NEW HERO HANABI GAMEPLAY! (Crazy Skills!) Mobile Legends

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NEW HERO HANABI GAMEPLAY! (Crazy Skills!) Mobile Legends. So here you have some gameplay of the new ninja marksman hero in mlbb! Full Review of her! (can't wait for uranus haha..)
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Mobile Legends new hero hanabi gameplay
Mobile Legends update patch
Mobile Legends new marksman hero gameplay
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What's the people and welcome to this . video so as you can see right here on . the screen we have a new here in the . game so i am on the advanced server so . if you will be wandering off to this . video why i don't have the hero is. because you don't have it on the red no . sir yeah this will most likely be coming . out in like two weeks or something like . that to the real servers as well but . here you have the new heroes scarlet . flower so it is honeybee which we got . all the leaks about skills and. everything at that so i most like to . think that her skills will be the same . as we catholic ahem fred um you said but . she looks very cool she is the marksman . like i said before so this is gonna take . a quick look at here here we have the . passive the scroll of shadows secret . technique when an eb has full hp one a . percent of the hell that would have been . granted formalized you is converted into . shield for up to 20 percent of her max . hp when she is active honeybee immune to . all pro controls oh that sounds . extremely insane so basically she will . be immune to all crowd control switches . as foliage i guess or maybe i got . something wrong at least from her shield . that sounds extremely strong so here we . have a first bill t i need b consumes . monitor on these the flower demon c seal . within the crab steady gamma p firing . pencil blades at her enemies after each . basic attack hits a new blade will spawn . and do basic physical damage to enemy . fires three petals has a venom against . seven percent life silver which will . increase by three percent each time this . skill is leveled up this is pretty cool . and so it is actually delete skills . which we have already read do you have . that ultimate which looks very very big . right there . here we have her second ability fire. second nine in a specific direction . attached to the scroll seal with the . diamond flower energy dealing that . amount of physical damage to enemies hit . along the way and slow saturday by six . month actually the second ability isn't . the same . because the leaked information was said . she was able to jump but this is not a . jump ability and then we have her out . the bed which suppose supposed to be so . i'm not gonna go read through all of . that you can policy if you want to read . that but i'm gonna buy her here and . we're gonna be jumping into the game and . one thing which i want to go and point . out before we jump into the game for a . second that is that the magic willa . table don't still don't have the . legendary core skill so i'm really . wondering why they have it out of the . damn plane why what is taking them so . long. but let's go jump into game alright so . bamber in the game right there okay so . we're gonna take a look at all her . skills well she she runs like a nina . look at that it kind of like dabs that i . shoulda stupidly this is damn it when . she's running oh look at that that i i . wonder if they thought about that look . at that good and i'm really curious . about the ultimate if it is the soul . reaping thing that would be completely. insane let's sort off by taking a look . at her out attacks oh dear you have it . you were throwing them kind of slow . actually look dan . i actually thought it would be faster . kind of slow it looks it looks kind of . dope though that it is kind of slow . because you really can gonna see the . effect of this skill you know and for . some reason i decided to pick the second . skill right here yeah don't worry . so for what oh look at that now we have . a shield so from what i get right now we . are immune to all crowd control so we're . going against figueroa we can try to . make her jump trying to make her stannis . and see how that would look so we're . gonna take a look at the second real - . and - we're gonna do it so let's throw . it out bam and yet passes through the . enemies again that's kind of cool . actually and it looked very very dope if . you ever watched naruto you definitely . know what this is like it in my opinion . it's supposed to explode if you know . what i mean. subscriber thing go through okay i like . the effect right there it looks very . very cool so we're gonna run try to run . up to. cargurus slowly okay and here i have the . first build which is an active skill so . if you just activated like here you can . gonna look at that bro that's actually . sick that is cool and it bounces around . like that today enemies that's really . good this is for a look at i like the . animation on that take a look at that . play look at the animation on the first . kill it looks so clean it's really good . looks so much better they're like four . high losses other battles so is it even . worth to have when you're only finding . one last question i don't think you . should probably only have it when you're. fighting more than one enemy and . actually drains a lot of mod i realized . - we're gonna take this bad boy right . here so the thing is what i can but i . think about her thing her strongest . point you probably gotta be use her out . of things you know some marksman i . actually have very strong like skills as . well but i think this will have like the . strongest points honest her out of . things because of the first builder . right here and i feel she will be a bit . as fast as you get like a few look it . bounces on every single one of the bats . actually say and you renew to ground . control he also have to like she'll like . life still something i don't completely . remember because we have the ultimate . right here which is something you throw . out that i did not expect that actually . when you secretly use you cannot see the . flowers when you set fires you cannot . see the leaves and the flowers opens the . leaves dies of the trapezes amoeba . completely looks he gavin sieve and . washes it at . the key thing enemy given blonds okay . and immobilizing them for two seconds. spreads nearby enemies after a short . period of time if the enemy is still . within the range of the ikebana the new . flower will occur causing the same. damage immobilizing effect and spreading . is a first okay so basically sounds like . a lot of damage and you'll be able to . immobilize two enemies which that's . pretty cool and what's gonna find furrow . see you can i just throw it out like . this that will be interesting let's . sleep fan or what i've looked at all . look at that well that looks amazing . okay throughout the freaking flower that . was really really cool i definitely did . not expect that that looked like some . kind of a major building okay but it's . from an embolic let's go see we have to . try that on on a gu right there but . don't what i'm gonna post i can't do it . right that's can't really speak i'm . sorry i you spoke up so if i'm sounding . really weird if you don't really . understand what the crap was saying . don't worry don't worry . okay it is me i just woke up oh yeah oh . i really feel like she has a lot of . damage is it let's try to throw it out . in front of her and see what will happen . oh no you have going to it did she . really jump i wanted her to keep running . you know but this it turns around for . the love of god it's just like no wait . speed all 30 more miles but it's gonna . kill her okay now you can stop running . why are you running right now okay now . when you don't have to oh look at that. bouncing effect that is mad look at this . it even bounces on the freaking town. room at the same. that's insanity right there look at oh . my god it's man okay this is gonna . destroy this i can see this being . extremely overpowered in teamfights that . that freakin knife right there is . bouncing around levin it's okay that . will kill them so fast it's just insane . okay so kagura is about to spawn right . there so before she runs down to mira - . poker oh i want to see this will be . insanity is gonna take the bus back to . you bouncing the three of them right . there . so i really understand by buying these . boots because this is running a lot of . model from this first skill but lisbon . they are bouncing around the dress extra . mile okay so now it's going to be felt . with honor i really wanted it to happen . probably kind of like stumbling . beginning so i don't want her to jump . away so i'm just gonna let her do that . it's jump jump i guess nothing happened . it did not become a model today but why . do camp definitely missing something but . when see when you see the leaves you . cannot see the flower wanna see the fire . is not see the bees and run flowers open . smith i am i like supposed to throw this. out something that what why did she. nothing happened is she even take damage. i am completely missing something guys. i'm really tired . jesus right that time which is insane . okay so can you like heal yourself . please just throw it out you that will . hit her or she will die for that . probably not the best anime twitter . chatter ah she's dies can you use not . dive for a second okay that would be . great thank you okay this okay well it's . supposed to immobilize them maybe i have . to hit multiple enemies but i'm just . going in as well as if you don't. understand. [music]. he was damaged and immobilized and . fluttery sickness spreads to nearby . enemies after a certain period of time . if the enemy is still within the range . from havana and you fly real quick . so maybe there but she was definitely in . the range from the first one let's just . try that again but see does it work on . like romanian sister for that that would. be cool so let's wait until the next . wave i hear oh i'm trying to hit it on . romanians ankle or at least they were . ever hit in the wallet there bam nothing . happened nothing happened okay she was . definitely still in the same position . which she was in the from the beginning . and nothing happened it just dealt . damage yeah i was waiting for her to be . immobilized again but just look at this . damage this is completely mad wow this . is like butta no self tanner okay but . it's not an outfit that's that's the . crazy part about it's not an ultimate . but it's insanely strong okay guys that . was all for this video it's gonna do one . last ultimate on the ground right here . just gonna show you . so mineus get away get away just throw . it out that their absolute a beast and i . will probably gonna make more videos on . her and hopefully try to figure out the . results but you can probably comment . down below if you know what it is papa's . in hd as good as always thank you for . watching. [music]. .
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