Let’s Play Minecraft – Episode 257 – Oceancraft

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Caption: Hey ghost you should buy tickets for . let's play live go to receive live calm . more information baltimore newark tampa . orlando matt stay right there. how about a help stay right over here i . got worms stay right here why my right . here right here right here it's good . news right there alright ready man oh . wait this stays floating but are you. talking about no there we go . you had to get the key stone thank god . he's stone out what are we doing uh shit . how about matt all right good enough how . long so so new new magical sea creatures . have spawned throughout the ocean crap . oh yeah we didn't generate in a smog to . wipe them out i came in i came into . filming shit matt we got crabs i came . into full of minecraft let's go people . you guys and you give me for half of one . wow . that has got to be the longest there's . no more not like gold for the. hollandaise robin really impressed that . was a reach there like that fucking . thing what is that matt at the crown so . yeah the credit gave it eight my shell . that's like when those giant that's a . johnny yeah hey you can you can befriend . that look how many there are . oh man have money already because i went . to mongkhon ouch . jeff where's your cape are you matt. what's on those guys i didn't go to my . oh you did i with you i got a cape last . year - what's that you got a new account . remember i'm collecting seashells . oh shit look at all those things over . there you can use the seashells to tame . the crab the hell you say where's this . crab this with giant crying jeff beating . the shit matt's feeding us that's my new . best friend i'm talking a build it. no joe well ryan saying don't kill an. animal is very like a mitt so fuck is . wrong we needed to use it first i want . to convince it to go into the fire oh . this crab is dead already i think you . going fantastic beasts on the front area . crab there's a lack right i was clearly . a button i don't make a thing go you . shell toward the same way you make us or . a liquid sword well before hobby prayer . group of rappers from new york city one . stick into playing there you go i'm . kidding show what they are you going. crabbing i'm gonna crab it so crabs we . try to do here some people . more basically there's nets and shit you . can catch fish but i think what we . should do first is kill all the fish . tell me my cares anymore sharks and . there's whales there are some whale . sharks and we'll be using us to go enjoy . on his his mission to wipe out nature . the whaling industry is still alive and . well matt hates nature alright that's . not entirely true i live in nature yeah . bitches but i would do i do without but . grudgingly and live in nature and . partially uh we look you got to keep a . little bit of the environment but the . rest of its for businesses it's true . matt i'm out in the pipeline what's with . these little cottages those are official . shit there is a house in here right . huddled inside just don't cut to me what . happened i can't make a fucking sword . all right jeff what one stake and then . think about that one plank above that . much you see my screen the dick he's got . it why did i slide down that's dumb . what because the six the handle too. heavy for now and in the woods away from . her alright that's not that way guys . it's not we need nine seaweed nice nui . they'll give us a pearl are we gonna . make sushi he'll give us a pearl for . night you didn't kill all the damn crabs. well but i made a sword to kill him why . do you want to kill him what's crabmeat . well you did say to kill all the animals . we've got people now that real oliver . crackers hey wait he might go out to . this uh little hut on the horizon i'm . gonna go yeah i'm a hush let's just hug . had some hut you're at the hugs i had . some huts. i'm boating up jeremy did you cross the . ocean to get to the hot sure did . okay so you're over here woohoo do i . just realized what a start with deb why . we're gonna make a pickaxe that would be . three blocks across the top and two . sticks in the middle nail that weight . loss across the pots not seaweed . hey there's jeremy no i think anymore . somebody yeah there you go that's up a . robinson crusoe motherfucker . robin english sure i mean i look like . someone who got stranded on this island . you do well the exact guy look how the . hand they are no oh man well i'm not . actually matt you get a boat yeah i got . away from you oh yeah motown why you . want only it's only a single seater now . that's only a single seater yeah . well sorry back it out i would probably . let you write with me are you going over . to the to the p. m. are you officially up . a boats real easy it's a cup would you . take a fantastic voyage i'm good i'm . just going to swim . i will same to any exercise there we go . how i am i you can't pumpkin disinvest . there you go they're probably not okay . shit i don't like that great point i . actually really don't like very curved . it though shit . what don't you like i was i jumped out . of the boat cuz i was gonna go explore . the ocean floor don't know it's dark too . dark. yeah i can't see anything careful . there's sharks down fake scuba gear i i . think the sharks don't like you i think . characters they are angry shark i didn't . see any shark look like every short i . got again i got an a seaweed i killed my . brother. oh they're so goddamn doctor i think of. seaweed i have yet one walks in that . crap you beauty we know i'm crab crab . he's a squish crab what happens if you . have your friend no he's still being . right for you where's the big crab okay . then we can ride him let me get donna . you can ride yeah that's what i was . trying to say you ready me mad someone . come after you i think it's one of the . cannibals he no he's not a cam no well . how do you know which we have it look . how these shells i guess in my pack why . crab is the penis and you're the . parasite yeah horse yeah we came to the . humans ocean mod you're on crab so . where's this giant crab i want to feed . him on each other i mean someone had . slaughtered them are a few but there's a. bigger crap how do you pick up beware . he's a little tight creeper here okay. what are you he's going around circles . i'm so happy to see we will i guess that . was a mistake i'm going enjoying playing . a pillar of white over there that i. haven't seen any shortages just feed a . crab a seashell guys i've gotta go eat . creatures above it'll eat for a day . though i hit him if you're not not greg . brown oh you got in the water i do my . duty to crabs a seashell right well you . smash its head a few times a minute with. a seashell excited is that really well . as the practice i don't need a methods . vary but matt okay we wanted tonight to . eat that i'm putting some to e make ice . as it turns out yeah i'm just i'm kind . of sad that i left the lair . jeff just disappeared from the bed . infinite pigs hanging that you're done. you know what routes sure who can't find . a crab how do you. your crab not uh well you got to throw . seashells out of there you can throw the . season just right-click on the crab but . you got to find a bigger crab you can't . okay it has to be big enough all that . crap out sorry i like a big crab giant . one needs to be taller than you big a . big what was the one bit like that we're . punching drew fucking darkest dick say . hey tipping stars are any good . constellations in the michael shining . that's how you got to navigate in the . ocean oh man i found a whole other . fishing village they're everywhere it's . time to strike we're like all down the . coast. jeremy's bowling and only it was daytime . oh here's some crab i'm crab people now . alright so i'll come out there oppose . your boats the crab jeremy why turn . around haha trevor's riding by on a crab . throw three her crown got a crab how big. of a crash on a crab man maybe low to . seventies nice hey guys this crab has . humans now definitely to 50s i don't . know long time you think i got a 248 was . my high or this credit score what are we . talking here yeah yeah my credit my . credit score yeah that's how i own a. house have a nice this is the fastest . crab alive three people were list during . pay fuck off tom matt i think we should . begin the quest to find the right whale . we should get some speeds yeah i won't . kirby moby dick only it was daytime uh . are you hoping that gently oh god why . are you fast forward you some day okay . can we fast forward a day time i just . got bowed i mean yeah i suppose we good . i don't work . creepers this crab rode me to the bottom . chef's we have i thought you walked into . the wall off of that what's a girl a . little bit a little bit damaged dude . i've got some crab meat or the crack i . mean yeah you come killing the crab yes. on i gotta grab the wall i didn't . actually get any meat what you said cuz . now i'm gonna start with it you need a . claw mat why is the crab small me to the . bottom of the rail here now you walking . in the ocean i didn't yeah i had some of . corals at the crab does well i don't . like that it's on a gagnon hey can't . swim it's just a crab crab is pretending . and she hit like swimming . goodbye trevor boy yeah did you not go . down there with like that son just gave . up i should have captured some here . welcome bob thanks to ryan that's your . bottom dollar . don't touch it i'm trying to find a crap . alright everybody giving crabs there'll . be some ok what's the goal we got a lot . of mark right yes yeah welcome home how . many crabs he shells do i have to give . it like a lot i'm gonna do a one-year . seven eight i heard from the same lame . i've given it a bunch i've given it like . maybe ten here jeff i'll throw ya yeah i . got some shells for you jeff you can use . that to tame your clamp use these needs . more how to tame your crabs i can make a . move it peo

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