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On this weeks Behind the Cow Chop, James and Trevor put together a spectacular firework celebration for everyone in the Cow Chop house.
The following is for those multicultural. 🐮🔪
Pegue un fuego en mi culo. Se siente tan bien cuando explota. Sea seguro con los fuegos artificiales. No intentes nada de esto en casa o te herirán. Somos profesionales capacitados. Gracias.
Adj egy okot, hogy sütni egy tortát. Ez nem a születésnapod hadd tudja az okát, miért kéne sütni egy tortát? Szeretném, hogy dugjon farkam belsejében egy tortát, és hagyja, hogy edd meg. Fincsi és ízletes finom sütemény a számat.
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Check this out cherish you ever have . these note everyone with florecita . actually didn't know that they were . spanish thing into alexander walked by . before we started recording and said in . spanish thing but i guess it's a spanish . thing . good just like shit my grandparents we . get these all the time and they're not. good i don't know why they decided . basically icing on a cracker and they . taste like absolute shit so i got us a . thing so you can try out my god that's . not good . try one that's not too bad they change . the cookie underneath is already really . good like a chola okay kids now i just . got i just came in while you gonna do . there's just so many that i felt like i . could waste one doesn't get yelled i . mean my day they feel and smell spanish . all always see gross good they're not . that great a little taste stop your . fucking like that one . no why don't you give me that one it's . the one i hand-picked oh yeah no i know . what this is don't you said they were . spanish it says in you and it's like . that astronaut seen cholesterol like . really dry weather a brat but they could . prevent the space and be fine . nobody's a pro rican thing it says . puerto rican about shit i've got a . little bit more about my heritage and . another i didn't think this was a thing . i bought one ever was an american thing . well yeah alright americans would come . up with fucking putting icing on the top . and like freeze drying it over here . happy out and just stop with more . everything crackers . that's a racist when you say like the . one supporter eating crackers . jesus christ lee fucking hurt his dr . it's just wondering have like a natural . salivate in the mouth life so you don't . really need extra saliva just happens . now figured we could have some fourth of . july happiness right off the bat in . start the new year . we're not celebrating the new year we're. celebrating for the gallatin hey give me . one of the slider stop with the poppers . ah this right . haha well i was crazy how'd you do that . thanks did you don't want to start a . firework or i saw the sun jackass once . they have you fared as long as barbers . oh . fire hazard you've got to get the . sparkler work at the same time fire good . now wait that was it but there's so much . more rounded fucking kidding me trevor . you know what i pay for this holding the . little chickens belt . ah the continual theme of the fire here . we take the base off right . holy fuck that i just that was all the. gunpowder and stuff i don't know work . anymore maybe it'll go just let them . pretty good all right watch out joe is . gonna find . what do you want just fucking out of . there you see that that was like a . bullet. it just came up not good that's not safe . no not know what else isn't safe . alexander's upstage we gotta go give him . so instant happiness . music is the hell what the fuck is this . business . what the fuck is this is literally the. face of this we give him butterfly two . butterflies and flowers too . yeah just be like we're doing we shoot . this is like happy birthday or so . there's nothing in there is it and they . just walk into a party with a loaded gun . right all right all right make a mess . you hold this week is to wait at your . party should do the instant happiness . should i wait because like this base is . not going to hold for ship there . what is this dear look this isn't even . real this is fucking phony like i got . scammed look how does this always since . thing this is the same thing to all . right well i'll do this one at least has . the base like midsummer dream williams . living instant happiness this means that . look like a finale . actually i could actually preview right . now. well. [music]. ok . happiness is here . but elated shit . oh that's not good oops that's going to . probably didn't get it . my brother anyway here to do it . well this is a exciting isn't it without . shit anyway what's required on the . ground over the window god first and now . it's a push to hush it should push the . hospital i should care about take the . goddamn battery out of that we did it we . can set off more now . yeah those dangerous . wow get some more good thing i took that . class on how to how to prevent that kind. of thing can happen . it really seemed into it though who . would be into just you know forward to . hear what is this . don't know . [music]. it's going home again . right under some fish . alright i think we save that one . luckily was this all those are the . louder poppers did you see . oh shit yeah those are good . there's another way where is your . problem there . they're fucking banned in 12 states god . that was my dear . alright well that's what we got here . found wise . oh what are we gonna do with these and . put together a show you ever been to . coachella did well yeah alright we're . going to the finale it's not over yet . this is not this is the free lewis this . is a freelance to be so far through guys . passed to the accident come on thrus . we're watching out for us . way-hey you're gonna stop like that's . are ready . no way. perfect . [music]. thanks . hey wait . [music]. crap . [music]. fire . no friend got damaged titty do right now . that one yet knows the one next to it . the next 10 minutes . [music]. out . [music]. [applause]. [music]. you're good as a really old stay down . here all the shit that worked very late . 2017 before the garage . y celebration so we wasted all of our . fireworks except for these because they. were so old that they don't work anymore. thank you guys for watching this fucking. stupid late new years early fourth of . july celebration you guys want to see . some more content there will be a video . over here on the side for you do such. such things so you can check that out . merchandise down the description below. please please get merch man get the . merch get the merchandise and if there's . a sub button to forgot about the sub . button subscribe because we we need to . get to 600,000 subs i'm new year new 27 . is 2017 new year new me what they say . .

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