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Intro, 13:39, 14:47
Nitro Fun - New Game [Monstercat]
Nitro Fun - Final Boss [Monstercat]
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I don't know i don't know kenan ooh keep . up with a pro hey you died yet have you . died no i'm doing big man really do just . plastic wrap i just got a rug dude you . got a run this is parkour fan i can get . an eye patch i'll play with one on hey . what's going on guys lock that zip here . look at us we're free commands dog zip i . am t&t plays i love team t1 time to play . we have one time spawn nine point nine. million t and t on my server and i broke . it and we had to reroll a whole week and . it was a great time why not ten million . i didn't forgot to unselect one of my. positions when i was world editing and . why am i wall diving on my server cuz . i'm big cheater but let's just not get . into that finish the job dude is our . sorry look at this map man we have to . not touch the lock oh oh oh right you . teleported you didn't do this last i . doubt i can see like the silhouette of . your face inside my trust don't trust it . what does it say subscribe to log on zip . i think it did did you change the . horizon you change that sign oh it . actually doesn't matter you know i'm . going on the makers i'm a maker no . you're a maker i'm a breaker i'm a. breaker okay don't be rude dude don't be . how you do presti how you do i'm not . touching this floor it's lava . it's spicy hot park food is kind of my . jam and my slam fam so you might be in a . little bit of time i don't know can't a . noob keep up with a pro sorry tyler but . you pick up with the wrong fish today . but you pickled with the wrong rig today . you pickled with the roll i'm not even . gonna die yet are you gonna die are you . gonna die no now you died yet have you . died help oh you'll die even i don't . remember soon enough that's right i. caught a vine as i was jumping that was . bull strip . wait so you still didn't die oh i died . okay good but i caught but i was right . there it was the easiest jump in the. world just be wary of vines father they . will try to hug you don't hug them back . don't worry that app closed down man oh. i dude too soon roasting another company . kidding me rip in peices vinyl rooney . trust me they're all on youtube now all . viners turn to youtubers i know no man i . don't like these jumps tyler i need you . to sing or something sing me a lullaby . can you sing tyler i feel like you're . the type of guy that you have like a . secret singing voice okay i gotta think . of it okay those chimes up and let's . hear it it's you and me and tp head off . rags having a great time subscribe oh . you didn't say leave a like dude but i . was a pretty good jingle i was your part . your first oh whoa i hit a big jump dude . i hit a big jump man okay oh man i don't . even know are you alright now . hey don't worry about it tyler i'm doing . big man things for big man people oh my . gosh i'm a big flippin man i'm a big man . straight to the top tyler i'm not even . kidding. i got literally all the way to the very . top missed the last jump which me nice . yeah see you dying clouded on you yeah . yeah see how it feels tight i see how it . feels and then you make dude i'm about . to say artificial check point do you . know what's up dude quitter i'm not a . quitter dude quitter. i'm not a spiders are quitters i'm not a . spider cactus never quit we survived . literally in the desert for days months . see if i was a quitter i wouldn't be . dying oh man . all right well fine maybe we can. consider a chance i'll let you i mean . you'll i think you'll know which jump it . is when you get to it but it's pretty . much the world's most ridiculous jump i . bet on that jump already i don't like it . one yes what you still want to do that . checkpoint no no wow not anymore i . changed my mind i changed my mind time . monster i'm allowed to change my mind . okay this is a free country tyler free . country but freedom will what oh i made . it i know jack oh no and then it gets it . gets harder from now on tyler yes . because i'm a good man i'll let you . check point if you want to because i'm. not gonna lie i was very tempted to . checkpoint right there it was very . irritating so i give you permission . permission okay i might just take dude . i'm not even gonna lie if you haven't . ate i won't think any less of you my . viewers will but i won't okay . viewers right here did you make it. there's no i'm almost there there's no . way and you died i'm john your tire . that's like the world's hardest jump bro. it's up there for sure i'm already on . the next act again . oh yeah see see how you're imitating i . wasn't lying when i said it's very. irritating all that work for nothing i'm . about to break my thumb from jumping too . much weight i exercise what's your. sprint button my sprint button is my . enter key i'm a left hand hot i'm a . weirdo man that's weird i'm also engaged . to a lot hannah weirdo i don't know if i . like left hand ease dude oh man there's . something weird about left-handed people . sorry for left-handed person guys wow . you said that . now my clout like loud vacuum air watch . out we like to stick together bread you . don't do this to me . if you're gonna be i'm gonna be in the . doghouse no match for me i'm a trueborn . cactus i'm a tickler checkpoint offered . to be honest dude i'm telling you it's . like needed like 1 million bajillion. percent needed. is this the end is this ian no is this . the end . oh you're so yeah yeah i think ok it's . an emerald block it looks like it's the. end oh mike oh but this guy . tyler this guy is a kokomo joe he does . not give you a checkpoint block for a . very long time. just enough why okay there's like a . whole jungle oh yeah i told you not . ready faster you move i move very fast . no okay tyler you're a pro at minecraft . do you you you can't shift on slabs can . you you can what but they foot but then . you fall off i keep falling carefully . shift okay yeah neither you're about as . useful as a wet noodle and a doghouse . appreciate it dude that is not see it's . not useful why would you want to wet. noodle the doghouse i don't know what . i'm trying to get at that's the point . i'm trying to get also the point i'm . trying to get at is i'm bad to school . you wait for him the world's slowest and . hey just for you toilet i made all the . way the ship oh dude tyler i finished . i'm done . i finished is my right eye all right . don't rub it in all right i'm not an or . anything like that . i'm just saying tyler you got a little . bit of catching up to do what are you . even a girlfriend i need some moral . support man i'm in the trees man i'm . trying to find some bananas where you is . oh sun sun sun oh you know what you're . kind of doing a good thing come on dad . okay all right so let's see um . so you're gonna help we go yeah you're . gonna you're gonna have to go up there . right yeah i'm gonna send an important . text okay wow wow president . i just can't command any i gotta i gotta . send a text you know long it takes to . get this recording going guys wouldn't . believe all right i'm just don't don't . be so upset dude all right. you're gonna be you're gonna be fine . you got you're like you look great oh . there we go texas see tyler wasn't so . bad oh tyler that's so adorable here let . me just go on oh let me swap in with you . let me just let me just show you how . it's done yeah let's see let me show ya . it's done buddy more time why tell me . more what hey hey that was hashtag abuse . i was abusive man . i'm the app on this server you can't do . knowledge hey dude your site is cursed . i made this jump the first time i did it . and on your side i can't make it there's . some curse going on i made it cuz i'm a . possum and you died over there tyler . tyler yeah you really do just place a . crime i just you gotta run dude you . gotta run this is parkour fam what are . you hot no where might i add alright . let's see can i finish your side too . whoa where's the water stop on your side . is it no well it will it end if i finish . on your side oh yes you will i'm right . here dude what do you mean you don't . know where to go oh i see you're tyler . okay oh you know i'm just pulling my . panda pants up grandpa stop kylie you're . gonna die no one cares about you preston . oh and you're dead now and you're dead . here and you're dead . i won't give you the satisfaction a . double finished you're a bad person you . know. [laughter]. i want a redemption you want a . redemption sure i'm gonna let you choose . the redemption we're either gonna do . blindness or nausea . you can't even make those jumps with . blindness you can't make well there's no . way to make those jumps of blindness you . can't sprint where you got blindness you. dumbo try again mono how about this . tyler i can get an eye patch i'll play . with one eye. oh great about that viral views hold on . give me a sec let me get an eye patch . wow. i don't want to lose to you with an eye . patch on a few moments later alright can . i beat a youtuber with an eye patch i . hope not i leave here say hope not for . my pain right now i'm pretty sure . there's tape in my eye and if you . understand my pain bet you with pain in . your eyes would still beat me i got this . my sites rigged don't they okay let me . see let's see alright he's really really . playing with a die i can't click it it . will have me tyler . i can't nevermind oh goodness . not your skin you have a chance i'm tied . to sweat oh i get i only could i bad . skin no dedication dude okay i don't . work that fast i didn't know how to make . skins i feel like i'm closing my eye my . left eye when i shouldn't need to . kidding me is you already died twice . dollars what the heck i met the chick . don't worry this is not when the . struggle happens the struggle happens. whenever i get up to the the old kokomo . joe area where i've been spitting some . blueberries at this kid i'm spitting . blueberries all right i'm at the . cobblestone area i don't even understand . like how you like think of these things . to say press you don't test me with your . fruit gnarly thank you billy i love it i . love it you know passion fruit oh my . gosh i have yet to fall on this one hmm . yeah that's nice breasts and that must . be nice the world you live in huh that's . god no way no . are you still going i'm still doing it . wow tyler no i don't need to tell me i . don't wanna hear it . tyler no oh no no no it's dry are you . kidding me it gives me strength life . life is good like once you make it past . that checkpoint tyler it's it becomes a . lot more fun you literally like beat the . map when i was still on this portion . this is not once okay don't eat my guy . i'm not gonna lie this eye patch hurts . so i'm doing it for the views on the . server on the eye patch man obviously . like i'm impressed like if you're . watching on my side you got it i'm gonna . watch this the moment it goes up my . presses you - oh - give me all this . cloud over here dude i'll take it . klout game leave my ego i haven't died . once yet so i kind of want to keep it . spur hey i'm dying for both of us rest . assured ha ha ha ha man if i could do . this flawlessly i will eat something wow . vacation i'm a dedicated lava man what . can i say to my viewers my homies out . there watching up here my high is all . watery man meanwhile i'm over here just . making friends with the cobblestone i'm . not gonna lie that one cobblestone part . is hard i got what i got . no it's experience did it was not fun . time i told you about as fun as a wet . noodle in the doghouse oh ok wet dog in . a noodle house oh . they would love it though i was one slab . away from finishing the map with zero . des moines right gosh i was there dude . i haven't even beaten this map here i . had to use a fake checkpoint last night . i am so obsessed and that brendan i hate . you this map brenda you're the worst . brendan i love you i'll never play mat . by you brendan unless you make another . good my eye is really watering cry tears . of joy not even tears of joy i mean you . have time to catch up. i'm failing on this lab part for some . reason so yes i'm please i know you're . all doing this worse for tyler tyler . you're you're a beautiful strong man . okay don't be like pickin on me picking . on you and boy all right like this . preston preston i messed with the wrong . guy true newbridge pro oh man tyler i . gotta say like my my eyes have never . felt better my left eye just got a nice . little break he's recharged he's like a . german which i here's my left eye it's . my left eye yeah i mean anatomically i . think it's my right eye wait no . anatomically as if you're looking at . it's my left eye okay like my left hand . right hand left eye right eye . just shut up we gotta do this one more . time with your right eye i can put it on . again tyler no no please don't meet . again preston holy moly i gotta add it . to you shouts out to preston on the real . amazing you know i just i do my thing . when i do my thing when i do my thing . really you know what i do yeah i mean . that makes perfect sense to me . take your jealousy outing it's a ladies . and gentlemen this is the second time i . have beat another youtuber wearing an . ipad if you didn't see the first one . i'll link it down below done this before . i've done this before you're not my . first tyler . you're not special tyler i did it with. my roommate sam but you know what. if you want to see me troll tyler moore . leave a like down below the next tab . mike tyler all i'm trying to say over . here as i think you copied my hairstyle . if you guys go look at tyler's videos . his hairstyle is eerily similar to mine . take it as flatter you have my dueling . here right now yeah i'm like dangling my . hair bow jangling. [music]. .

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