Nintendo Direct Mini 1.11.2018

Nintendo Direct mini featuring the latest Nintendo Switch games. Stay tuned for some exciting surprises and updates!
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0:19 - The World Ends with You -Final Remix-
1:25 - PokkΓ©n Tournament DX DLC
2:21 - Kirby Star Allies
3:25 - Kirby Battle Royale & Dragon Quest Builders Demos
3:44 - Hyrule Warriors Definitive Version
4:32 - Mario Tennis Aces
5:28 - Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA
6:34 - Super Mario Odyssey Update - Luigi’s Balloon World
7:41 - SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy
8:55 - Mario Rabbids Kingdom Battle DLC
9:51 - PAYDAY 2
10:38 - Fe
11:12 - Celeste
11:48 - Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze for Nintendo Switch
12:50 - Dark Souls Remastered
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[music]. welcome to nintendo direct mini one . quick presentation packed with news on . select intended switch games plan to . release this year let's get right to it . [music]. the highly stylized and critically . acclaimed nintendo ds game the world . ends with you is coming to nintendo's . which 10 years after its original . release when the main character neku . suddenly encounters the mysterious girls . cheeky he gets caught up in a deadly . game he'll be erased from existence if . he can't complete a series of twisted . tasks turns each rhythmic battle using . the game's traditional touch controls or . joique on controllers for a fresh style . of combat the action rpg will also . include a sizable new scenario that gets . right to the heart of the story the . world ends with you final remix will . launch this year. [music]. boasting strong offense and defense the . technical style battle pokemon aegis . slash can change between two forms and . you can wield them both when this new . playable character and other pokemon . become available through the paid dlc . pokken tournament deluxe battle pack . this content will be released in two . ways the first containing aegis slash . and a new support pokemon set featuring . mega rayquaza and mini cube the second . wave includes the new battle pokemon . blastoise and a new support pokemon set . featuring mu and celebi the battle pack . will also include avatar items and more . with these new pokemon joining the fray . the battle is just getting started . wave one will be available january 31st . and the entire pokken tournament deluxe . battle pack is available for purchase . now kirby star allies will debut new . copy abilities unleash your creativity . with the artists ability . and ensnare enemies in webs with the new . spider ability you can even mix and . match ability combos to create new . friend abilities combine water and ice . to make an icicle lance tots of friends . with friend throw and more with four . player co-op you can open up new paths . by sharing copy abilities and working. together. [music]. powerful enemies will stand in your way . including an unknown deep-space threat. can kirby and his friends join forces to . save dreamland find out when kirby star . allies releases on march 16th . [music]. kirby fans don't forget to try out the . kirby battle royale demo currently . available in nintendo eshop for nintendo . 3ds and speaking of demos look out for . the dragon quest builder's demo which . launches today a nintendo eshop for . nintendo switch the goddess rubus has . spoken hyrule warriors brought the world. and characters of the legend of zelda . series to life in new ways and now the . ultimate version of the fan favorite . game is coming to nintendo switch this . spring this new version brings every map . character and mission from both the wii . u game and the nintendo 3ds game . together including all the original . premium downloadable content that means. you can play hyrule warriors anytime . anywhere with anyone using 29 playable . characters enjoy up to full 1080p hd . graphics and tv mode and 2 player . multiplayer on a single system by . sharing joique on controllers plus we're . adding in link and zelda outfits based . on the legend of zelda breath of the . wild this ultimate version of hyrule . warriors will let you play everything . the game has to offer . when it launches this spring . [music]. a new mario tennis game is bringing a . new level of skill and competition to . nintendo switch mario steps onto the . court in classy tennis garb for intense . rallies against a variety of characters . in full-blown tennis battles new . wrinkles in tennis gameplay will. challenge your ability to read an . opponent's position and stroke to . determine which shot will give you the . advantage and this time the game adds . the first story mode since the mario . tennis power tour game on gameboy . advance offering a new flavor of tennis . gameplay with a variety of missions boss . battles and more stay tuned for more. updates about this new approach to mario . tennis mario tennis aces launches a . nintendo switch this spring . [music]. when his ship sank the adventurer at all . drifted to a deserted island inhabited. by vicious creatures that have evolved. in many different ways . to survive adil must gather the . survivors in build a base as his . adventure progresses so too will his . base along the way there will be groups . of marauding monsters to fend off / . strike and pierce these high speed . battles require you to alternate between. your characters and their attack types . to take advantage of their weaknesses. then when the moment is right unleash . your special moves a doll who fights for . survival and the mysterious donna who . appears in his dreams . two souls separated by time and space . will change the course of history now . you can enjoy the epic tale of east 8 on . your tv or on the go these eight . lacrimosa . of donna journeys onto nintendo switched . this summer a free update is coming to . super mario odyssey after downloading . the update and beating the main story a . new online activity called balloon world . will become available just talk to luigi . to get started with one of the two . competitive modes in hide it mode you . have 30 seconds to hide a balloon . and find it moaning the tables turn and . you get 30 seconds to try and find. balloons hidden by other players from . around the world by finding balloons . other players have hidden and hiding . your own balloons and unexpected hard to . find places you can move up in the . rankings the key to setting high scores . is knowing every nook and cranny of a . kingdoms terrain it's like a new form of . objective based speedrunning the update . will also include new outfits and new . filters for snapshot mode this super. mario odyssey update will be released. this february. [music]. fan favorite heroines from snk have . gathered together for to unseat tag-team . action. [music]. activate a variety of moves in battle is. just one button then while changing . characters get the upper hand using a . huge variety of items but the party . won't stop just because you took down . your opponent's hp get them in a tough . spot and initiate the ultra special move . dream finish well that's one way to win . a fight by customizing your fighters you . can show them what you're made of time . to party on to victory with some of your . favorite leading ladies snk heroines tag . team frenzy will throwdown uh nintendo . switch this summer. [music]. fighting fans take note this title will. feature yuri sakazaki who also appears . in arcade archives neo geo art of . fighting - which launches today on . intend oh we shop for nintendo switch . mario + rabbits kingdom battle has new . downloadable content on the way and it . tells a new story starring one of . mario's oldest frenemies in a new world. just take a look at the trailer . [music]. [music]. yeah. [music]. donkey kong will swing into action and a . new dlc pack this spring loot everything . from diamonds to cold hard cash when . multiplayer co-op shooter payday 2 comes. to nintendo switch pick the perfect . loadout and work together with your . friends locally or online with crimenet . which allows you to invite up to three . friends who also owned a nintendo switch . version you can navigate menus with the . touch screen while hd rumble lets you . feel everything from explosions to . weapon recoil plus a brand new hyster is . premiering as a timed exclusive in the . nintendo switch versions the japanese . computer whiz joy has a changing led . mask her own weapons and hacker perks so . no firewall stands a chance you can take . your favorite hoisting experience on the . go when payday 2 sneaks onto nintendo . switch february 27 . [music]. as our forest beckons in faith a new . type of platforming adventure and we . have a new look at its world and. creatures run climb and glide your way . through a dark nordic forest to explore . its living breathing world filled with . secrets. legends and mystical creatures use the . joy khan motion controls to sing in tune . with creatures and plants to unlock new . abilities each song has a distinct sound . and feel thanks to hd rumble so you can . experience each encounter in a different . way many secrets awaits fae releases uh . nintendo switch february 16th as for . celeste it's a modern take on the action . platformer if she has the stamina . madeline can climb any surface on . celeste mountain there she'll journey. across many dangerous environments using. her midair - to explore strange places . and meet the killer characters but don't . get spooked playing an assist mode lets . you tweak the difficulty from a slower . pace to full-on invincibility whatever . sounds fun or if you really want a . white-knuckle take on the challenging . seaside chapters celeste launches on . nintendo switched january 25th . [music]. donkey kong country tropical freeze is . powering up for the franchise's debut on . nintendo switch join donkey kong diddy . kong dixie kong and cranky kong for this. critically acclaimed adventure which you . can now enjoy in a chilean mode it's . groovy surfing simian funky kong he can . double jump cover perform infinite rolls . and even perform infinite underwater . corkscrews thanks to his sturdy . surfboard even spikes can't slow him . down then whoa what's going on here man . this guy really knows how to keep his . cool thanks to this righteous dude even . stages packed with perils can be smooth. surfing of course the bodacious original . experience is still here too and you can . enjoy both modes with a brand of core . two-player co-op enjoy the spunky . adventure anytime anywhere with anyone . donkey kong country tropical freeze . surf's on to nintendo switch may 4th . [music]. nintendo fans something wicked this way . comes and we have a trailer to prove it . [music]. [music]. shoo . we hope you enjoyed this nintendo direct. mini as always we'll continue to deliver . new information in the future so please . stay tuned thank you for watching . [music]. [applause]. .
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