NEW $3,192,000 VEHICLE RAMP CAR! (GTA 5 DLC Import & Export)

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NEW $3,192,000 VEHICLE RAMP CAR! Welcome back Kops! Today we are back with Part #2 of the new GTA 5 DLC Import & Export!
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La what it's got yay we're driving out . with gtpase line you . oh yeah the a new deal see jack we're . gonna be picking out some of the . craziest show is also showing you know . what started some of them down here . yeah i wanna see you got down come on . that day i my way josh all the way down . to the basement. alright my senior space but are actually . why we're going to check out ignore the . left-hand side today checking out my . design the left-hand side anymore wedge . way the well no one there was this isn't . the way that's a different vehicle this . is the paper remember that alley when . your room . oh my god that's cool let me check it . out room we should definitely check this . out how baby how can i get a car so yes . we'll see about getting some stunts see . up. yeah all right here we go . oh wow yeah okay let me go slowly first . yeah right well let's just say back to . that we could be able to move to with . you and no no we drive towards each. other already. just like we ok how about we don't be . foster stepping up its top speed is . today going to this bike you know its . crude well what day is really hard on . typing okay josh ready . that is literally ready okay i'm driving . through with you live it all again later . sorry i'm driving straight over . whoa . oh my god okay i need to do this with a . bike i want to do sunday guys i'm being . shot out anyways i'm gonna throw a . powerful data say it just goes under and . what the end but roger the two drugs . don't even talk . oh okay guys guys i'm gonna get a body . i'm gonna try to stand on your car . yeah alright just do whatever you do do . not move. we just keep don't know whether we want . me calle look an expert around here and . i come over now . yeah are you ready i'm ready going i'm . going i'm driving with guys it's a . little bit i have no idea where uz . ignore these people o. o is crazy i just . feel it so back we take the airport you . could glide oh my god no way . hell i swear we had a dilettante just . turn around turn right all right we're . going ok i'm driving behind you . wait what's going on okay i think it . broke you know is it's the right way . around buddy has been destroyed think . that's what i haven't broke its broken . what actually only person i've been . playing with this. alright guys guys you stay here a bit ok . that's right over here is where the car . okay i'm gonna need your help i'm going . to pick it up . josh josh that's where is it i i think . it just disappeared. anyways that you want to beat me on my . car sorry dodge we get up my car now . with you today. ok you can have my charger and artful . how the hell does this thing work. i don't know how deep that right you're . to pick up for my gosh somehow yeah my . judge didn't really look at the . instructions let me go and get back in . it may be home ok just press press some . buttons . oh yeah there we go this doesn't think . yourself maybe i just driving the back . what is it just hold it. how how would that happen though i don't . know . ok alright alright don't you're gonna . get in there don't worry josh this is. how you do it trust me you can like make . a stock was me i'm a professional guy . oh you guys good hey ok now we'll make . us not make a suck my bat right or . something i don't try to josh i'm . cooking my buttons it doesn't do it he . may be the only works in missions really . coming over later foods you want jelly . i'm standing here dedicated call me is . usually starting the car i like it a . little bit okay just drive just arrived . whatever i'll wait wait wait you know . what we thought this car at the bar . well you're always shit what the hell . goes just go like black be that ends up . working it's like a monster cock careful . joins me always because you all . oh my god this is actually pretty cool . that's what he was always big lmgs yeah . baby you already have one happy . back at myself often said this car is . great can also float i don't know let's . check out no but check it out right over . here. i don't think we'll be able to place a . sheet monster truck though yeah this is . terribly depressed over the fax it . doesn't want to let me go around airy go . ok ok i just write me to water right . over we'll find out in 10 seconds this . combines prepare yourselves . hey i'm freaked out at all you're ready . for a war today . oh my god her bloody we're not one hand . job and i think the water and greens i . piteous called that's not yeah josh no . he's not . it just looks cool ok this is so cool . how do this do this i got this actually . josh actually going into some deeper . yeah oh that didn't float that the movie . we need anyone again . oh wow mali your journey look we're . driving tramadol driving in traffic come . on go sit them jelly way close to help . oh my god movie . yeah juliana rockets or guns or anything . no no journey you've tried raising all . the buttons. absolutely absolutely alright just let . me trainee with wet you're chasing . chasing gently come on chasing bailey . area there's a way out to go anyway i . landed it i want their production line . of it. ok but in jelly we go . keep on pushing him get i'll get that . little behind due so servers just . insanely powerful right away guys turn . around and come back at me feeling good . about the ic try to catch up with me job . he's generally don't really catches keep . on pushing everybody out of the way this. is your eyes a great i pretty much going . to la oh wow oh my god you always say . cause i want to feel included you really . were smoking and i said oh that's come . over here we're smoking leon/mike over . josh the car smoking around the dying at . my quite a lie i was feeling good about . this. c'mon bo no no they didn't make ice god . well yeah pretty together john i love . talking the way i saw that it just . doesn't want me to be able to do . something fun eating some cars surely . the old guys i've got another car we . have another 11 cause i'm no way how . many calls all this happen let's get . another one let's get that out of many . dead getting it on hardball guys wait . wait wait wait what the head is just . with me bareback josh is getting to the . carbo ordinary car but i'm telling jj . let's go not we are going to yo you are . going to the yacht ok . hell yes destroying a woman it was to . help drive to drive by yeah any cops . yeah we do . okay i'm gonna get away right over there . really to i people like 11 . 1-shot all i kill everybody in their . bible az yeah and their families going . to just okay just you know everybody . jelly even though we're driving straight . race probably go right jelly . okay to the right to the right great . great driving is about keep going i got . this i got the rights to a marker jelly . right here on my partner where the cops . wait wait going down here we were the . police shoot really possible to the . price for a little bit chilly start . forward just a little more cops and airy . know that's why is austin worried that . movie 3 stars . ok call every don't go drive trucks to . this church and market jelly is no way . to have ok gotcha quick route so jelly . the markers put it down and your yahoo . which should be in the docks right is i . might be actually off. am i correct that your yacht is in the . dock o jellia that really drives driving . on the beach drive on the bb can just . drive for the feet okay goodbye every . second that la what it's got ula we're . driving on a lot . oh my god oh my god that's that's really . nice healthy go outside the gym shooting . at least still keep me still keeps the . harry hill we got it was josh good job . ok we should be safe i got boys right . over there today young is i don't have . any post game they do know there are the . boat cops there in the bulk up we don't . understand water. how do we need saving up all they think . we're stealing a car . yeah you had actually to that all right . that every night that our yard . yeah it's pretty okay well you don't . blow up the hell yeah we need a . helicopter we needed to get back to . drink a little bit but first wait for . the first guys let's go together we go . no lester little lister just get out ok . i'll getting getting josh ok guys we're . going to be that's a nice ending . strumming guy who looks like the does . not be apartment live and get in here on . top of their how do i do that well yeah . you get in the back julie anybody going . to the gunner in the top i guess no okay . oh la ok let's go into are doing some . snow what this is not a good guys really . does look like i'm help happy yeah you . you can shoot working on it boy what's . up josh what's up let's rob this store . which one is this water this way i'm the . getaway dry . alright so just reminding everybody i'll . get the money get money josh also good . money get all their that i was your age . it really josh can try retry don't worry . about don't shoot don't shoot at josh . the right here on our meeting shooting . these washes and our team daley romani . people really helped up all right . yeah he's very dead i'll get it right . the money you striving to find it so she . did not tell me to calm your topic that . happened to me . hey c'mon josh ready to go . let's go guys ok ok there we don't have . a police officer . good job yeah always a 510 k careful . just like shade a strong push it always . starts okay my mind police officer . it's my by 4 i'm is it now but it works . it works a little angel . ok don't have any police stores you know . you got to feel everybody okay right let . me get that knowing everyone chill the . helicopter flying around my little girl . but it's here so i right just go right . good and over john i thought it was the . rock bottom here we still drive it's a . post-apocalyptic okay i think was the . rest of us know we didn't we did i have . it why did you listen to me jobs but . there's only one way out yet now love . you guys . [music]. see ya bye bye . .
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