Muppet’s Adventure: Everything Bad in a Game – PART 1 – Game Grumps

There's chaos at the carnival, and only two man-children can put an end to it.
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Oh my god muppet adventure oh no hello . welcome to the one of the greatest games . of all time on the nes dude look at the . name of notorious carnival owner dr. crump. dr. grump i love it well i didn't know . that he that's not why i chose to play . this is a prime suspect. superstar pig may be captive on carnival . grounds kermit and the muppets to . attempt daring rescue this is muppet . adventure chaos at the carnival or some . shit out fuckin oh we didn't sink this . did we that's fun no it's fine you sure . yeah okay you can you can choose what . stage you want to play dan okay and all . of these games are packed with fun and . adventure and a really good gameplay . experience uh i promise you okay . yeah let's let's go on the route whoa. boy that's weird. up and down do the same thing it just . cycles weird like i'm pressing down and . down and now down again see what i mean . whoa that's because that's a bizarre way . to select this i'm sure is let's try the . river ride do a min do i want this is . this good that probably i don't know . probably jesus christ yeah you're doing . real good . yeah i'm tubing god this is like tom . sawyer but even harder yeah look at . kermit he looks terrible . being in a game like this oh oh oh dude . you're white fuck away okay jeez i've . fucking lost half my life or it did this. is incredibly difficult i told you is . one of the greatest games of all time . have you played this before no i've . never ever played it's bad mmm got some . power but i'm at the frog here really . dying in a river well currently staring . down the barrel of the gun that will . shoot me in the face . this river hmm there we go . ooh a buoy yeah i watch out for that . buoy david bowie fashion maybe the buoy . will help you oh my god there's so much . shit whoa damn sir minds we have a delta . triangle cobra triangle what is that . oh poor triangle it's a game like this . but it's better okay it's really good . actually it's a game where you plays . like a boat media oh you're dead those . are good the buoys are good oh . mock me looks like i am fucked looks . like i'm up shits creek without this. random or what yeah this isn't who's . that alf. what the fuck where was i supposed to go . it was the only place oh oh oh that's . bad you don't want him there apparently . that was bad you don't do that huh i . don't know what it was but it was bad . are there any consequences to anything . happening how i'm that's seven rides . left i am um i'm at acrimony frog you . did you just call me little boy yeah . this is i i don't think i can express to . you how fucking rough this is the . controls are like okay right there oh. yeah wiped off just very wonky like this . you're a fuckin shit stain on this . rivers butthole all right you can wipe . right off you are you are not being a . supportive friend right now oh i'm just . saying do i have to sing you a song . about friendship i believe you can do it . muppet style i believe that you're in it . for the long haul dude boy they sure . they should oh don't be tricked . don't be tricked by its you get an extra . ride every time you get a bui . whoa wow dude yeah i have to tell you . man the muppets were an absolute . revolutionary force i don't know because . i'm trying to get past it . like i don't think you understand how . hopeless. this actually is once you play it . incredibly hopeless i'm done they don't . program an end they just put a key like . when you have all four kids . oh god that's not what she looks like . either she looked like a i'm looking . advertising for an advertisement for. like a bacon diner car course oh boy is . that a car in my adam i think you might . be animal oh this isn't considered an . incredible jesus christ what incredible . um am i supposed to be hitting these i . think this was the flags it oh my god . [music]. but there's no there's no time limit so . you're actually just incredibly slowly . working your way around it way begets . harder later i think you just have to . get to the end i think it's like all the . flags. [music]. oh my god my sanity is about to go . bye-bye yeah considering what an . incredible revolutionary damnit move . follow the green one for entertainment . the muppets were i don't know if this . game is really doing them justice i . think this might be a step back ooh . watch out for that whoa dude the oil . doesn't do anything he just makes you . twirl around my goood . dude i've exploded there you go oh those. are good though girls are good yeah yeah . they give you points whore mouth on the. world master player and muppet adventure . carnival and chaos or whatever like it . chucked you over at wine what where damn . where's the end this game is bad where's . the that's not bad . whoa you're being extremely judgmental . right wow . [music]. i think that it said they're gonna trick . you again faster the waiter yeah . incredibly no slow and steady wins the . race. is there an accelerate button ooh damn . what do you mean my heartburn worse like . one of the controls okay so a is go oh . he brakes i don't know it just kind of . breaks on its own i love this 12 bar . blues they got playing to floor it yeah . you should see we have six rides so oh . you got bouncy shit now what a nightmare. ah this is one of the least amounts of . fun i've ever had playing a game it's . like all the things that could possibly . piss anyone off games. it's like married giants you around and . erase your progress oh my god lodi ass . controls stuff that comes out of nowhere . cuz you're going too fast. yeah like you cannot go fast here it's. impossible because they block off every . part of the fucking forward progress who . is your favorite muppet . gonzo or muppet baby muppet baby gonzo . version yeah gonzo was way cuter as a . muppet baby yeah he was like a main . character gone so it's sort of like a. fucking nothing character in the muppet . show well he was like the stagehand he a . was different he looked he looked more . like a turkey kind of thing his nose was . a lot more pleasant in the muppet babies . show if anybody can do a perfect . impression of gonzo from muppet babies i . would love to hear it because that voice . is impossible to do. who was that frank oz gonzo what i think . was a woman no no oh no it was him i . can't remember his name . in the in the show in the show and the . show it had to be a woman i don't think . so i'm gonna look it up right now . yeah i think it was the dude with the . beard i'm talking about baby gonzo oh . then yes probably fucking my god muppet . babies is there an end to this fucking. level for fuck's sake for fuck's sake . man howie mandel was it who was halle . mendel he could have been guns oh no he . was scooter or skeeter oh . oh yeah been in the muppet jesus christ . it fucking respawned me on a bomb thanks . obama . rusty rusty taylor oh i don't know who . that is frank welker was kermit oh yeah . dude frank welker is the man the voice . god jesus song that's what they call him . frank welker frank oz dave coulier was . an animal no shit howie mandel was. animal that's great that makes me love . it even more got it . have you ever been to the museum of oh . that's what we should have done more . fuck. while you were in new york should've . gone to the museum of the moving image . oh we were planning on it we just didn't . have enough time that jim henson exhibit . is amazing. damn look at you go i saw it when it was . got to be an end of this i saw it when . it was temporary and then they made it . permanent because i guess it was so . awesome but hollywood loved it too they . have a full sketch this there oh shit . yeah that's pretty dope it's it's the . dopest it's very very cool oh it's super . dope dope yeah it sounds dope as fuck . jim henson himself is on record as . saying heard open it come to my museum . it's dope what a genius man jim henson . yeah yeah like probably like one of the . coolest people to walk the face of the . earth in the last hundred years right i . did like three reports on him and i . don't remember anything about his life . right yeah except that he died of . bacterial pneumonia. yeah because in 86 i believe 80 later . like 89 or 90 because he wanted um fuck . my life oh my god you trust me you will . hate this way more than you think you . guys i fully believe you all right go . right ahead. i hate i hate games that people think . are good and everyone agrees this is bad . yeah you know faces you in the opposite . direction. ah it's the worst as oh my god that's . infuriating oh lord have mercy on me . what i know i know. it's absolutely brutal like play . billiards to get through here oh my god . uh no it's good it's good you know jim . excuse me like oh my gosh it's the same . thing over and over again that it has . got a flag for it to change i don't know . i just ain't no aaron oh . oh my god there it is oh oh your fuck . yes oh thank god yes we did it yes that . was absolutely a team effort . we fucking did it oh yay you found the . key for this ride kermie grump asuras . monster oh my god that's what i am well . next time on game gravol are we gonna . make this a twofer yes all right . two-parter . can i just say something before we end . this episode jim henson in addition to . just being an amazing creative force was . also a swell wonderful guy and he . created that he came up with that quote . that i say a variation of at the end of . the ninja sex party shows it's one of my . favorite quotes and this is it watch out . for each other love everyone and forgive . everyone including yourself forgive your . anger forgive your guilt your shame your . sadness embrace and open up your love . your joy your truth and most especially . your heart fucking jim henson man what . an awesome dude thought he was gonna say . your butt hole at the end hey erin . please don't sell me this moment he was . amazing no he was okay was cool just you . know he's not above making a butthole . joe next time my game rooms yeah well . technically he stuck his hand up puppets . buttholes his entire life if you're . gonna get technical about . .
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