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Time to fight it out with Lucky Blocks in Bedwars!
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In this 1.8 Technik Lucky Block Bedwars Modded Mini-Game:
We need to defend out bed at all costs because if you die with it gone you lose! We can open Jen lucky blocks to gain, items, weapons, blocks in the challenge!
Intro by: https://www.youtube.com/calzone442
Intro song: Spag Heddy - Pink Koeks provided by Play Me Records:
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[applause]. [music]. [applause]. hey what's going on dudes it's pat . welcome back to lucky block bed wars . yeah so we are back for the weekly . series once again and jet i wanted to . tell you something right now before we . even get into anything okay okay what is . my bad stealing gold all right you know . what it comes from a command block just . an infinite amount but here's the thing . this is what i was gonna i can't . concentrate basically when you die today. jeb you have to move again because of . what you just stand she broke my buns . she just jumped up and died all right . guys i reset everything back off and jen . whatever you die today and when you die . you have to go oh no you do know when i . went into this episode i was gonna say . when we lose the round we have to fool . me but because you did that every time . you die you have to open you describe . that twice accurate don't do that weird . motion with your arms i didn't like it . but i welcome back some bad words guys . with lucky blocks it is better than . normal bad words there is a diamond . generator over there it does not . generate diamonds it generates lucky . blocks the emerald generator generates. of twice as quick the middle has super . lucky blocks and jen's gone is she like . broker villagers from dying over and . over again and yet you know how there's . a special item in the middle every . episode yeah what is it today it is a . robotic hand it does over 500 damage . that will instantly kill the other . player making it really worth going over . there i'm gonna go get that nick you . liar. so guys lucky block you're using is the . technic lucky block it is basically the . robotic lucky block so what do we have . in the chest chad . yes we get lucky blocks we have five . very lucky blocks and five unlucky block. all right oh also news i want to let you . know you will not see bad wars like this . anywhere else so if you leave the show . be sure to smash that subscribe button . also smash the like button as well to . let us know you're enjoying this but we . have a bunch of trades to go over right . now we have kylie's useful items which . is all kinds of useful stuff there is . even potions which jen used to go . invisible last episode of broke my fake . so we have a golden apple off the block . strategist over here he's got everything . to protect your bed because if your bed . is broken and you die you lose so we . have all kinds of useful items over here . even iron pickaxe and then chuck norris . all the lucky block overpowered stuff . there is obsidian there is and sword . through his chiseled sandstone a . crafting table and some other lucky . items and that is about it we can break . any blocks that we wish to break and if . we would like we can use the enchantment . table please use me i'm so jet are you . ready for this three two one go oh we . were so in sync right there . alright qbo got my blocks ready i'm . going three upstairs to them see i . always beat me upstairs . alright because i'm the blocks are . different colors oh yeah we just use . these you remember them right okay i am . getting completely destroyed upstairs . and i just got a pink peru key i have to . open up downstairs why because there's . too many aliens upstairs okay got an . amazing weapon wait was this i don't . even know what i just got the worst ever . i can't even walk with it on oh that's . good they can't even move that sounds . pretty awesome to me yeah they say why . do you sound so sketchy what are you . doing what are you doing what are you . doing i don't know to be honest with you . oh i'm gonna get you . i'm pretty sure that this has to hit a . player to actually explode because it . says it is a tnt core kid and but it . doesn't do like an explosion if you get . us at you oh okay um so don't don't mess . with me. alright alright so i know that you're . gonna be able to come over to me anytime . soon i got a bunch of chicken eggs i'm . too afraid to open my normal blocks . downstairs yeah it's called the hula . hoop you just make everything up you . just said i remember what the hollow . the hollow sordid new and you have to . keep make it sound the same because you . couldn't think of anything else you like . hole hole oh no wait that's what . happened incident she had you read . you're buying i knew what was going on . both of us needed to reblog because all . of our villagers were going from dying. all right oh f three bad jenna but you . can't figure out which one's the right . bad three beds hi mike alright . [applause]. you did have a hula-hoop how did i get . there. wait how did you really have a hulu i . really saw jen holding a hold i know . what she's doing what are you doing oh . my gosh oh my god wait stay away from my . bed all right you need to figure out how . you can get up here i'm just gonna i . actually already yeah you don't you liar . you've been trying to just got literally . got pie 3. 14 it says with my pie . oh oh my got some food i even build a . better defense apparently all right. i'm building a stronger defense because . jed is gonna keep coming over to my bed . home i'm not gonna do all right okay . good because i really don't know you . came down kill me oh no he's trying to . kill my villagers okay no matter what . happens i got some rules i'm too scared . like i keep thinking you're gonna do . something to my base oh just got another . weapon i have to constantly check out my . window to make sure that you're so bad . at this ability you just died so much . you just keep losing your villagers i'm . in so much trouble . doing right now i'm just like i'm . getting more good stuff yeah you're . freaking me out you're my base no not at . your pace you could have actually got in . my bed stuck in a trap and i should take . my way out i had to break metal with my . fists . hello hello what are you doing why are . you speaking all right because you . booked you got emeralds what you got . emeralds and you pour the potion wait . how did. now your whole en espana why are you . speaking like a random nfl just sitting . in my base chad you really please for my . bad i really how many do you have . where is it where did she go. oh no i'm panicking i keep seeing some . plant potion event but i can't she's . going upstairs to jump on my bed. thrall i'm going to throw out yet i know . that you're around here and i will sniff . you oh you know what go for my bed but . you won't even be able to figure out . which beds mine i need to find jen . before she gets oh he's after you are . you oh no wait and she's literally out . this time i hope i hope she wasn't lying . that you have that many more after all . that alright so i am in so much trouble . i need to win this round my whole time . focusing on that my bed's not even . protected okay you should really protect . it really soon i do have an idea though . put this over here . durian best is that it's gonna your bets . fine i'm not that kind of person . i wouldn't like root everything on you . okay oh no there's explosion wait no . he's doing wait it didn't even blow up . this useless blob one time but the . second time it didn't blow up alright . okay so she's trying to protect your bed . yes uh maybe you would like to say to . everybody no it has to start didn't make . you say it the whole round you only say . it when you die you forgot didn't you . cuz i forgot i totally forgot . all right it has to be really draw it . out though okay nobody wants to hear me . say it still win and we'll see in a . moment all right dudes we are on to . round two this time i will remember that . you must move every single time you die . oh no you're so good at it like legit . like you're this this sounds just like . roblox get ready for the meme mmm wait . you're so good at i know i just sound . stupid. yes three two one go it is silica a . really bad luck that round you played . like so skillfully i think you would. have won the round if you weren't . holding banter pearl oh my god . i got nothing good oh you have to say no . did you say just get it all right sounds . all right it didn't have the feeling . that i like to hear all right oh i got . some nice pants under hose in something . like that okay so get there oh i'm . really quick now oh oh my god don't buy . that i got some cyborg boots oh just so . you know abyssinian is just not allowed . today why would the boots no no you . can't you're just you're just hopping. and i'm watching everyone saw you do . that . here we go all right it's an enchantment . levels that you see lapis to make my . enchantment table very happy some pretty . cool things the weirdest thing just . happened. i saw a diamond helmet go on the ground . and then it just disappeared . oh it's just reappeared in a different . spot it's magical oh no it says on it . don't push me on and it says don't tries . on. oh it says +32 mob follow race so if any . mob spawn in every single bomb and the . whole map will come to me oh yeah i'll. be fine . that's protection 100 i don't know if . you'd kill me but i got jen the special . robotic hands 62 but it's awesome so i'm . using it no matter why i got like coming . towards me all right have you protected . your bed because that's like the most . important part of this game literally . just started i have a whole protection . around mine it's made of glass but it's . not like the worst protection you could. possibly way i'm gonna come to you right . now. no please don't cuz i'm not ready yet i. wanna go to the go i should really go by . my obsidian okay i'm gonna do that oh . before i get to your base i just don't . how i don't know wait my villagers are . dead wait what i'm stuck no idea what . happened there dudes i had to reload . completely because i couldn't like get. out of the depths three oh yeah about . technique way i only had one piece left . i don't think i use this properly i love . when you put it ou

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