Nintendo Direct 3.8.2018

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Nintendo Direct featuring the latest Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch games. Stay tuned for some exciting surprises and updates!
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0:16 - Yoshiaki Koizumi Intro
0:35 - Nintendo 3DS Headlines
0:40 - WarioWare Gold
1:40 - Dillon's Dead-Heat Breakers
2:46 - Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story Bowser Jr.'s Journey
3:48 - Detective Pikachu amiibo
4:52 - Luigi's Mansion
6:10 - Nintendo Switch Headlines
6:15 - Kirby Star Allies
7:29 - Okami HD
8:34 - Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido
9:32 - Octopath Traveler
11:44 - Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes
12:49 - Dark Souls Remastered amiibo
13:52 - My Nintendo Rewards
14:20 - Mario Tennis Aces
20:33 - Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
21:41 - Undertale
22:25 - Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy
23:20 - Little Nightmares: Complete Edition
24:26 - South Park: The Fractured But Whole
25:36 - Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition
26:02 - ARMS US & Canada Online Open
26:50 - ARMS Global Testpunch
27:14 - Splatoon 2 ver. 3.0
28:30 - Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion DLC
32:11 - Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion Pre-purchase
32:44 - Super Smash Bros.
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Caption: [music]. nothing oh hi oh with amos hi everyone . time has come for today's nintendo . direct poison i'm yoshiaki poison and . i'll be your guide i have lots of. information to share about upcoming . games for nintendo switch a nintendo 3ds . up first is a nintendo 3ds headlines . it's the biggest collection in this . micro game series the latest in the. warrior series is coming to the nintendo . 3ds family of systems which means . there's a new way to play wario . strangely satisfying micro games with . classics and new additions there are 300 . micro games to enjoy making this the . biggest entry in the series press . buttons tilt the system use the . touchscreen and microphone only wario . can come up with this many control . schemes think fast . what play style is required for this one. better figure it out and dig that crazy . action while it's hot hey some familiar . characters are rocking new looks this is . the most jam-packed game in the series . yet just look at that face even wario . can't contain his wicked grin. why are you wear gold launches august . 3rd. [music]. get ready for pulse-pounding. post-apocalyptic races and battles and . race down enemy grox and rock them in . battle to defend frontier villages yes . sir. action needs tower defense in dylan's . dead heat breakers this time the red . flash himself dylan . they team up with your own animalized . meet character be strategic and use your . whole team your friends me characters . can join the team as gunners well you'll . need their help to face each wave of . transforming monsters who or what will. you and dylan's get tangled up with . never mind that there's an enemy . invasion to stop and a frontier in . desperate need of some heroes the demo . version of the game will be available . for download may 10 . [music]. the whole game villains dead heat . breakers rolls into nintendo eshop on . nintendo 3ds may 24th are the brothers . and bowser still better together . nintendo diaz classic mario and luigi . bowser's inside story is back for more . gut-busting adventures mario and luigi . have been tasked with finding a cure for. the blower's a disease threatening all . life in the mushroom kingdom. but thanks to fawful both brothers have . been devoured by bowser and so their . journey takes them deep into the belly . of the beast . leaving bowser to scour the kingdom for . the cure the only way forward is to . change between the bros and bowser the . big bad will even beef up four monstrous . boss battles fit for a king take him. down in this action-packed . rpg. and oh looks like his boy wants in on . the action find out what happens behind . the scenes in the untold story of bowser . jr. when mario luigi bowser's inside . story plus bowser jr's journey launches . in 2019 here's the scoop on detective . pikachu . plus a new amiibo something about this . pikachu is a little different . he's gruff you agree with me don't you . runs his mouth hey don't boss me around . likes coffee this high hat one this is . delicious is over and no one knows why . welcome to rhyme city where humans and . pokΓ©mon usually live in harmony . but recently pokemon have been behaving . oddly and running amok so there's a fake . luckily a boy named tim and detective . pikachu are on the case facing rage and . mystery head-on do it as of today the . game is available for pre-purchase in. nintendo eshop. on nintendo 3ds crack the case with . detective pikachu when the game launches . march 23rd plus keep your eyes peeled . for this extra large detective pikachu . amiibo figure which launches the same. day. that mysterious mansion has reappeared . in the nintendo 3ds remake nintendo . gamecube classic luigi's mansion has . been remade for nintendo 3ds fans of the . luigi's mansion dark blue in-game can . now explore the original mansion where . mario went missing. luigi's something of a scaredy-cat but . these classic ghosts in traps are no . match for his vacuum cleaner . besides the mansion's map will be. displayed on the bottom screen if you . work up the courage fight the ghosts of . your past battles in the new boss rush . mode louise mansion for nintendo 3ds . launches this year that's all for . nintendo 3ds a second so far so good . well let's keep the headlines coming . it's time for nintendo switch . kirby can even make friends with those . characters. kirby's star allies finally launches. next week as you fight through your . adventure you'll reach dream palaces . where surprise even fan favorite legacy . characters can become kirby's friends. well three friends anyway when you're . saving the world it's nice to have some . heavy hitters on your side even the . likes of king dedede meta knight and . bandana waddle dee eventually more dream . friends will be added to the game via . free updates after launch the first . update will include rick kine and koo . [music]. marx . and gui . [music]. it's like a dream come true to bring . this ragtag crew of characters together . from across the kirby series kirby star . allies launches on nintendo's which. march 16th and the first free update . will be available march 28th oh yeah a . quick reminder a free demo is available . now in nintendo eshop on nintendo switch . what else are friends for an epic tale . returns with new artistic touches . okami the grand adventure in classical . japanese style rises again in the hd . version to save the land from a terrible . curse the legendary okami amaterasu was . resurrected setting off on a quest with . the wandering artist he soon overcome . challenges using the power of the gods . the celestial brush with mere . brushstrokes you can make a variety of . miracles come to fruition in the . nintendo switch version use touchscreen . control in handheld mode or use the . joique on controllers motion controls in . tv mode or tabletop both methods offer . an intuitive way to solve puzzles and . defeat your foes. [music]. meet an eclectic cast solve mysteries . and slay countless monsters to discover . what awaits at your journey's end. okami hd launches on nintendo eshop . on nintendo switch this summer eat up . and throw sushi on nintendo switch an . adventure unlike any other with conveyor . belt sushi action it's sushi striker the . way of sushi dough the story takes place . after the bitter sushi struggles raised . in a world where sushi is forbidden. musashi must wage all-out conveyor belt . sushi battles to defeat the empire in . topple its sushi monopoly the gameplay. is deep but the basics are simple just . eat more and more sushi to pile up . plates of matching colors on a table. then throw them all at your opponents . mix up your strategies to crush your. enemies if you manage to pull off a . special move created by one of your . sushi sprites you may be able to get the . upper hand in battle of course there's a . multiplayer mode to battling fellow . sushi strikers online can get tense. sushi striker the way of sushi dough . launches simultaneously on nintendo. switch and in tendo 3ds june 8 more . travelers more details and more launch . info hello this is musashi takahashi . from square enix today i have three news . items to share with you but first i'd . like to introduce two more main . characters what lies beyond the horizon . meet tressa the merchants she sets off . to find her own adventure and gain . experience in her job her path action is . purchase which means she can obtain. special items from townsfolk i helped . out someone in a bind simple as that . and this is alphin the apothecary he . embarks on his journey to heal those. suffering across the continent. his path action is inquired . qicang warm out info others aren't privy . to in standard conversations next let's . talk about jobs in battle characters . start out with a base job but they can . equip an additional job to use in battle. for instance if another character like. the merchant trece equips the dancer job . to combine jobs and abilities expand . your strategic options finally we know . many of you have been wondering about . the release date game launches july 13th . [music]. additionally we will be offering a . special edition of the game value inside . you'll find a pop-up book introducing. the eight characters and their places of . origin a helpful map for your adventure . a sound selection cds and a replica coin . based on the in-game currency this . special edition will be released the . same day as the regular version of the . game your comments have provided the . development team with reference points. and inspiration as we head into the . homestretch of our work with akira . please look forward to the release of . octopus traveler . what happens when an otaku assassin . enters the game world. [music]. the legendary gaming console the death . drive mark - travis touchdown wanders . into the game world and embarks on a . rampage of epic proportions inside if . there's an action game racing puzzles a . total of seven different game titles . with his beam katana in hand he vows to . exterminate every last bug he finds . chained his simple yet exhilarating . basic attacks and an arsenal of scale . attacks to cut them down to size . a brutal box lurks at the end of each . game creatively combine their moves to . crush them. pass a joy conn controller to a friend . for co-op multiplayer and partner up . with the one and only bad man did we . mention the adventure mode which tells a. new story. travis strikes again no more heroes . launches exclusively on nintendo switch . in 2018 in dark souls every challenge is . an opportunity plus amiibo dark souls a . world wrought with despair and hope in . the seemingly endless cycle of death. one clean victory becomes a moment . they'll never forget . now you can savor your accomplishments. anytime anywhere for the first time on . console. before launch there's going to be a . network test so players can try the game . if this will be your firs

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