*NEW* MINI-GUN coming to Fortnite: Battle Royale!

Fortnite Battle: Royale - A new “MINI-GUN” is coming to Fortnite! :D
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Welcome everyone my name's ali and today . we have a very exciting video whew . yesterday a brand new update came out. for fortnight we got the brand new chug . chug legendary item if you haven't seen . gameplay of it already i've uploaded the . video and added it to the fort night . playlist which you can find down below . in a description but that's not all that . is new and cool when it comes to . fortnight back to oil because a brand . new weapon is coming to fortnight very . soon and we're gonna be taking a little. sneaky peek at it oh but that's not all . i've also got a solo vs. squads gameplay . for you guys i think this is one of the . most highly requested thing is for me to . jump into a squad's game by myself and . try and go for a victory royale so the . gameplay this video is absolutely insane . as well let's talk a little bit more . about this brand new gun when you boot . up for night battle you get a little new . update image which will tell you what's. coming next - fortnight battle royale we . can see on screen that they have got a . little preview of a brand new weapon . which say safety was big damage and has . an even bigger magazine this weapon is . actually a minigun a weapon we've never . seen in the battle royale section of . fortnight's and looks very very cool . indeed and actually have some early . gameplay for you guys in fortnight let. me explain how i got it so born actually . put out a little bit of a bug update . because there's a few bugs with. buildings and other little things with . fortnight's since new update rolled out . yesterday and on that blog post i . noticed the right at the top there was . an image of one of the fortnight . characters holding this weapon and it's . actually in use however you'll notice as . monsters in the background people are . holding like katanas and swords and . they've realized wait a second this guns . already in fortnight but it's in the pve . version of the game which is where . you're fighting off zombies who trying . to hold back hordes of these zombies . coming at you you build just like in the . battle royale mode you have very similar . weapons to the battle royale mode but a . lot of new stuff is actually in the pve . version that hasn't quite made over yet . two fortnight battery out including this . brand new mini gun so i've actually been . playing . the pve version save the world all day . today to try and unlock this lmg and . that's how i've got little snippets of . gameplay for you guys you can only use . it for ten seconds at a time it's a bit . of like a power weapon within the save . the world which is the pve version of . fortnight's but it looks very very cool . and we get an idea of how it shoots and . how it or look at how you hold it when . it finally comes to fort night battle . royale which i assume will happen as . early as next week which is very . exciting so obviously for shooting at . another player bad accuracy is not great . but think about this on another level . think about you shooting at an enemy's . base doesn't matter how accurate it is . if you're just nailing a little bit of . ammo into an enemy's base within a . minigun it is gonna drop extremely . quickly so that's gonna be very useful . another question which we don't have an . answer to is which type of bullets will . this be using it clearly says it's got a . big magazine but will it use mini . bullets surely not medium bullets well . then your ar is gonna have no ammo or . tool but will it take your sniper rifle . bullets then you just won't have much . bullets to shoot maybe it'll be the . introduction of a brand new ammo type . just for this new minigun what do you . think leave a comment down below . but how would this gun work how would it . be balanced out especially if it's got a . big magazine and could deal a lot of . damage but if we look at other fps games . call of duty's an obvious one generally . the bigger weapons the lmg you eopns. which hold a lot of ammo and could deal . a lot of damage have a few things to . pants the maps firstly they don't . generally shoot too fast but this is a . minigun suicune basically wipe that off . because this is america it's gonna fit . you very fast indeed the hipfire isn't . very good and your movement isn't very . good that is something we can look at so . i'd assume that when you're actually . aiming down sights with this brand new . weapon your character will move very . very slowly making you obviously a very . easy target to shoot at and i also . assume that when you're not aiming down . sight and even when you are maybe . looking down site a making knows reticle . a little bit smaller it may still be . quite big so basically it's gonna be an . inaccurate weapon and light . a bullet made you a lot of damage but . it's gonna be quite hard to do so that's . how this weapons probably can be . balanced out when it comes over to . fortnight battery out another question . i'm sure you're asking is which variants . of its weapon will be coming to the game . the little icon for this it's gray which . symbolizes that the uncommon the least . rare version will be added in first i . assume we wouldn't get all five versions . of this minigun uncommon blue green . orange all of them at once i'd assume . we're only gonna get a few of them and . maybe a few more better versions of them . at some point down the road we're just . gonna have to wait and find out guys i'd . love to know what you think it was brand . new weapon down below in the comment . section are you excited for it how do . you think it's gonna work in fortnight . battery out and obviously make sure you . subscribe here to the channel you turned . on notifications because as soon as this . gun comes out i'm gonna videos for you. guys right away but on to today's crazy . gameplay action it's time for me to jump . into a squad's game all by myself try . and take on a full map of squad players . it's actually happened a little bit by . accident i just come out of making a . thumbnail in squads because that's the . mode of jumping to just mess around i . decided you know what i'm gonna get this . challenge ago and this is what happens . is pretty crazy let's get into it solo a . versus squads ladies and gentlemen it is . highly requested and i actually play a . lot of squats but not for the actual . visa plays cause i actually jump into . squads to make like a load of thumbnails . just mess around and try and create . crazy things i've had i just back at . least my stats of squads are horrific . that's actually i've just done but i . thought you know why i join a game of . squads i may as well just keep on . playing each time i do it and see how we . do cuz it's it's a highly requested . comment is to see me play squads by . myself and see how i can do obviously . when you bite people if you're coming up . it's against a team of four you're . basically taking on poor people so . they're all shooting at you at the same . time and you're trying to live it ain't . easy so i can see what you guys want me . to try it . i can hear gunshots into two towers i'm . not sure how people are left here but i . would expect at least a few teams penci . full few teams around about in this area . so i will need to keep keep my wits. about me. and make sure that we can rule first . footsteps located unfortunately . working out where the heck people aren't . due to towers is another thing um of my . god is still sniper shots going off . nearby as well . vanda meet there must be near sleep . surely people are dead . i stopped moving alright this is a funny . start time oh my god baby give me the . scar go damn it game why don't you let . me pick stuff on sometimes it will never . go back it's not right . this is just not right come on okay . there we go skies are that is a great . first group of people to take on oh wait . okay things are looking sweet who kills . on the board already . now the reason people like to play solo. squads if you're really good player i . consider myself a good player i mean . this is certainly a challenge for any . player regardless is if you do have a . really good game you get every dickless . americans because you're running into . four people every time so assuming you . come out of that gunfight with the with . with being alive. you've taken on four people and you've . got a load of kills your name trevor . hunt down this of this okay i think it's . up here it's um chest let me what are . you and where are you okay here we are . we found it oh full shield . see you later scoped aaaah i know you've . been changed a little bit recently and . i'm trying to give you a chance . oh what's that guy doing . peeking of no shield . don't get sniped what he was by himself. okay buddy whatever you want to do . whatever your i do the how this guy . survived all the visa squad fights he . must have just joined and like cute up . his team filled with him poor guy okay . dude two towers was quite quiet come out . of it with three kills yo if i'd let . those guys provide their teammates and . then down them all would i've gone all. four kills think of what is that i . didn't even think of that . i next time we're gonna try be cheeky . and try and let that happen anyway we're . doing well three kills to our neighbor . clear another chest in here stacking up . minis meds all that stuff's can be vital . because when more than one person . shooting you every single piece of . damage is doubled and that means i can . drop really quick even if i'm at or . thank you must have heard my prayers . even if about 100 100 - that can go into . there could be dead so quickly if i'm . against like poor people for scars or . something so it's certainly not easy at . all i'm trying to think the last time i . even gave it a go it's probably quite a . while ago you need to run into people . that either biting each other would be . ideal or i need to get an rpg rpgs a
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