NEW HERO Zhask Gameplay! (Best Mage Ever?) Mobile Legends

NEW HERO Zhask Gameplay! (Best Mage Ever?) Mobile Legends. So here you have some gameplay of the new mage Zhask in mlbb! He is so strong! Will upload a build video later ^^
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Mobile Legends New Hero Zhask Gameplay
Mobile Legends zhask build items gear
Mobile Legends mage review thoughts
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Caption: Okay sorry flame dropped in this video i . just thought that maybe what i'm gonna . know that you can gonna get a skin for . free yes absolutely for free okay so all . you have to do is subscribe to my . channel like this video comment down. below your id your in-game name and the . scheme that you want which is under . three hundred diamonds okay and you hold . a chance of winning that for free okay . you'll find more information down in the . description okay but sorry i'm just . gonna jump back into this amazing video . what's up people and welcome to this . video and in this video we're gonna be . taking a look at the new hero sask . sans whatever you want to call and . pronounce him i don't know as i promised . you yesterday okay this ray i told you . today we're gonna show you guys some . gameplay and is exactly what we're gonna . do as you can see right here in the top . left corner it says sass and trust me . this hero looks so badass it used mad . let's cook on him and you will be able . to see look at this look at this are you . seeing this are you freaking seeing this . like that is so mad that is so insane . look at that he is so freakin bad a . definitely reminds me of moscow okay he . look so cool look at this when seeing . his he has so many abilities as i said . yesterday he has four available if you . want to see when i'm going through all . the buildings i will have a link in the . description so he's gonna watch that but . with no further ado guys let's go by . this bad boy right here so i asked . asleep yesterday i told you that they . will remove 70% of his cost which you . can see that they haven't done . i guess they typed wrong which is really . disappointing kid really disappointing . but this is gonna fine him either way . okay so bam they were having a key so . freaking dope by him it's gonna jump . into a game and it's gonna take a look . at all of his abilities and see what . exactly he can do okay . do that okay so bam were in the game as . you can see he has four skills this . looks so bad whoa crap look at this. it gives these outer tanks it sees other . taxes like hitting close friends or is . it long-range maybe they haven't added . in all the animations because i feel . like something more is supposed to . happen when it's doing this i'm not . completely sure don't make i feel like . his auto text should be long range the . team i don't feel they should be close . right so look at that they were vain . yeah as cuisine it is long range some . star bit bane look at this . bam oh okay so the first ability if i . remember correctly will be summoning . this creature thing okay i'm really . excited for this and it's gonna spawn it . when pain comes close okay bangerra we . get over it let's panic respond it oh . wow look at that. oh look at that it's like a small turret . it even has my name bro . what oh what a nice for like multiple. multiple of these bad boys let's fund . another one no okay so you can only have . one at the at the time okay that's cool . though that's good dad what i bought i . like that i like that a lot . so basically he will burn to you down to . the enemies every second attack that. this bad boy does basically we're going. to do a death beam so i don't want to . see that pull that out so one attack to . attack now death beam . oh look at that . [music]. whoa bro look at that it that is . actually strong what and did it oh my . god erica sita . it's freaking stunned him okay this is . place it out condor it look at this oh . look at its attacking the tower now . dealing you pretty good amount of damage . as well it is actually change to tower . guys and what i'm gonna try something . okay i was gonna put it out here by the . cramp and let me i'm gonna keep . attacking here bro. no nor just joking are you freakin . joking but then he's gonna be able to . take the ground well i will go ahead and . get the gold thing look at this this is . madness look at this man yep i got it . what the crap i can be elaine forming . putting up that guy over there and i . will still be able to farm the crap okay . and the final thing about this we have . still only been taking a look at the . first ability because you have to take a . look at it once as well so does i gonna . build this place again sap react. dialogue tank look at that bam oh that. was like that's pretty dope that's . actually pretty dope so yeah this place. it i think it only deals damage to one . hero so we're gonna try to have to do it . like this no a case i guess it's . actually attacking multiple heroes and . not only one i guess it's hitting every . single one in like in this direction as . well so inside that bam . yep every single one of them okay let's . talk maybe dealt less damage to the hero . or the minion whispers behind nicely i'm. not completely through the hard times. are gonna see okay so we we still have . two more abilities to go to trying . celica and we haven't even read the . passive the passive yesterday was really. really weird so here we have the the . third ability oh my god it's gonna try . that out let's throw it out like that . yeah okay so that's basically mines if . he walks on them he will go ahead and. explode okay so as you see dealt a good . amount of damage i think they're . supposed to start attacking as well you . didn't see them doing that look at this . i mean look at this oh whoa i killed him . so fast i mean the thing which is . surprising me the most is that the this . little guy right there which i was able . to put out get killed like can you take . the red buff by himself he's been tried . and you take it but he can definitely . take it by himself . look at that like do i even have to be . here oh yeah and you actually . disappeared if i walked away so i . actually have to be kind of cold but i'd . still still inside it's bad okay and . these basically you're throwing them out . it's basically mines and if the enemy's . box and then they will able to be . exploding and they will be dealing. damage to the enemies and it will also . be slowing down the enemy okay but it . also said yesterday that if nobody works . on them they're supposed to like start . attacking enemies so as first of all . we're gonna try to throw them directly . on him. so that's gonna say delta s delta p or . damage to him and there you have it . again i wasn't gonna try to my just . throw them out right there hopefully we . won't walk on them i want them to like . attack you instead i want to see how it . looks. if it actually attacks it no you . actually disappeared it went deeper . underground it's not i can see maybe . they will attack now okay bubble still . do it have the ultimate left well let's . just throw out this bad but look at this . i don't i don't need to do anything he's . gonna kill him. look at that that is mad that is legit . freaking mad i don't have to do anything . okay . this is my boy right here look at he . even has my name there's no book one . thing with something if he takes damage . do i take damage iii don't think so this . is insane. so if i run up to the town right there . soul attacking no whoa whoa you all . might this here is so strong guys it's . just man did you see how fast i took . down the turret madly fast okay because. my little guy didn't even that need to. tame okay bane i don't want you now can . you freakin go away bro . do this it is aim it over you man you . don't even want to thank me man you . scared or keep we haven't even tried the . ultimate yet okay but trust me we're . gonna go and do that very very soon . i just want to kill bane first yeah he . pretty much dead look at this look at. this i mean i love this hair this hair . feels so freaking strong it's all part . still trying to take down this tower . really fast i'm gonna let the minions . run up here gonna put on that bad boy . right there . let's see no it's actually attacking the . minions first look at that eye level to . that kind of tower . look at that look at that okay - indeed . start attacking it after a while still . okay okay i think it's time to go and . use the ultimate and if i remember . correctly the ultimate will basic good . and buff and my little bad boy right . here so that's exactly work of art . so we're just gonna throw it out right . here by the crab and then gonna use the . ultimate to see what happens okay guys . ready for this let's go do it . and let's go yourself what the crap is . that. oh it's like a whole new person . what up man oh that was that looks so . strong we have to try that again let it . attack like bane i just want to see if i. ever see how much damage they are . dealing when some was walking on but oh . yeah do follow me game is gonna put out . that game it's gonna standing in the . background gonna let him tank cuz i am . low hp will i actually don't really do . that but the cool thing about this i'm . dealing like physical damage as well. okay but i feel like it's time to go . ahead and take a look at the ultimate . yet again so i was gonna put her out . close to bein right there . oh yeah jesus christ these fans okay i . don't want the little guy to disappear . so what's gonna use ultimate right now . then look at the damage okay i'm gonna . i'm not even attacking him i'm not even . freaking attacking you guys the crap is . up with this guy. look at this i like it i do like it i . think it was going good but guys let us . off this video i hope you enjoyed it i . will be uploading more videos with this . guy i think he's amazing . but until then thank you remember to . pull my steam account yes i'm tired i . just woke up but as always guys thank . you for watching remember guys if you . wanna buy a mobile group there will be a . link down in the description and if . you're doing that you gotta remember to . use the code blue panda to get 10% off . okay and you will also be supporting . channel a bit by doing this thanks . [music]. .

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