me let . me tell you how far that's gonna take . you around here we go . something yeah some law analyst that he . throws in that makes me laugh you know . he couldn't get to his money that stuck . in there a little bit like saying don't . random shit like that's gonna crack me . up. what's up do my girl just kicked me out . how about doris day i'm sorry . about that farm right and that's not . gonna help how far that's gonna get you . check it out all right . i'm ready i'll try not to laugh right . about there sir please look sorry . [laughter]. [music]. from - shivers jason 4 okay let's get . right into it . here we go what is this move okay . also can i point out my raggedy-ass . couch that was actually a hand-me-down . from my sister when i moved into my own . place she gave me her old couch this . couch was jacked up my boys but i mean . it served its purpose okay way to the . bath . [music]. [music]. credit report and my voice is cracked . it's show day you love these bloopers . are from a video called ghetto waiter . this part in particular always made me . laugh because they're supposed to be . there on a date like together and i'm . over here i'm the waiter and i'm trying . to serve him and i'm like low-key like . on the low trying to like grab babygirl . hand like trying to like you don't say . [applause]. [applause]. [music]. [music]. all right your drink's yo-yo bloopers . from ghetto life alert okay you seen the . life alert our commercials with errol . people on the ground are like i'm. falling i can't get up . well i wanted to spoof that i wanted to . be one of the guys that worked at life . alert . or whatever so yeah like a sour face . yoshi killed this by the way people are . wondering like who are these people . remember when i worked at a grocery . store these people worked i worked with . them eddie he used to be a bagger she . used to work at the at the bakery she . must admit they're both still alive okay . so i know people god they still alive . guess it still kicked in my boys okay . here we go . [music]. sharon real quick let me ask you what do . you think of the actual life alert . commercials i think they're stupid and . very stiff you know then they're good . actors no they should have put you in . one of them joints thank you right here . i just want to share that a little bit . with charles some of my old bloopers if . you want to watch any of these videos. they're on my - eh speed channel the . bloopers on the desk xp - channel . they're usually linked to each other so . in the description or somewhere like . that. annotations i love you guys thumps up . patron enjoy if you want to see more . reactions to my old skits videos . whatever let me know i'ma see y'all . tomorrow. love you guys stuff sup holly bark yeah . .
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