Minecraft: DO NOT FIGHT THIS!!! (NEW EPIC BOSSES!!) Mod Showcase

This Mod adds in new insane bosses with cool abilities!
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In this 1.12 Mowzies Mobs Mod Showcase:
This Minecraft Mod adds in 2 new bosses with really epic animated attacks! These fights will be a challenge!
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I got the mask if you grant swiftness . wait can you actually put it on your . head. i believe so oh my gosh you look like . that naughty little dance and say the . weird things that they say i'm actually . not now . [applause]. [music]. what's up dudes just burp burp art in . the video i heard a verb oh you need to . see a doctor or something well guys . welcome back to another mine showcase . that is probably the worst way you know . that i actually do not know how to burp . on commands . i can't do it this is call me i can do . whatever i want . they have to release themselves maybe . you said watermelon like with the . sneezes they'll just stop anyways guys . good ways to start a video i hope you . guys have an awesome day . today we were checking out an update to . a mod this is amazing i don't know if . jenna remembers it but it's mousies mob . had some of the coolest mobs in all of. minecraft edits i don't remember but i'm . sure when i see the kind of recognition . some mobs get the things i'll be sure to . smash that subscribe button also leave a . comment down below definitely say hello . i'll be replying to a bunch of you. amazing people when the video goes out . but we're gonna head outside we're gonna . make chant fight all the mobs okay so i . set up some cool arenas i get some armor. yes you will get some armor okay awesome . i'm gonna watch you oh alright so over . here we are going to be fighting the sun . god take a diamond set jen alright we . also have a bow we have two enchanted . golden apples and save one for the . second boss and i will grab the barra : . off the name of the boss okay and . basically what we're gonna do and make . sure these are owned oh this is the sun . god i've got both so you might remember . a while ago . oh yeah where i have a bow but no arrows . you will not use it anyways no i'm gonna . get us some arrows i really want to see . a beautiful shot by you though since i'm . doing this okay okay i want to see it . launched right at their face thank you . okay so i think this is what you're . gonna remember a while ago a mob came . out it was like a group of like tribal . men and we fought them in the challenge . here is my bonus . okay you want to see that were they . little cheeky men yeah . weird noises they are basically their . leader is now in the mod but now that . these guys are out i think we need to . kill them so yeah their leader is in it . and remember we're in the newer versions . of minecraft so we have to attack a . little bit slower to do damage to mobs . you're also gonna notice when you kill . them they now drop their masks and we . could use their masks to get special . buffs all right so last dude right here . oh i think you need to shoot this one oh . no no mask did you get any masks i got . waterfall i got the mask if you grant . swiftness wait can you actually put it . on your head i believe so oh my gosh . dance and say alright i actually thought . they were gonna drop all the masks so . what i'm gonna do is i'm gonna grab all . the masks for us so that we can use them . today in the battles yeah let's do that . alright news we are back and i'm gonna . let jen choose which mask she wants to. wear today based on looks okay okay . alright so there's this one right here . get a good look . alright then there's this one oh i like . that one wait let me get a little closer . there's this one okay there's this one . that one looks like the devil there's . this one oh that was cool and this is . the final one so which one you want the . second one please this one that one . alright so this is the mask of fury a . good choice it grants you strength okay . alright so jen's gonna wear that one i'm . gonna show you guys what they all do . this one it says he's so really good for . mining if i put this one on and look at . my face give me kiss . i'm scared of myself okay so we also . have this one which looks like a big . green frog nose and gives you jump boost . oh it is a frog then oh my gosh okay so . i've got that one and then finally this . one resistance i think i'm gonna wear . that better is gonna be really useful . think you're crying though oh i'm sorry . i can't do this anymore no you look . absolutely gorgeous are you right ready . to fight the boss i'm ready do i have a . beard though cuz i see you like beard . hairs oh you can oh my god wait could . you look off like that again brain . you're a piece of hay with a hat on i . think anyways what i'm gonna do is i'm. gonna spawn it barroco the sun cheese . obama imagine if it was him so this boss . has some cool abilities i wrote him down . the side he is something called the sun . strike a solar flare in a solar beam . jenn's gonna fight him i'm gonna go into . creative and watch okay and better wanna . join me on this do you know i can take . him i don't need you all right good luck . he's huge oh mike his belly's pretty big . isn't it so i think once you hit him it . will engage the fight wait . oh my god oh my he just threw you we . shot a solar flare but the boom right at . the tummy oh my god he's attacking her . from four lines . he threw a matthew this morning - you do. realize he spawned into tiki man to . fight in pokemon so you're fighting a. venusaur . oh my god this is so epic he's almost. half that jan you've got this you do . retarded damage i don't think you're . supposed to stand in the beam you're . like trying to like and this is all that . is in it everything he does you have to . avoid to actually win our jen's runner . backyard guess when he's a better mass . yet so this is the sole massage right . here so this is cool never breaks and . then it says equip then right-click with . baraka burke barack co-op master spawned . followers wait let me just show everyone . how it works before i give it to you . okay okay so i believe what i need to do . is go with one of the masks so if i want . one of these on my team let's say i want . this one right here i'll grab the mask . of misery and then i'll right-click the . ground and it spawns one in then we'll . fight on my side so this guy will . actually help me fight i'm gonna see if . i hit you if you'll hit you okay no time . do it oh my god you do how cool is that . so you can spawn in your own army of . these dudes you need to get each of . their masks and you could have so many . of these guys helping you fight it would . be so serious a give me the mask i wanna . wear it okay so that is yours . let me get mommy daddy's sick isn't it . great one of the other ones died and we . got a mask of bliss over here too wait . grab it it's good you deserve this one . since you want spawn them into that is . team jen right there. i'm like the mother want to fight me . yeah let's do this. oh yeah you begin this week no way arena . though oh yeah there's no way i could . win this cuz janice to people she's . wearing the sun-god mask but let's rob . wait . let me get a mask on okay resistance . israeli ships wait me two three no . speakee english do you say me no speaky . english over power vacuum keep get off . me i'm trying to fussy use your cookin . apple for them oh my god that was fun . we're going onto the second boss which . is so amazing i made another arena . specifically for i built these to make . it cool for you guys okay let's go look . at the snow arena i built are you gonna . fight this 100 you want to switch it off . yeah why don't you fight the next time i . will fight frost more insane ice brats . speed and ground smashing . i'm gonna watch you and i have no arrows . so goodbye bow i'm doing this all right . i'll bet you spawn in the mob for me . though thank you no wait to see what it. looks like all right give me one second . to get my stuff together all right i'm . ready here we go these really big oh my . i found a hole i'm actually in a hole . hiding there we go yeah i'm just gonna . smack him bunch of times . oh you punched me in the face so . basically guys this might add some of . the coolest bosses in minecraft history. like this is even as good as mutant . creatures it's insane. okay so there it is this is basically a . giant yeti i know it's amazing . i think he's stuck on the block i think . if i move around him in a circle i can . avoid a lot of the damage oh you're . doing a lot of damage to him i'm gonna . let jen try after see how she fares in . comparison rosa nice oh my god okay just . keep going i'm doing pretty good . oh my god my second chance to go an . apple to use against the law all right . he's going down and frozen and when . you're frozen you can't do anything guys . you have to just stand there please . it's to enchanted golden apples enough . to take out this boss i'll give you two . okay oh you fell down . okay so right here we have an ice . kristin are you ready to find out yeah i . can shoot the breath attack how cool is . that right so yeah i believe it's a . weapon so when you see a mop shoot them . with this amazing draft oh my god . you get frozen so what you want to do is . you want to hold it down that looks like . it recharges over time and it freezes . the other person . [music]. yeti's hit this was your dude he's still . protecting me okay so i'm gonna get you . a couple of chairs of golden apples of . go-to cream so i'm not involved in the . boss fight okay all right so we just . need to get you to these grab those and . are you ready for this she's ready . she'll ever be good my god guys the . moves are so sick to watch or maybe he . puts lourdes on youtube maybe that's. what it is chet is doing really good so . far she hasn't used anything she's . half-dead she does have the sunny god . your mascot it probably helps she just . died he was killed . can she do at a time she's getting back . into the fight but now she's alone she . is so massive you know i guys i have to . have a mob battle or something with this . dude because it's so insane anything but . that all right so jen's health is fine . because it were a chance to go that up . in frost of all is almost dead . i love his antlers everything ok just . taking damage again i think that for . awesomo is gonna win this guy's i'm . cheering for him to see what he can do. all right so jen is down a couple . heights ross small really long he's down . and you can grab the item now too and . you could try to please be in creative . mode what if that's possible . okay all right see if you can freeze me . oh my god . it froze a lot in creative mode guys . effects are amazing so you literally . can't move even when you're in creative . mode with this thing on that is so . insane but dude that is all there is to . show with the mind some amazing updates . hope you guys enjoyed. we love a link down below so you guys . can download it and if you do that shit . i'll be sure to smash that subscribe . button and leave a comment down below . down to have they say hello i'll be . replying to a bunch of you amazing . people when the video goes out and thank . you so much for watching have an epic . day and we'll see you next time . [music]. you. .
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