【LoL】 LCS Ready! ~ ft. Doublelift, Marc Merrill, Scarra & Pokimane

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I can only play max i can only play . orianna listen i'm the lowest yo-yo okay . pokey kill myself . don't worry pokey you're up you gotta . keep going oh lily you go lily polly . flashed wait wait what if i didn't know. where you were . would it be a mistake real meat stick . together. [music]. why you think that's very toxic . [music]. [music]. all right who sells married and get some . towers but yeah we still have thought . you've been i got jinx flash with that . flash up i was thinking what if you get . deep feel that's saying what if that was . like a baby's done before i would opt in . every time i just start to you felix car . right now you know oh pokey one beside . the nexus ella's completely warm up . right now. [music]. italy is the teammates that hold you . back. left-right sound your player i don't . you're also a challenger play visions . ever read it yeah i am a walking ward . you don't need an ad carry trust me it's . double its honor but i mean like i can . support they're gonna nessus atk i'd . rather play a teacher you know what i . mean. skaara you can't just do me like that . dude this is the worst i've ever seen . scylla . what nothing yeah i think we're almost . lcs ready now really we're almost ready . for a normal draft pick to be midland we . are a little bit of damage skaar miss i . confirm mother . these champions fight you just play . these losers like i got and annoying . it's so fun everyone tries to . mechanically outplay don't blame me . my riot games added these indicators to . help communicate my teams exactly that . they're missing from that location yeah . exactly they're not here for . where's your mastery lily . it's only level six oops we're gonna win . this. can't play if i wany going to - i can . points up honest with you i was so . morning mike just kids . but that's nice cool the same garbage . scant few minutes jeff about different . person. we use that a whole dilemma oh my god . that's so tragic dude that's just so . good all right we're not gonna kill that . sia can you give me lessons . i'll come piano lessons for leek lessons . you're talking about a piano right yeah. i mean no chance to lose you just keep . digging this hole man you know i'm gonna . it's like it's like whoa that's some . optimism i like that . you what i guess is he's probably like . so happy right now this is not as easy . 98% with right no i'm playing you carrie . - i'm gonna plot combo ready oh my god . oh my god i don't have that . lily i might have told all that . communication to end with you leave . don't you do that for a living i'm just . curious like hey miss all the shots you. don't take okay sky i was like me . calling and you know when you do that it . disrupts it oh my god what's the coolest . you know if i just . [music]. you. .
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