IT’S OVER… Resident Evil 7 – Part 8 – ENDING

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ヅThe final of Redident Evil 7 has a... strang endingヅ
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Come in boy (silence *0*). you too fat . wow what a scary game. oh. this is the last episode. of resident evil. damn it. i want y'all to shake your dicks as much as your can right now. get em up in the air!. i don't care if you are a girl or . *thinks about life decisions*. a dinosaur. or whatever the fuck. hell yeah. let's get some excitement in here. last episode. last episode of a epic fuckin series. i'm tired. (laughing uncontrollably). we have absolutely no fucking ammo. and this bitch is off the building. there was a fucking door here. jesus christ. okay. that's fine. and a broken elevator great. can we go in anyway . ugh, c'mon you could squeeze through mia (hehe squeeze). you could to- i could squeeze through that. come on. god damn it i feel like i'm being watched 0- . i don't like it. and i'm not talking about you *quirky smile* that's right. heh, you can look all you want *mumbles* it's all good. you shook your dick a little bit too much tho. that was kinda fucking weird. need a lock pick, machine gun . i don't have a fucken machine gun. do i look like i got a fucken machine gun . oh my gawd its a machine g-. no :(. *10 minutes later*. are you fucking kidding me *poods is pissed*. am i that much of an idiot . why are you even watching me i'm such a fucking moron. jesus christ. okay we need something but we can go up here. so it's okay. that looks very dangerous *it does*. i'd be scared of touching this. its like metal. have you seen those videos online where people. get electrified and they just. fucking die *-*. sorry, i don't mean to be morbid. but its always so interesting to me. now i just sound like a psychopath. jesus christ *yeaaa*. *stutters* i didn't click on it! alright (sure). fuck. maybe i'm a little bit psycho. i think thats okay. anyway (good idea). *clank* oh jesus. ey! we're in the main room. what do we got . alright, luckily the elec- electricity. is working in this fucking computer. change camera. oh thats where we were!. yeah, we've been here. is that him . it looks like a blob to me *same*. s . he's in s . ugh *disgusted poods is disgusted*. ugh. ahhh *pooods calm the fuck down*. *u fucken fuck* baaaah ahhh *more yelling*. ill fucking kill you. fucking b-. omg my own shadow scared me. so that was just a halluluci. *wut *. *some singing action*. *some more*. hey. we got some gun powder!. so i wanna make sure i leave with everything. cuz we need as much ammo as we can get. okay, well it seems we have to go down here. *wink* what do u say partner . what do you say old pal . that's right, i think your pal level. if you made it this far into this playthrough. i dropped the peas( ). not the pea. oh whatever. hay some. a some of that weed-eh. wait. whas- down here . is this a staircase . it is-a!. looks- blocked . luckily- we have a bomb, that we placed very nicely. its almost like we can blow that shit up!. should we do that . should we waste it . bi-bada-bam-bada-boom. are you fucking kidding me right now-. god fucking damnit. nooo. nooooooo (poods calm down it 6 am). whaat. fuck yoouu. i don't even-ah-egh-gandashit. no- knife- whatever. god damnit. worst play-through on youtube. hello everyone. top- o- the morning to you. oh look, its jacksepticeye. shhit man. i've realized, we've literally never- ever- watched the map. we've played the entire fucking game- wrong button. we've played the entire fucking game without watching the map. i don't even know how to watch the map. i mean i got by fine without it so i guess its ok. aaw shit theres the gun!. p- . i want that shit dawg. fourway, wrench. useful for removing nuts. huh- should give one to marzia. heyo. that made no sense. jesus. look at that view!. hey! i didn't see ya there buddy. damn. hey a bomb! (is that good. ). can we get out with this maybe oh ok!. cool. hey- its floating up by itself, nice. how do i get down here- there we go. ow. ewww. oh my god theres someone coming. fuck. climb up or down- i don't know!. uhh. i suppose we're supposed to go down. fuckit lets go up. see what happens. top of da mornin to ya. aaw fuck, whata sexy ass. damn boi. alright. nice one. oh my god the aim is amazing. top- of- da morning. fuck i gotta shoot the boxes i don't have a knife. annd its a fucking bomb- god damnit. uggh. alright- we need to loot everything we can right now bros. hello. hello- its ya boi. ethan bradberry!. is this our new hub it sounds like it. it isss! alright, cool. *wot*. hey corrosive we needed that right. .
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