Minecraft: I SAVE THE WORLD!!

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Watch as SSundee learns some news about the robots of the world and decides to take action!! Will he be able to save the worlf from SIRI?! Or is it to late?! HAVE THEY ALREADY TAKEN OVER?!... Lol, Thanks for watching and I appreciate the support and any ratings would be greatly appreciated also!
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Today we must put a stop to this we must . stop the robot takeover they're trying . to expect the human race at that . hey siri why are you trying to take over . the world that what you think . yes i thought felt so are you trying to . take over the world. no comments please at least spare me . that maybe beyond my abilities that . development . well if you don't see your video for me . tomorrow you know why that is so weird . welcome to robots take over the world we . must stop this madness . so there's if you enjoy this video at . all enjoy this ridiculousness of course. hit the like button down below show me. some love also hit the subscribe button. if you're new to my channel but i found . this map a little bit earlier today this . thing looks pretty sick like check this . out just the intro watched is it says . right here click to start the map right . so normally what you just you just kind . of clicked this arc ravaged through my . mouth you just click this right thing in . the map is going to start watching this . i click it nothing happens but that's . not all this entire map is about . illusions. check this out so if i click that the . white line is now longer if i walk back . here and then walk forward the map has. started the robot takeover has begun . let's read this. welcome to the tutorial here i bought . 5006 will explain how this map works . please proceed to the next room for more. information. let's go okay let's read this . all ba in this map you need to complete . three levels or how i call them test if . you fail two or more levels you fail if . you felt the entire human population . will get destroyed. you see i kidnapped you to see if humans . were smart enough to keep a live if you . fail two or more tests you prove that . humans are worthless. i didn't need to be destroyed now just . three levels what way too easy to sew to . make it a little bit more difficult all . the levels are based around illusions . walls will appear and disappear rooms . will change the entire planet earth lies . in your hands. serie hey siri please don't kill me to . thank you. alright let's do this so i click to . start level of those three levels so if . i fail this thing if you fail two or . more levels you fail so i can only fail . one of the three levels let's do this . click to start level 1 level 1 illusion . maze before you begin let me explain . this level i'll look at the right side . of your screen do you see that timer. when it runs out you fail the level good . block time left unsaid over 50 ok . oh ok i gotta go gotta go and i kind of . look what i got a book i'll click on a . powerup to buy that item with a number . behind it stands for how many seconds. you will lose if you buy that item. ok hit marker test your speed . so what happens if i actually what if i . click speed . i just a lot of hundred seconds but now . i have a speed buff that makes it to . where i can finish this maze faster . ok i also want to look at marker if i . can play some marker down at the. entrance of the maze and then i could . just if you guys didn't know if you're . ever. amazing so you fall asleep somewhere and . wake up in a maze that's going to murder . you what you can do is if you hug the . left wall all the way through the maze. you will eventually get out . it's just it's mass so if i put a marker . down at the entrance there's no way i . could ever repeat a wall so what ok . let's do market are you need to buy the . hint before you can buy this polka tried . to buy the hit ok pink here's your hint . this mate has special rooms i call warp . zones when you enter a war zone all the . walls and the maze will change you need . to enter warp zones to make progress . every warp zone is a dead end . so make sure you walk into the dead-end . ok so now i can buy the marker . ok let's i'll a 5 500 seconds left . i guess let's do it let's buy a market . let's see what this thing says okay . every war zone now looks different from . all the other rooms so you can spot them . more easily make sure particles are on . the mixtures particles are on our video . settings particles all ok and the last . one that we could buy is tester it's 200 . seconds should i do it i read if we fail . this first one we're fine we could still . pass the next you'll complete and save . the human race. ok little spy tester what is this are . whatever you are close to a war zone you . will hear sound ok we have a hundred and . ninety seconds to do this. gal you have your restaurant by pressure . okay okay hug the left wall plug the . left wall this is how you got to get . through the mazes ok helpful at all clap . all still hugging the left wall okay . continues keep hugging keep hug the left . with the guys don't understand what i . mean by hugging left wall all i do is . i'm looking at the left wall and i'm . following it never deviate from the plan . you gotta have discipline that hug the . left walk constantly because this speed . buff is helping i'm glad i bought this . hundred sixty two seconds left . jawed okay we got it we got to listen . because you will find this or hear this . ah there's a stressful . don't let the human race down did you. hear something hear something it's . getting stronger this way . no not this like this way this way this . way not this way i was like i was like . you this way this way of getting closer . i'll get farther people great weekend . really it's somewhere he's back this way . this way now this way this way . yeah there we go okay because you've got . to keep going keep on your left wall we . made progress we just got to keep what . we have we have a hundred seconds left . can be quite skeptical rabbit with a . little lighter few minutes . how many of those portals we have to . find which gotta listen here in herot . yeah okay we got another one ok ok hold . the left wall on the left wall . how many more do we have to find i mean . if if this guy is a normal human being . everything is done in three so if we . find this one we feed it if this guy's a . normal human being but he is a robot. freaking downriver bennett a minute 25 . hopefully this last one . cariad mhm you really put the level . hunting up walt my freaking hand is . going numb. just keep running ok if you can . 45 seconds left college to kind of . listen 34 seconds 28 weight of you who . can do this little 20 seconds one here . is my heritage there is it really go any . farther . seven great don't like boys like you . didn't lie about it . level 2 gravity room . it seems like you didn't complete an . amazing time what a shame . oh i was raised there . oh my gosh okay let me see what this big . says welcome to the second test human in . this test you need to complete for . parcours sounds easy right . look at your right over here you only. have five lives to complete all four . parcours good block . ok so it's five lives so i'm guessing we . just i do this park or try to figure out . like the ceiling looks like parkour also . in the walls. i have no free cooking let's make this . is pretty old squad jump cookie we gotta . make this cap okay everybody just goes . to show. well i starting to one life of five less . through this okay we can make this three . life left . what the heck is this okay we got there . we got everything ok what all guys shake . did you don't know if you guys notice . that so whatever i could for check this . out i wrote the guys noticed this but . this was the first parkour that i just . completed whenever i made it to the end . of the world rotated and now i'm . parkouring on the wall and then that. remember the slime block that was the. ceiling so whatever we be this park or . it will rotate again . dad is freaking three lines let's get . there we go simple parkour jump there . there we go ok let's hug miss jump over . here there we go okay we can do this . that's freakin hate latter parkour today . we go and then let's jump over here or . okay we're good . ok jump over here so okay we made it we . made it. jump here jump care there we go okay . look at this it turns that is fruit and . also i have never seen a map like this . before. that is sick ok let's keep going so we . just did that parkour now we're doing . the slime parkour okay here we go . ow ok go look at the space button don't . forget happened to try this again . go look at the space button there we go . okay okay forget your life let we do is . go up here . yeah we got another slide block ok two . lives left. we could do this we have this last jump. and add one more parkour spot now look . at my far yes . oh ok here we go let's we jump on this . it's going to spin this is sick . this is really freaking cool i like this . ok last park or two lives left . let's do this and go free configure the . first jump is a quad jump it looks like . 1234 it's a quite appreciate your quad . jump sure we have two lives left i don't . want to fail but human species homo . sapiens slut form we cannot let series . hey siri i will not let you take over . the world with parkour i don't . understand i will not let you take over . the world with parker but i can search . the web . who the heck is parker let's freakin do . this. ok claud job yeah okay there we go there . we go. daggett one's life left jaw was so . simple we could do this okay okay okay . we got this we got this we got this we. got this year you will not stop me . yeah what but but how . what do you mean impossible this chest . is supposed to be impossible i know of i . mean congratulations on completing the . second test it for some rest okay level . 3 the endless hallway this last level . doesn't need any explanation. good luck you will need it . winky face so level three is the endless . hallway i what . look behind you it for what i would it . look behind you is it just yet . look behind you. is it just it's literally just ask where . that said look behind you . wait did you guys see that . what hold on wait now it's god what kind . of a woman ownership so maybe if i just . go faster go back to walking back . oh hold on through if i'm looking away . it's there . hold on original but if i stay looking . forward right and f5 mode. can i just walk backwards. oh that is the most insane mechanic i've . ever seen a map before what the freak . was that all my costume was intent i . have never seen anything like that. before so if i look in the direction it . opened up . what is this was trapped down here . oh look that is trippy . ok ah ok it's like a try to massive . trampoline are limited to making on this . ledge. ok i'm pump it looks like you are . supported me can i beat it . well congratulations human you are proof . you have proven humans are just . worthless as i thought you're free to go . um okay what is okay we got the darkness. that way we got the whole this way . what is this way i'm always at the world . well what how did you get here also i . opened the wrong door . not just kidding you fell right into my. trap without kelly very place of course . i could let you go but why . don't we need this with what we end this . with a battle we see that don't you wink . at me if you can deactivate me in time. you're free to go and i will never . bother you again but when the time runs . out i will still blow up the blow-off . seaworld good luck haha ok that's it . i have towards your 40 seconds to stop . tail always stop him . i i guess it's got a parkour parkour . parkour parkour we can do this we do . this we're going ok his parkour parkour . master got the apartment master we are . the park or pastor we have tried our . entire life for this . ok button ok another one . i just thought out now ok so this is . complete we could stop serie ok let's go . to this room now. ok ok let's go to this room now . ok another but another button is black . i don't like this theory all this way . all of that is trippy . ok so there's rooms up there let me call . this will this will go this way our . torches and ladders . ok but yeah i fell i fell i fell i . thought i like falling i don't like . falling ok what if i just follow the . torches the torches have to be out a . platformer they're not standing so let . me hold shift you can't fall off when . you're holding shift right so let's just . follow the torches follow the torches. and its leading me on a pastoral fall . off right and if we hit the button and . we just follow it back ok ok we got this . new job . okay we're good we're good we're gonna . follow this. follow this follow this . ok this one's done whenever we have a . hundred seconds left. is this the last room care about we . gotta stop serie a goal here is just an . endless stairs this is an endless . staircase. i feel like i'm getting teleported like . i feel like it to do it . yep although i do not have a button . what no no this can't be happening is . these angry we made syria greek this . can't be happening . no good adding sex foreplay . click for credits matt made by the group . we defeated the robot. hey siri get freaking wrecked beyond my . abilities that moment when i thought . boxes anyway stood i'm gonna end this . here if you guys have enjoyed of course. hit the like button down below show some. love and also hit the subscribe button . if you're new to my channel ahead . yes it's freaking map was intense . we'll see you next time. 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