Nintendo Direct 9.13.2017

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0:16 - Yoshiaki Koizumi introduces Nintendo Direct
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3:42 - Pokรฉ Ball Edition New Nintendo 2DS XL
3:58 - Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga Bowser's Minions
4:52 - Kirby: Battle Royale
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5:52 - Yo-Kai Watch 2: Psychic Specters and Oni Evolution
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7:11 - Minecraft for Nintendo 3DS Family of Systems
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10:09 - Fire Emblem Warriors for Nintendo 3DS Family of Systems
10:19 - New Nintendo 2DS XL Orange & White Edition
10:46 - Xenoblade Chronicles 2
18:48 - Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Special Edition Version & Pro Controller
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34:11 - ARMS Ver. 3 Update
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Nintendo Direct featuring the latest on the Nintendo Switch console and games like Super Mario Odyssey as well as the freshest Nintendo 3DS Family of Systems updates and games like Pokรฉmon Ultra Sun & Pokรฉmon Ultra Moon. Stay tuned for some exciting surprises and updates!
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Caption: [music]. yes on ohio was amos hi everyone and . welcome to nintendo direct . i'm yoshiaki koizumi from nintendo and . i'll be your guide today i have news . about watching store for nintendo switch . and on nintendo 3ds family of systems . will spotlight four of these titles in . their own segments today and others will . be featured in a series of hepzibah . we'll begin with nintendo 3ds for our . first spotlight title of the day. [music]. [music]. some wild pokemon ultra sun and pokemon . ultramoon news has appeared and you can . catch it in four parts . [music]. as you just saw in the trailer the . legendary pokemon that steals light . necros m'a has transformed into two new . forms dusk main necros ma who took over . soul galileo and dawn wings necros mom . who took over loon ala a brand new . showdown awaits . [music]. in addition to new map areas like a. beach where surfers gather the valley of. pikachu and other facilities the main . characters have stylish new looks on top . of that there are new clothing items and . other surprises to look out for huh . looks like the way you encounter your. first partner pokemon will be different . too . [music]. if you purchase either game early you . can get a special rock rock to evolve . into dust form like and on somehow this . rock rough can perform a special move . that this pokemon usually can't learn . also if you purchase and download the . digital version before january 10 . you'll receive 12 quit balls and finally . on september 22nd the nintendo 3ds . virtual console title pokemon gold. version and pokemon silver version will . be released if you purchased either one . you can receive the mythical pokemon . celebi as a bonus and pokemon sun . pokemon moon pokemon ultra sun or . pokemon also you can pre-purchase . pokemon gold version and pokemon silver . version in nintendo eshop after today's . nintendo direct also unknown ultra. pieces codenamed. you beavers and ub assembly will make . their debut with ub burst in pokemon . ultra sun and ub assembly in pokemon . ultra moon. that's the latest news i have so please . follow our coverage to see these ultra . beast in action and much more the . pokemon ultra sun and pokemon ultramoon . games launched november 17 . this feed new nintendo 2ds xl system . will release two weeks prior on november. 30 so think about all right time to run . through some headlines for nintendo 3ds . no headaches every hehe and haha no . mario luigi superstar saga has been . remade in antenna 3d s which means it's . time to click back princess peach's . stolen voice and cat retta all over . again and in the all-new mode . minions quest the search for bowser . you'll go behind the scenes of mario & . luigi's adventure to learn the somewhat . heroic tale of thousands minions the. classic story might as well has new . stamp sheets tap compatible amiibo . figures to stamp them and earn new. equipment you can also tap the blue . amiibo figure or the new bloom bow and . koopa troopa figures to get 2 additional . stamp sheets that offer up items in both . modes of the game the more stamps you. have the more equipment and items you'll . earn mario and luigi superstar saga + . bowser's minions laughs its way to . nintendo 3ds systems october 6 the new . goomba and koopa troopa amiibo launched . that same day city is about to enter a . tournament against his toughest rival. yet himself and his new game kirby . battle royale offers a variety of ways . to fight in battle arena mode everyone . battles until the last kirby standing . wins in or express mode you hoard . treasure until the fastest kirby wins . and he's just getting started . [music]. fight to the best of your abilities and . prove you're the one kirby to rule them . all there's a single-player story mode - . not to mention regional online battles. [music]. kirti battle royale will fight its way . here january 19th 2018 by the way we're . holding a poll to celebrate kirby's 25th . anniversary and to crown the world's . favorite copy ability if you're . interested head to kirby's nintendo. com . slash poll for more details if you . missed that on the original yokai watch. games you passed up one of the biggest . smash hits in japan of the last 10 years . but now's a great chance to jump into . the series with the ultimate version of . yokai watch - including all new content . and features if you already own a . version of yokai watch - you'll be able. to download a free owning evolution . software update tomorrow that adds a new . features such as the opportunity to the . friend s race jibanyan komasan . and new boss battles improve the . blasters mode plus you'll have the . ability to transfer data to the new game . so you can pick up where you left off . when the ultimate entry in this series . will kind watch to psychic specters . launches september 29 catriel latent . daughter of the famous professor layton . is on the case and luckily some things . run in the family . in the seventh main installment of the . layton series search for clues help out . townspeople solve puzzles and hopefully . save the day try on an exclusive flora . costume only available in the nintendo . 3ds version of the game and either the . day she opens her detective agency . layton's mystery journey catriel and the . millionaire's conspiracy launches uh . nintendo 3ds october 6th nintendo fans . will have another way to play minecraft . coming to new nintendo 3ds systems play . in survival or creative modes use the . included five skin packs and the two . texture packs to customize your game . your inventory crafting and map will be. displayed on the touchscreen and you can . choose between buttons or touch controls . minecraft new nintendo 3ds edition will . be released today uh nintendo eshop . right after this presentation the . packaged version will launch at a later . date for years the mario party series . brought us together around our home . consoles ever since the original . launched on nintendo 64 we party like it . was 1999 because it was and now the best . minigames from all 10 home console . titles are going portable on nintendo . 3ds we've curated the top 100 mini games . the most ever in a single mario party . title to create the best one yet the . game supports download play for up to . four people so with just one game card . any of your friends with an engine . gds family system can join in to tour . through all the mischief magic and . memories the series has to offer when . mario party the top 100 launches on . nintendo 3ds . november 10th in two days metroid samus . returns finally arrives on nintendo 3ds . and everyone from metroid fans to super . smash brothers fans should take notice. this meticulously crafted side-scrolling . adventure contains immersive 3d visuals . atmospheric exploration based gameplay . versatile weaponry powerful new . abilities and some truly wicked classes . ku or what will you encounter on this . deadly planet vengeance has a name . metroid samus returns is scheduled for . launch september 15th atlas always has . something good in the works for rpg fans . nine characters paths will convergent . the alliance alive in an all-new . old-school rpg from atlas heading to . nintendo 3ds systems in early 2018 we . can also confirm that the handheld will . play home to shin megami tensei strange. journey redux with all of its new . content and enhanced graphics another . nintendo ds cult classic has set its . sights on nintendo 3ds systems in the . form of radiant historia perfect . chronology the gorgeous launch edition . will include a collector's box with an. artbook and decal sheet while you're at . it don't forget to check a nintendo . eshop for something else that releases . today the new etrian odyssey 5 beyond. the myth demo. [music]. two new titles from beloved series are . almost here uncover the mysterious. origin of everyone's favorite lawyer an . apollo justice ace attorney and soon the . bonds between heroes will decide their. fates in fire emblem warriors check this . out real quick you're looking at the new . orange and white edition of the new . nintendo 2ds xl and it'll be here before . you know it on october 6th that's all . for today's nintendo 3ds headlines now. let's move on to nintendo switch us by . kicking things off with a trailer for . our next spotlight title . xenoblade chronicles 2 please take a . look this is all rest a world covered in . a sea of clouds. nelly giant life-forms called titans . live in this cloud sea and the people . have built their countries and lives on. top of these creatures in the middle of . this world stands the world tree and . it's said that at the top of it lies . elysium alle dilek learned at plenty . many great powers rule over regions of . all res the kingdom of araya is one of . them its territory contained within . their title the oriens deeply respect . nature boasting advanced biotechnology. for now we should keep our troops . mobilized while we monitor the situation . their rival the militaristic empire of . more our den is another controlling . titans through mechanical means they . bring heavy armaments to bear as their . next other lands in a bid to save their . own from ruin and debris sure i doubt he . would have been stopped even by an army . 5,000 strong the imperial province of . gama a plentiful land now fallen under . our danian control and the in de line . praetorium whose people revere and . worship the titans . endo controls the supply of core . crystals which blades are born off and . so despite being a theocracy they hold . much influence over the world's military . affairs. next the argentum trade guild a shrewd . consortium the traders they do well for . themselves by deftly navigating the . strained relations between other nations . and exploiting wartime demas and last . but not least torna carrying out secret . operations under the cloud sea to . achieve their mysterious goals b

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