Markiplier’s STUNNINGLY AVERAGE Try Not to Laugh Challenge

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I hate laughing. You love laughing. How do we fix this enormous problem? By laughing. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Yes.
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Hello everyone my name is markiplier . welcome back to try not to laugh . challenge now i've been away for quite . some time you could call it exile but . now i am back i said i was not coming . back for quite some time i'm back i've . been staring at my nude self so we're . gonna wash it away with some funny fails . from kids welcome to try out slap . challenge slam dunk who was that . 20 seconds i think we have a new record . for the try not to laugh challenge well . unfortunately that's all the time i have . for this episode so thank hera vice so . much watching and as always i'll see you . in the next video bye. [music]. .
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