Ninja and Shroud Duos!! – Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay

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[music]. you. okabe i just kill these guys that . actually we're gonna go right i see this . guy he's in the trees the thick trees . [music]. i got frag grenades coming his way can . be sick horrible comedians all of them . though the worst days are seen . thank you man captain cost you think the . 20s today my love the shame huge . inspiration to becoming the best . although he'll never be as good as you . daddy sit with the best thank you buddy . victory pomp i doing this game but i . like pom pom ramen or this one huh . yo man shroud you remember this one time . me and you remember that we were we was . out man we were playing two o's man you . came at me you gave me a high-five with . the greatest high-five my life man we . had candy rest of the night man you ate . too many resi cups and you ended up . being in the bathroom for a while i . remember that man good time man good . time shit i feel like i'm missing a . reference there i can't believe you . never seen any of my man trout it . it's definitely definitely missing a . referent i literally made it up . all right oh yeah i did be off mine . okay love you guys so he's got speaker . sighs guys mad about that babe wait that . wasn't a reference movie reference no i . know it was literally one time this . someone said like hey man yeah we need . to run by the way these guys have like a . really really really good advantage over . us with the scope there so we can here . let's just go this way . yeah i know and know matt's so someone . was like - man i remember you and shroud . old man like playing doves better than . it was so much fun and then i just . fucking went on this ridiculous tange . and i was like man just once i mean . stroud i can't believe no one ever asked . you to watch a clippers that's actually. crazy and we are so good we have some . good songs mammy you was you guys . pushing he's kind of sick thing he's . only got a medal i just hit him yeah we . can actually push this you know where he . is yeah yeah he's probably building up . in this house okay. all running i think i ran no fees no . please by the time . okay a twitch streamer okay i'm tired . refresh okay kidding oh . let's go retail man see if we can get. some left over later actually i know . where we get left over there . hey this one time me you shroud we . without a hitchhiking man down that'll . only roll back in pagina in middle . school remember dad i am i'm done . walter thing with a flowered abyss . sounds of my boy robbie beyond they go . buddy mr. bells with an e that is the . louvre you and shroud viewing is . probably my dreams i have you guys doing . you guys make my day absolutely thank . you so much today a tell jim and we got . some good times man . nothing in that house huh . nope it was a bogey bomb which it did . not want i guess i could have picked it . up fuck honestly i take boogie bombs if . we're this like we need that stein yeah . i didn't realize i had a shitty pistol . that i don't need i think son lose a . chest good thing i look back i see . another chest. the xse minis in front of me too so . let it realize that a pistol that i will . [music]. give you rockets nope damn okay well i . have a decent amount and i can give you . a mini let's meet up and a lot of love . man people enjoying the duo's guys . literally that time it was incredible so . i just looks over to my rights and we'll . just set this exact same tiny man call . this buggy bob or not yeah i'll take it . i'll take it. you know the trajectory way better i'm . still not used to that unaids you know i . like that that the line is actually oh. they made it yet so the line wasn't. there and then they added the line and . then even the line even with it it was . still kind of a little bit inaccurate . now dude it is pinpoint yeah it is . so we're windows and everything oh it's . perfect yeah dude i know did this game . is just so much better than pub yeah i'm . sorry no i agree. i like pubs you more personally i watch . me play today and i actually wanted to . play it a little bit it makes me just so . bad that it's not better in this time i . don't know cuz it is a lot of fun . oh hey hey generators down and this guys . once it we did oh no your wall i'm gonna . shot i'm in shot from factory right . where my shield factory quest . i think the oh don't pass it to the . right in the trees in front of me . directly for the main duty yeah yeah . yeah fall off this little semi lost my . shield economy i went for 24 in the live . i just lays that a guy that's flanking . this guy lays in another guy hit him . three times inside factory inside okay . like like inside a lot of people yeah . yeah. got him yes sir i got a minion to pull . for you walk sat on the pole see if i . have any minifee a lot of loot here . that's just just lit up . i mean anything the se building right . yep. these double-checked haran the . reparation shout to eric boe graham and . zack ps i'll tall are you know sound to . you guys eric boe and graham zack i'm 62 . and a half that's you mini i ask you . mini the eldest hold on to it for now . there were more shots over here feel . are you sure wasn't southwest yeah i'm . here i'm selfless right now what you're . going there going like northwest this is . stop well i mean i'm looking what . northwest fuck. now i'll see did you pick up oh wait . anime 1082 well dawn did where you test . someone's just someone just shot from my . right unless those just some weird audio . of him shooting maybe i didn't know he . did not shoot he was only building . because someone else shot to my right . but i don't literally don't see anyone . so i don't know what that was . your being above the tree no i don't see . that's true what i did i make that up . know if you're there you got tompa ded . direction like this questions do people . like tea cute and just hide it's . ridiculous. just waiting so you can start getting . shot by some dude with a fucking . crossbow who just shoots it and then hi . and alike and like so he'll be here . he'll shoot and then why the time idioms . whizzes by your face girl cassie i'm sam . boy track . sighs here it oh my god crazy yeah . oh where did this man go i'm behind a . tree yeah i think so . he shot literally right in front of me . so i don't know how i'll sue i'm just . waiting for you right move up okay i'm . here figure out where this guy went bro . what bro was the other baby with a bush . did oh bro you got a trade your straight . nose i manta voices baby oh my god that . actually happens a lot i don't look for . bushes at all. hey that's i literally every bush . suspect you actually just okay all right . i got to do that every bush is back man . okay okay okay. notice i just didn't think that many . people actually take that bush isn't use . them no no no i mean dude look man like . watch this watches i have my gun out not . a sniper a nice tall bush like this damn . like dude yeah man you gotta disappear . that's crazy i like it . i mean dude like that's the thing like a . good player can still see that but a bad . like a new player who's just trying to . survive like can actually survive that. way if no one's like looking for it this. game is balanced in every way i love it . so much it's strange how the balance . works i don't know it's like it's almost . like they don't even try to make it . bounce put it just kind of it just . becomes balance right yeah it just kind . of works so stretch here oh yeah wait. wait. i won't let me edit so well imagine . won't be off me. fine i won't play with go that's what . you did to me did you walk me off in you . stop playing oh gee together that's it . can you break these oh like this i see . all you oh yeah that's perfect rated . bough him out dinged it will probably . find the majority of people south of us . since we literally slaughtered everyone. the east side and the north . that's good 70 on those their guinea . flank 36 condoms nice job . yeah we got psyched that we got sniped . at home here beautiful okay . yo yo i love it i love it . this is fucking bro that just proves it. dildos wagon right what oh hey he got. crossbow to t already crossed by you are . you cosmo no no no you got crossed boat . from like the cabin maybe southwest no . he must have been check the bushes dude . oh my similarly yeah i was running away . from again fuck yes i see him. headin for th shield oh business house . and can use that and he is no longer . with us okay you can you belts it up . dude that's not it . oh right from behind is he in the street . dude the bush bush fuck bitch what are . you what is happening what see my man . just bush after bush it's just proving . your point that guy actually was alright . over and over here like he uses the bush . item so well i read past them again i . guess i don't know you gotta keep your . eyes peeled for the bushes hey they be . more to plan tim which has a fortnight . bush remote not another oh yeah . switch fry mimo have you heard about . shut cuz i mean cuz i don't know if your . viewers have guys anyone in my stream or . enshrouds please feel free to click on . the subscribe button right now and see . if you have a twitch prime stuff . available leader not switch brian . actually doesn't auto renews so you . could have a subscription which would. probably not even know it fun fact if . you also have amazon prime you can link . your amazon prime account to your twitch . account get switch right for free it . doesn't have to be your amazon prime . mechanic of your mom dads brothers . sisters and uncles or cousins family . friend honestly anyone at all . working its it has worked how many subs . you just get a whole trick check it i . haven't seen stuff like this in a long . time. what in the hell no shields we had a. trampoline trip you gonna do that trap . thing i will trap trap oh where is he i . don't know i think is in this house no . no not here yeah i know where yet. there's this down buddy . lcds anytime bro stop stop they just . shrub mr. tribe trapper oh yes i found a . boy he was a bush dude oh okay get back . here you bitch . [music]. this whole game dude stop this i'm very . sick me . .

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