*NEW* LONGEST CROSSBOW RECORD In Fortnite Battle Royale!

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All right we're gonna have a pretty good . perch for some long-range shots here . that's a bit edgy but we're all i see . you guy come on come on you got to get a . lead oh that was so close come on oh oh . fine or you have to lead the shot so . much. oh come on sir oh oh i got him . holy balls 79 and that range come on we . can get it some type of s crossfire . welcome to the future 490 little bitch . [music]. what's going on guys and welcome back to . the channel i hope you enjoyed that . little inter clip right there definitely . want to feel longest crossbow shots i . have hit tonight i did the maths on the . map and it was about a 230 made a hit . with the crossbow but i wasn't satisfied . because i mean the hit bog is just such . a letdown. does a shot really count unless you kill . someone so i decided that today we are . gonna be queueing back up with the . crossbow and we're gonna be trying to go . for a couple of different things both . double wielding two crossbows at the . same time which i've been really keen to . try out but i also want to try and go . for some more really really longer range . at crossbow shots and see whether or not . we can hit something that is a pretty . insane range like that but this time . actually get a vid killed which would be . pretty damn epic and also maybe set some . records in the doing so because the . crossbow is only been in the game for a . couple of days so the record level right . now would be too high and i reckon we've . got a shot without further ado guys i . hope you enjoy the video all right guys . now today are we gonna be going not only . for some really really really long . crossbow shots but we are also gonna be . going for the double crossbow strategy . now a lot of you are probably very very . familiar with a double pump strategy . either because you have one of the poor. poor people who just gets killed by at. every single game or you are one of the . evil sadistic monsters who abuses it. every single game either way it is a . very common strategy which is used to . really cut down the reload time on . otherwise quite high breed load time . weapons by just switching back and forth . between the two now the crossbow has a . very very very very slow fire rate and . today we're gonna try get our hands on . to individual crossbows and see whether . or not we can cut that time down by . having two of them in our hands and oh . god please walk into this ah lady so . awkward don't run no no no i don't want . to leave thank you very much okay she . took my shields there oh and i killed . someone that's awesome . alright let's go back up i'm pretty sure . there are a whole lot of people who . landed here go go go go go go go. eggs eggs eggs eggs eggs eggs egg think . okay now where is my cross but that's . the only weapon that i need today when . not quite gonna be doing a crossbow only . challenge like yesterday because i am . going to allow the use of other guns in . certain circumstances but it's not going . to be too far off because we want to be . getting as many kills as we can using . the double cross bow stratagem . okay here we go can some good ammo go . some good meds there we go now we got a . good gun. let's grab whatever's in here what we . got and okay just a little bit more ammo . okay we're gonna come over here we're . gonna get all our guns in the right slot . and then we're gonna start thinking . about our next step which oh my god i . almost jump scared myself with that trap . let's dig through the wall what are we . got and oh yes perfect 100 shields this . is what i'm talking about and then we're . gonna grab that little pistol i'm gonna . move these two over and then let's start . seeing whether or not we can pick some . people off from the roof will we do it . probably not how do we do it baby okay i . can't see anyone down there yet or . anyone over here i sooo want to be going . for high kills you guys know even when . we're trying to do these kind of dumb . and weird strategies we still want to. get as many kills as we can and i . thought that was a moving person but i. guess i was wrong. alright now where are the bad guys at oh . we got one guy over here okay get ready . we're gonna wait until he's in the open . and we're gonna strike like a cobra . please don't sit there you're sitting in . the one spot where i can't bloody shoot . you well here we go alright get ready . oh my god an absolute execution . ladies gentlemen let's get down there . let's get whatever gear he had whatever . resources sort of ammo whatever other . stuff or grenades and then let's keep on . murdering people boys what are we got . anything up here i reckon we might be . pretty close to having full control . probably not yet he came from there . which means oh did i just see someone . down there by that tree . am i going crazy don't ask that okay . we're gonna go check that way i swear to . god if someone jumps out and gives me a . jump scare i would be very very unhappy . i would write you a letter telling you . how unhappy i am or fighting over here . let's go go go go . stop get it go . kills without me you're greedy bastards . where are they . they've got to be just over this hill . okay i can see one guy building there he . might be dead though someone just died. to a rifle i can see him in the distance . that guy's charging some cheeky little. shots and oh so close . give me one bullet one bullet please oh . my god one bullet hit the some of the . west spread of my life this is actually . some of the worst bullet spread i've . ever experienced in this game normally . you get like one hit i know that that's . a pretty far range but still oh come on . i think i saw a crossbow . please please what oh my god if we . hadn't gotten that kill probably would i . uninstalled not even kidding that was . disgusting i've seen bad rng and then . i've seen that holy cow okay there . better be a frickin crossbow inside here . and you know what they're probably up . there is okay we've got one crossbow . number one secure it gonna drink this up . i'm gonna also try and drink or what . else do what else we got so much gear so . many goodies what do we want to have . what don't we want to have so many items . so little time okay okay okay i think i . know what we need to do yet what do i . pick it up i'm so confused i'm just . absolutely flustered after that fight. feel like i'm gonna be on tilt now okay . here we go we got that and then we got . the cross man okay now this is the . loadout that i want i'm gonna quickly . build up some cover just so we can . actually rearrange my inventory for a . second and then we're gonna be good to . go okay we've got one of our crossbows . we still need to find the second one . though we can still grow some pretty . good crossbow action though another. thing i've been really wanting to do is . just try and get a ridiculously long . crossbow shot like i mean like a 200 . meter crossbow kill i've gotten severe . marcus and i wanted to cry because they . didn't actually kill the person but i . haven't gotten to kill yet but four . kills already we're feeling i'm feeling . good considering how badly we got robbed . by that rng down there like i'm feeling . pretty good . got a whole lot worse or i mean it could . have gone a whole lot better but . considering how many bullets missed it . could have gotten a whole lot worse and . i reckon we might even climb up here do . you reckon there's someone up there. that's the kind of thing i would do it . isn't the kind of thing that other . people would do i don't know not . everyone is as dumb as me gonna climb . from here three up and oh we're just in . the zone this could be a seriously fun . spot to do the crossbow from like i . don't want to die but i also do want to . try and shoot people oh there's no one . up here come on and we got a guy right . there oh come on he's gonna get out of . there eventually right we could probably . get a shot of him here we go here we go . here we go look at the drop so close oh . i don't want to drop holy crap we hit . him oh my god that's gonna be like a . hundred and sixty meters that is the . longest crossbow shot i have had yet . that was epic boys oh i even looked away . when the shot hit . oh who's shooting at me seriously he was . shooting someone else took a shot oh i . see him come on now this would be even . longer oh he's trying to shoot at me . with a bow yes . come on one of us is gonna get the . longest crossbow shot here whoa oh come . on . be a gentleman it's much more fun come . on take the fight like a gentleman man. did he move hey most well i see him get . ready oh . shooting yes no we're right past my head . come on keep going for it bro you can do . it i'm also pretty sure i sort of sniper . down there oh there is whoa bro are we . gonna fight like gentlemen or not . or shooting again where is he now come . on we can make history here bro i didn't . even know where i'm getting sniped from . now. oh they killed that guy no he was my . baby what there's another guy out in the . field come on they're fighting they're . fighting they both killed each other oh . my god those two idiots oh my god we hit . him holy crap guys oh no no no we got to . go as well they where you gotta go we . gotta go . oh balls get me down . someone's shooting me with a crossbow . we're come on come at me again let's do . this dude i am hitting some of the . longest crossbow shots that i reckon. have ever been hit in this game this is . insane that was absolute disgusting i . don't even know what that was that's got . to be at least 200 meters come on no no . no come on let's fight like gentlemen . fight like gentlemen means you use the . weapon of a gentleman the crossbow don't . make me pull out my normal gun you . wouldn't like me when i pull out my . normal gun boys right there . oh oh get off me do not even come at me . today guys this is i love it al
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