MLB Homeruns That Broke Things Part 2 (HD)

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Imagine during batting practice this is . a ball a few hours ago kyle schwarber . hit it hit the budweiser sign above the . board in right and that is why the . lights have gone out and the bud part of . the sign he broke the sign his sign we . have to send him a bill but now it's . just wiser this high indeed he just . looks up you can buy soto that it's 8 to . gio continues to just bash the baseball . check out this photo that a fan posted . to instagram this afternoon that's his . windshield which he says was smashed by . a schwΓΆre burr homerun ball during . batting practice maybe next time . should park a little further away when . warmers in the cage and give credit to . kyle he tweeted later hey that's a . flight can you help this guy out the . company replied saying they will replace . the windshield that's get the job done . to the naked eye watching a game you . really can't . [applause]. prince fielder hit the homerun here in . the lower homerun porch and we have to . give it to hope out of conroe texas. she's a ranger fan although she's an. astro territory because what happened a . homerun ball was coming your way what . happened hope what happened i was just . looking at my phone and i heard all the . screams and everybody getting up and i . looked up and i saw the ball coming for . me and so i just distinctively just put . my hands up and this is what happened . broke your iphone and then the ball . ricocheted over a couple rows and this . guy actually got it holding up there big . guy pulled up the ball he wouldn't not . give it back tom can you believe it but . things are good right now she guys to . bag and here's an autographed texas . ranger ball that's better than that. little ball okay we're gonna shame this . guy out of the area here but . congratulations and sorry about the . iphone we'll we'll work on that iphone . for you let's play ball . [applause]. [music]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. .
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