*NEW* MAP REVEALED for Fortnite: Battle Royale!

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Fortnite: Battle Royale - *NEW* MAP UPDATE FIRST LOOK! :D
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Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the . world's first look at the complete . brand-new updated map for fortnight . battle royale . [music]. ladies and gentlemen welcome my name's . ali-a i am so excited we're about to . take a look together at the brand new . updated overhauled map for fortnight . battle royale. which is coming in an update this week . before these guys asking me when we . still don't have an official time or . date all you're going to do is make sure . you subscribe with notifications on here . on this channel. follow me on twitter that's what all the . latest news is going to be happening as . soon as i know i'll let you guys know . but today we're taking a look at the . full map over the last few days we've . taken a look at a brand new city even . taking a look at a few extra new . locations which brought it to a total of . three new locations for this update well . guys i'm here to let you know but . there's not three there's not four . there's not even five there is a total . of ten brand new locations coming to . fortnight battle royale this week let's . take a look guys at the brand new map. and see how epic this updates gonna be . oh my gosh that is right this is a . complete map over who the west side of. the map isn't getting just a few new . places it is getting ten in total i'm . about to jump into a game of fortnight . and show you guys every single one of . these new locations where they will fall. within the map the size and location of . these new areas and oh my gosh it is . going to be epic so just before we go on . a tour of all of these new places as we . remind you guys the ones we've already . seen the brand new city is massive like . it is gonna be the biggest place on the . map now for life after it has gotten the . name tilted towers at least on my . twitter mentions i couldn't see anyone . had suggested that name but it looks . massive. it looks amazing we've already taken a . look at where that's going to be cannot . wait for that that makes me my number . one place to jump into when the new . update rolls out the next one is in the . top left of the map this is got a name . screwed of junk junction which is . basically a scrap yard car scrap yard we . took a look at that a few days ago . alongside the new motel at location this . does not have a specific name mainly . because it's not too big but we already . know where it's gonna be before we . taking a look at that location or point . before so those three places we've seen . before but that still leaves seven other . new places we're gonna jump into the map . and take a look at as they said not sure . when it's coming out this week it could . be as early as a few hours time it could . be as early as tomorrow . keep an eye here on a channel make sure . you subscribe and let's jump into it so . we're gonna work our way from the . southernmost part of the map and work up . the maps the first new location here is . going to be in between fatal and flash . factory flash factories a fun place to . land but you are walking for ages after . you land net to get to a next big . location now though dislocation does not. have a name its size it's very much . comparable to the prison which we know . from the old fort night map and it's . actually similar sized to flush factory . itself is gonna clear out a nice brand . new area which means it's a nice . transitional point for those people that . do land in flush factories i want to . work their way up to the map either be a . crossed . satyam or even maybe even up to another . brand new place which equals shifty . sharks who get on to in a second so this . is definitely filling out specifically a . southern part of the map very nicely . indeed however that still leaves outside . of the map a little bit sparse but . they've realized that and even added in . a little bit of a mid wave points now . this midway point the only really thing . of significance it had was a like a fun . little wooden chair there's a chest. sometimes spawn on it it was a fun . little place to go to and pick up a . chest this middle area literally . directly in between flush factory in a . new shifty shaft area what act is a . great place to either land straight away . or loot on your way through the map . working from that southern point upwards . it's gonna be filled with what looks to . be a small town not very big at all . comparable really to a few houses and . maybe a garage it isn't gonna be giant . but it's certainly of nice middle point . and a nice point to find yourself as . you're wandering around the map now . we've checked out two new locations . there haven't been named locations as . you work more north after map you're . gonna find ourselves in shifty shafts. ladies and gentlemen now we knew from . the description of its brand new update . that there would be mines involved . somehow and it looks like this is where . they're gonna be . shifty shafts obviously giving it away . now at the moment this only holds one . house and a little like barn that is not . going to be destroyed that is not gonna . be getting rid of that it's gonna stay . there but all of the greenery area all . those trees that's gonna be leveled and . that is gonna be filled with brand-new . area i'm really hoping that those shafts . were obviously interlink within that . town but may even interlink to other . towns as well offering a very cool . underground route if you want to travel . from one area to another i i'm so amazed . heights and excited that there's . actually massive new named places aside. from the ones that we already knew about . so i cannot wait to get into and jump . into shifty shafts and see what's there . so for another brand new location this . one is a great one and certainly a . useful one i always mention our jumping . on the west side of the map . wherever you land you do a lot of track . afterwards well greasy grover those. places where i loved landing but . afterwards you'd have to walk for hours . to find anywhere this is gonna act as a . middle point between greasy grove and . pleasant park as you can see here on the . map is not a specific named location . however from the looks of it it looks . like it's gonna have a giant almost a . bit like dusty depot a big depot roof as . a part of its location with a few. buildings doctored in there as well and . it specifically had has a road leading. to it so it's trying to encourage you to . go through this area whilst you're . travelling around the map this area . again is going to be leveled all the . trees are going to be gone and turning . it into more of a useful place but it's . good for landing makes you go on that. west side of the map and interlinks many . places interlinks the brand new tilted . towers it interlinks the brand new . greasy clothes and nicely enough another . brand new named location in the form of . snobby shores which apparently where . everyone has a lot of money in fortnight . battle royale goes for a little vacation . so as we move over to the farthest . western point now on the fortnight . battle royale map we can see from the . overhead view it looks like this is . going to be made up of a few like big . holiday homes or mansions and i believe . i can even see what looks like the . bird's-eye view of a pool there as well . his place currently is trees i honest to . god think before i landed here to record . this video i'd never been here in my . life to be honest with you guys but i'm . very excited for this place as well i . think it's gonna offer some great loot a . lot of competition although chess . locations sits directly on that edge of . the mountain on the shoreline and i . think it can be a very posh place land . and we certainly look very very . impressive once it's added into the map . so i just leaves us two more locations . these are towards the north side of the . map this one is directly in between junk . junction of the new motel and pleasant . park they're filling out that area even . more i'm genuinely shocked and did not . think anything else would go here this . is again not a named lode . but it is a location with what looks to . be a few little houses and nice of a . midway point for you to go and grab a . little bit of loot or even land if you . don't want to land in the middle of a . big name place and fort night battle . royale and scavenge up again gives you a . reason to push a little bit beyond . pleasant park or if you land all the way . in the corner in junk junction a place . to loot on your way back home while . you're trying to get to the other side . of the map which leaves us with the . final a brand new place it is a named . place on this brand-new map update for . fortnight battle royale this my friends . is haunted hills now this is very . exciting do not get it confused but . little haunted house it's just west of . pleasant park this is its whole new own . location this looks to be very foresty . obviously this hills there and hopefully . lots of run-down shack 'red scary old . buildings for you to jump in have a look . and loot up and i'm sure was going to be . some nifty little hidden chests either . on the ground even in broken parts of . the buildings and again it's just . another reason to venture out a little . bit further to those edge parts of the . map and go looking for brand new loot in . fortnight battle royale so guys that is . a complete look of all of your new . locations in fort nightbat way out leave . a comment down below which brand new . place are you gonna be jumping to first . when it's update comes to fortnight if . you haven't already make sure you are . subscribing ladies and gentlemen to see . gameplay of all of these new places . first as we go for victory royale as . soon as this update drops this week my . friends now as your ways i'm going for . another victory out today me and which . are teaming up if excited for more . fortnight give it a bi
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