FINALLY MY LAMBORGHINI WRAP IS NOW COMPLETE!! It's the craziest thing I've ever seen, and I can't believe how great it turned out! What do you guys think about the color?? And of course you already know I had to put Gucci in there somewhere ;) A lot of people guessed that! LET'S SEE IF WE CAN SMASH 200,000 LIKES FOR THIS INSANE LAMBO REVEAL!
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We are here boys my car is inside this. building and i have no idea what it . looks like we're just revealing it right . now. hey i'm ready i'm super ready guys it is . currently 6:45 in the morning and i've . only slept for two hours but there's a . valid reason for that i seriously don't . remember the last time that was up this . early but today's the day that i'm . getting my lamborghini back it has been. in the shop getting wrapped for the past . three weeks and today is the day i . finally get it back . oh this hoodie is so sick like you guys . actually won't believe me when i say but . i've had sleepless nights thinking about . how sick the cars gonna look when it's . done . but yeah i'm probably not even gonna go . back to sleep i slept at like 3:30 and . woke up at 5:30 so two hours of sleep . and i just can't stop thinking about the . lambo i don't think i'm gonna be . sleeping but i had an alarm set for 8:00 . it would ring him probably like an hour . so i don't have time to sleep anyways yo . we're literally in the middle of a cloud . right now look at this there's a cloud . just floating right there what the heck . i've never seen this before because i've . never woken up this early that's . actually insane this is such a beautiful . scene right here look at this but . anyways guys we have waited weeks you . guys have guests hundreds and thousands . of different colors of what the wrap is . gonna be and i have seen few get it. right so this is gonna be huge guys i . myself have not even seen the car put. together or anything i even told them . not to send me any pictures when it's . done because i want to get my first . initial reaction on camera i obviously . know the color that it's gonna be but i . have no idea how it's gonna look on my . lamborghini but yeah guys i want to see . if we get smashed 200,000 likes on this . video i know we could do it you guys . have all been waiting for this reveal . for like three and a half weeks i myself . have been impatiently waiting for this . day to come i never thought it would but . it's finally here we're gonna head to sd . wrap at about 11 a. m. that's when the . reveal is gonna go down and i'm super . stoked i have no idea once again how the . car looks i just have a visual of what i . think it's gonna look like but i know . it's gonna blow my mind away and i hope . it does the same to you guys but before . i stop talking guys i just dropped this . limited-edition merch . yesterday and it's a three week sale . there's a tie-dye shirt there's this. sick hoodie with this are on the back . and also a long sleeve and at the end of . the sale i'm actually gonna be picking . two lucky fans two lucky rugrats . to come spend the day with me i'm . personally going to be flying you guys . out myself i'll take you for a ride in . my lambo we could go shopping we can go . have some dinner we could play . basketball we could play video games . whatever it is we're gonna do that day . it's gonna be lit so . go copy your merch link in the . description tweet at me tag me on . instagram do whatever you can to make me . see that you got my merch because i will . be following a lot of people you having . a lot of people and at the end of the . sale i'm flying to beautiful lucky fans . to spend the day with me right well i . mean i'm gonna try to fall back asleep . right now but i don't think it's gonna . happen i literally i've been trying i . wasn't even planning on recording this . intro obviously at 6:45 my goal was to. record it when i usually record intros . the only secret i'm gonna tell you guys. about the lambo i'm gonna give you guys . a hint of something on the car the only . thing i'm gonna say right now is that . they did something to my car that . defines me so well so a lot of you guys . can take some guesses as to what they . did to my lambo but let's just say you . guys are in for a huge treat i will pick . up this vlog before i leave to sd rap to . go pick up the lambo you know at least . look more decent because like i said i . just woke up after two hours of sleep . and i look crazy so hey guys i hope you . enjoyed the video so that's that like . button and this is about to be huge . almost 11 a. m. which is when they're . doing the reveal and i'm super super . stoked i'm running on two hours of sleep . i never ended up sleeping again so i'm . super tired but when i see this lambo . it's gonna wake me up so much and my mom . is behind the camera mom what do you. think like i showed her kind of like a . preview of like the parts taken apart i . can't wait i'm so excited what is there . i'm more excited to just be driving the . lambo again like not you know not just . the wrap but like the lambo itself i . miss it so much i miss trying to get so . the lamborghini videos are gonna be back . as well along with it looking like a . whole new beast so ready over to . anything wrap right now i'm getting a . ride from one of my friends and i will . see you guys there oh my god i'm so . freakin - we got bonsly just . annihilating his food like usual puzzle . you enjoying the food buddy came on . while we back with a brand new car okay . alright perfect look at the gifts i got . from my mom and dad for their . anniversary yesterday how lit is that . look at how big it is we are here boys . my car is inside this building and i . have no idea what it looks like right . now for sure nerve-wracking but i'm . super confident that they killed it my g . oh you guys are closed . it's saturday what are you doing dude . you're right my bad i just okay yeah . yeah i'll check you later what's up dude . how are you man . i'm more excited than i ever thought i . would be there's no way . it's seriously the cool thing about her . school i'm not lying . my bar on the carpet you might want to . keep it huh guys ramin texted me on the . car i hear he's like he got the chills . when he saw the car wait oh it's like . right now we're just revealing it right . now hey i'm ready i'm super ready . [music]. no way . [music]. no no no no. my god dude you're lying i was about to . hit you up and say i hope you brought an . extra pair of pants my god guys this is . what i was talking about look at this we . had to incorporate gucci into this lambo . somehow what do they call this part of . the car this side script but it's just . an accent we created to compliment the . wheels and the red accents these are a . red chrome right was that in yeah frozen . red chrome guys so everything is custom . oh yeah so like silver rap is satin . frozen chrome right and then this is . satin red crow yeah yeah oh that's my . favorite. really . we're gonna take it out this is insane . one of the craziest cars i've ever seen . and it's mine oh yeah it's ours not mine. my bad my bad guys i think my favorite . part about this is of course the gucci . i missed that sound i missed it guys . this is my car are you kidding me guys . once it hits the sun oh . [music]. no way oh my god . what this is a beast outside why no oh . looks like you just built it up for sex . right. oh my god this is nuts. that's the same one i brought in are you . sure i'm not sure i think we did really . did destroy yours opossum so you guys . actually killed this the rapid self i . underestimated it i definitely . underestimated it's all put the back . together. oh and then the gloss black mirror is . kind of give it like the floating mirror . effect i really like the red in the . front you guys did a good job on that . yeah you could go like way too far with . it but i think just enough and then you . can see the red interior peeking through. yeah please just look at this i told . them before this i'm like they added a . little something that defines me and he . like makes the car so much better like . you can't see it from afar but like yeah . like it's subtle bro the side view of . this no way you know if gucci doesn't . sponsor me after this oh my god come on . please sponsor me i put you guys on my . car gloss black lettering the red. pinstripes down here just every little . detail makes it pop out if i did regular . chrome then that would definitely blind . the drivers on the street but now that i. did satin over it it's still kind of . blinding but it's definitely not as . obnoxious is it time for me to take it . on a drive finally i think so it's been . three and a half weeks i think it's time . guys my first time driving the lambo in . three and a half weeks and it's insane . [music]. i'm in love oh my god bro we're gonna . take some shots on the road of me . driving now we got them right here yeah . i perfect thank you what a true homie . that said he caught some bird she loves . the car he's amazing bro guys i really . hope you like the color like give me . your opinions in the comment section . it might not be what you guys expected . but it's something that i personally . like and i really hope you guys like it . to this truck who do right . and they have to drive i like the same . distance has that something you get some . nice shot that's so hard go the slope . right . [music]. [applause]. [music]. alright guys we're at this spot right . here taking some pictures i think this . is where what jake paul and logan paul . did a race potential race here but guys . one last look at this i'm actually super . super super super satisfied with the . outcome of this sd rap killed it oh i . can't believe this is mine dude i cannot . believe it please leave your opinions in . the comments section below i'll be . reading through a bunch of comments . expect a ton more videos with this . beautiful car this is like a brand new . car it looks like a toy car bro and this . is like a christmas gift right here like . you're about to unwrap a gift oh this is . mean i'm really gonna cry this is my car . guys i'm literally blind right now but . look the gucci reflects off the silver . so you could see the gucci logo on the . silver in the sun this is so sick bro . i'm so won approval that's important is . that guy hey grant yes or no yes all we . needed that's no way why is he buried . pickier he's our life manager a very . very particular person and he really . doesn't like a lot of the stuff well . grant i appreciate it man it's . officially done this is my new car and . hey this is version 1 we didn't even say . there's gonna be different versions to . this car this is it yeah oh no stuff . this is just the beginning which crazies . we're gonna make it even better which is . nearly impossible but you guys can move . now yeah no but you guys can make it . happen alright guys i just want to give . a huge shout out to ramin mehdi and all . the boys at sd rap who worked extremely. hard on this car it came out way nicer . than i thought . like i underestimated you guys what is . wrong with me you guys are killing the . car was the coolest car in the world to . start off with today get better i'd be . scared to write scary no way the . finished product the finished product . came out amazing like satin frozen . chrome like or you can't buy that it . scare us everything about this is custom . you can't buy it that even the red on . there is a frozen chrome we didn't not . to mention the gucci. eg games stop gucci gay i'm so hyped . about that it's my favorite part about . him no actually no it's not my favorite . part at the whole car is my favorite . part. but guys shout out to sd rap st rep . actually has a youtube channel and you . guys are definitely go check them out . subscribe to them and let them know that . the rugrats are one of the strongest fan . bases on youtube once again guys thank . you so much guys thank you so much i . can't wait to see like everyone's . reaction i hope you guys like it . especially i'm gonna go get like my . morals yeah yeah for sure . actually no most important moment yeah . mom mom i hope you like it like when i . come home i hope you like it but and my . mom i hope you like it it's not like . torn apart . alright guys i just got home and i'm . about to get my family's reaction . brandon first reaction brian what do you . think this is sexy that's what it is oh . my god it looks so cool . it looks like tinfoil guys this looks so . nice fine you already showed them the . gucci of course that was like the first . thing i showed cheese what stands out . it's like a chrome color but they put . satin over it so it's not too blinding . but i'm still gonna get a couple fingers . on the road because when you stand out . in england a sudden hits it like i'm . standing here . oh my you came look i know but look not . even that but look at it with the . windows open because you know the seats . are red oh yeah it goes with it matches . it huh i get the front and the red . coders ready yeah do you like it yeah . it's super was worth the waste so what . are you doing here i ate you know orange. and purple from a distance look at this . it literally looks like tin foil that is . insane okay let's get my mom's reaction . mom a rug in the building hey are you . excited to see the car . many pictures i know it's a surprise for . the video no just be real oh my god you . guys think . wait mom mom you all know the best part . look at the gucci hell no now they have . to sponsor me right no no no it's okay . it's okay look with like the red accents . look at that thing did you ever imagine . i did a picture to come out this good oh . now you can see that with the white you . couldn't see that yeah no you like it . jackie . looks so good with the red it's chrome . but they put like a satin layer over it . so it's not the blinding chrome attempts . the frig dunk over the butt yeah yeah i . know i got shy gosh . oh yeah yeah imagine just released it . alright guys thank you so much for . watching today's video finally after 3 . and a half weeks of waiting and hyping . it up this is the finished product and i. couldn't be any happier i hope you guys . like it . definitely worth the wait brandon you . like it i like it a lot true but i once . again shoutout to sd rafa killed it they . did an amazing job there's not one thing. that i don't like about the car and . limited edition merch flying out to fans . who buy it three weeks left and go cop . it link in the description thank you so. much for watching . 200,000 like brian army and brian dumb . it's sandy it's like a hundred degrees . yeah i'm in a hoodie and brian's in a . long sleeve egg jesus we're done okay i . left the house for at least it was kind . of cold but hey guys subscribe if you're . new to cover a rug god i love you all so . much. otherwise his run and i'm out peace . [music]. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. .
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