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This is single handedly one of the coolest things yet! Seeing my house in Black Ops 3 is so crazy. Leave a like on the video if you enjoyed and if you're gonna play at my house :) Also be sure to subscribe if you're new, thank you guys!
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If you read this far down the description I love you
[music]. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. [music]. all right you guys are probably. wondering why did you just give us a . tour of your house rug let me know what . your house looks like and that's just . for people who don't know what my house . looks like because this guy named kevin . made my house on call of duty our house . is an official call of duty map on steam. like that's actually ridiculous i. haven't even looked at it yet all i know . is i got a message from today after a . month of waiting he finally completed. the map and he said here's the download. and i hope you enjoy it so we are about . to look at my house in call of duty form . my house is a call of duty map which is . ridiculous so i hope you guys do enjoy . this video the same guy did the phase. house he made the phase house and call. of duty and it was amazing it looks so. sick and he actually created my own . house and i just gave you guys a tour so . we'll see how equivalent in the call of . duty map is to our actual house so hope . you guys do enjoy this video if you guys. well i'm going to leave the map in the . description if you guys want to play . guys could play call of duty in my house . basically you got some shoot guns in my . house all these kevins link in the . description you guys can check him out. i'm pretty sure you did an amazing job . because the phase house is beautiful and . this is going to be sick i can't believe . our house is in call duty now so hope. you guys enjoyed the video and let's. check out the map okay guys look at so . freaking thumbnail of the mask phase . runs house we got the basketball hoops . that i chose you guys and then just my . house it looks perfect even on my . brother's window there's a little gate . right there we got the palm trees. everything looks so sick from the . outside that legit looks like my house . what this is so cool i cannot wait to . play this there is one problem like i. kept having issues with steam and the. apps kept on closing this is like my . 30th time trying to record this and . trying to even start the game the game . won't even start without it lagging so . much so i really hope there's no issues . with this but it's so frustrating. because i never really used the in . binding if this guy made my house in a . call beauty game i'm definitely going to . want to try it here we go i'm going to . click this hopefully it doesn't come on. come on oh no . oh no oh there it is black screen all . right i guess it loaded the screen is . black on the bottom left but hopefully. the map is there start game please do. not lag please just let everything fall . into place today i was already like a . bad day can we go here we go shows up . thumbnails on that oh oh shoot that . looks so sick to bebba's black ops 3 i . did not really like black ops 3 but . still this is actually so cool phase . runs house team deathmatch wow this is . actually so cool though because i've . lived in this house for 15 or 16 years i . cannot wait to see how this guy maybe i . seriously cannot wait who hopefully it's. not lagging anything but by the looks of. it everything has been lagging so far. but there's going to be don't lea drop a . like on this video if you guys could. just sit oh it loaded oh my god always . kind of choppy uh-oh guys look at this . right when it starts wow this is so . freaking cool what it's not that laggies . okay what this is so dope let me change . the sensitivity all right let's get it . alright so this is the outside of the . house which is fucking sick we got the. basketball court the palm trees the . house itself oh man super laggy i really. wish it wasn't elizabeth up front of the . house too he got everything bro look at . that's a gate that we have at the front . door up there i'm so sorry for it being . like you guys i really which had a. solution to that it's all the lowest. quality as well which sucks obviously . walk in here's the garage okay we . recently just moved it dislike little. desk thing we recently just moved it but. we got the basketballs a little freezer . right there is a refrigerator or cabinet. oh my god is just so cool to our other . cabinets here we have shoes over here. all of these the laundry baskets this. guy got this on point wow okay let's . walk into our house you walk in them . they're like a laundry and dry right. here washer and dryer . bad okay do even the floors the floors . are the same style wow oh my bathroom my . bathroom bro oh no way this is so sick . we got the mirror here another mirror my . sink and then all the stuff that i have . for like my face to trust everything and . then we got a shower i gotta drop and . dude real quick i'm sorry guys what the . heck isn't so cool okay here's my room . okay be walking you got some freaking . big chair right there you have two . closet you got two pictures up there a. little desk with water and stuff mixed. to it my bed also with a red pillow i. don't think i showed you guys on my bed. out of the red pillow oh my big tvs wit . oh my god the dressers and drawers look. the exact same they're black and there's. like a simple style oh my god this is so . sick do it so crazy because i have a . picture frame right here and a picture. up here and he got that as well that's . pretty cool so it's a guy can't wait to . do the rest of this house ok as we walk . in to the left and we got our little. like dining room area and our little . blinds over there the table dude he made . this so legit like the same design and. everything oh my gosh would like placed . on the glass that's dope that's tho . joban in the living room the infamous . living room where i've made like a. billion videos right blog this part. right here as well what that's so . accurate crazy part about this my dad is. the one who can built that any put that . there but wow look at that you guys all. know this part from our living room we . got two couches three couches a table or. stairs same layout and everything even. up there the high ceilings oh the three . windows right there oh my god same. design on the wall to the paint and . everything we got a picture here to. windows right there's a main door oh he . also got on base right here he's got a . little monitor for the freaking cameras . the mirror all so freaking sick dude you. did an amazing job with the balcony as . well oh. i can boost jump in my own house okay we. got the big window right there the . cabinet the sink the fridge growing up. the fridge on point my choice go all the . drawers the table even the floor like i. said you got more that's crazy right so . we got two touches here we got that. little like a fish tank their fireplace . tv and all the tvs me and my brother. roll there's a reflection of the light . okay let's check out the backyard you . walk out we got the gazebo thing right. there oh my god this is so cool this is . legit don't bro we got a little hangout . area right here with the couch we also. i'd just like a ladder laying down their. side of the house do we get the other . side oh yeah just like a little sense oh . my god that show sake okay whoo kevin. you work seriously so talented what's. ahead and it only took him a month okay. so let's go go up the stairs so first. thing you see is my gaming room which . i'm in right now okay all right you got. the basil on the wall is backwards but . it's okay that's still so freaking sick. i had a tv over here and this is my . monitor that i'm actually using the plan . is on youtube which is sick you got my. l-shaped desk i got another desk right. down here a chair oh when you got this . far right here which is right there look. at that bro oh my god my one no flag . beyond jumped out to just look for that . i wanted little slices right there he . got it peeps out when they'll black . sorry all right next up we got the law. bro okay so we got the l-shaped couch a . little cabinet with the tvs we got our. table with the shoes water bottles a tv. right there more water bottle. pierre-jean literally business exactly. how i sent in the video that's . ridiculous rowe and our balcony look. down hey where's the foam pit this is . where i did the back foot from into the . foam pit down here this just looks so . sick wait you didn't do what parents . room which is completely fine like but . still super sick one yet so far can i do . this bathroom but this is my brother's. room right here so he's got a tv right. they're mirror jersey right there you . put orange and purple for the wall cause . you're frigerator his little death it's . exactly has a cabinet right there in . this little part right here is one mil . apply another jersey his bed and bed . layout is exactly the same and then the . blinds right there oh my god i think i . went through the whole house wait when i . could wall run again guys i'm hoping the. quality like is it too too bad it'll be. i could still feel like what i saw man . this is actually so dope let's go back . out and shoot some hoop now i'm just . kidding look even the outside in our. neighbors houses and everything wow how. long did this take dude basketball hoop . the infamous basketball hoop this part. right here guys kevin just came online . right now okay that is so dope my house . is officially a call of duty matt and . you guys actually want to play in it. it's the link is going to be in the. description you just download the map. you guys can invite some friends have a . little shootout in my house like this is . so freaking sick the outside it's. exactly the same look exactly i'll grow. even my neighbor's house you got my. neighbors out the plants in the front. these palm trees those palm trees the. gay everything bro this is so sick. alright that's basically it thank you . guys so much for watching and again . shoutout to kevin for making this map . sucks so crazy you made my house a call. of duty map i can't thank you enough i . appreciate it and once i figure out this . lag i actually want to play on it with. like bots and stuff and i just seeing . like bots and everything in our house . the air so much for watching please drop. a like and share this video around go. check out kevin in the description . subscribe if you do again i had a lot of . issues with youtube today like with my. thumb nail it it just wasn't loading and. no one got the thumbnail for my video . and it just like kind of ruin the whole . thing so hopefully doesn't happen again . turn off those location be notified when. i do upload every single day and other. than backs is rubbing about peace oh my. god guys just want to give a quick. little apology after the video i just . finished editing and it was super super. choppy and like i said i was trying my. best to like not let it lag but i don't. know what it was i don't know if it's . the map itself or its my computer i. think it's my compete. but it was super super lucky and i tried. to fix it but i couldn't i still hope . you guys saw like the whole house the. way i did and still is i want to look at . it regardless my house is in call of. duty which is insane so like i said you . guys want to try the map yourself play. with some friends link is amanda . scription kevin is in the description as. well shot up to him again thank you guys. so much for watching he actually. replicated almost everything in our. house which is crazy so it's actually a . really cool video for me i hope you guys . did enjoy please drop a like she has a. video around turn on posters patient we. know if i wine and do upload every. single day and i just redid my outro but. i just want to apologize after i . finished editing i noticed that i was . still super choppy and i don't know i. really can't fix it but i still want to . bring this video out for you guys so. yeah other than less than drugging them . out be. .
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