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Here we go for another installment of the Fortnite series, leave a thumbs up for more!
Uh these guys all seem like they know . what they're doing dude well you're the . one in took ages to log in dude this is . prime time now everyone good is online . [music]. go gosh there goes my hopes of getting. anywhere close to a victory royale we'll . just drop somewhere quiet no for the . best. those guys look nervous i guess they're . new i wonder just how new though hmm i'm . not due to meet with raptor for a while . i got time i'll follow them . [applause]. oh caillou we're coming to the end of . the flyover you guys have to jump . [applause]. row players waited this long to jump . yeah hold my hand and let's jump no dude . yeah where do you want to go dude . pleasant park it's now be sure just hold . tight and follow me dude how do you . control this thing just hold down for . dude i'm trying is there wind resistance . or something there's no wind in this . game if you say so . are we nearly there yet hold on just a . little longer . touchdown shh-shh we have to listen for . other people's footsteps i'm being quiet . you're the one making the noise shut up . boy this game is intense have you found . anything decent yet not yet what was . that noise . those are my footsteps stop putting me. on edge. [music]. okay so this is the only room we haven't . checked let's go in guys guys chill i'm . not gonna game into you i actually want . to help you oh what now how are you . gonna do that fly trap has returned to . the island and he's out to kill every . player he can you'll need to learn to . defend yourselves oh okay when do we . begin now now get down those stairs go . go go . hello anyone home anyone home it sure is. quiet oh jeffrey nice to see you . so jeffrey how's the wife and kids oh . i'm not married. wait whoa whoa whoa you're not you just . have that air about you you know . so the weather outside huh lovely today. it never rains on this island so yes . yeah what is with that hey . good talk jeffery good talk hang on a . minute where is john it's not like john . to be late. oh my one of you is eaten by sharks . oh wait that's super unlikely maybe fly . trap or omega got to him boo maybe he . got to them well hang on there mister . how dare you have fun without me what do . you think see ya . a sprinkle of spores makes all the. difference. [music]. beautiful and now to test the potency . yes this is perfect . [music]. another unsuspecting fool approaches my. mushrooms that's it you'll need the . shield but at what cost there is a price . for everything if a fire breaks out i'm . gonna need a bit of extra shield these . mushrooms do the trick i've heard i . don't feel right that's it let it take . over feel the power of nature's will . flow through you and now you belong to . us you are the first of many find the . weak and lead them to me tell them i . will make them strong like you are now . [music]. this is a lot easier than i thought . nothing can stop me now all will bow to . you okay guys so watch and learn first . we have the run and cover it's fairly . simple it goes like this impressive . second the quick box sometimes certain . situations require you to box yourself . in. [music]. our third and final beginners build is. the ramp reinforcement making sure you . have layers to your high ground defense . can mean the difference between life and . death what raptor i'm just putting them . through real-life situations you really . think that the enemy is just gonna let . them build huh yeah right john . scoville raven head out to jump junction . i need as many parts as you can gather . if we are to prepare this space we'll . worry about bringing diecast and . chromium back online later hi captain . omega what how would you get in here . never mind i don't need answers from a . dead man you don't scare me omega i came . here to talk what could we possibly have . to talk about flytrap is back as i'm . sure you know i think it's both our . squads interest to set aside our issues . for now and focus on wiping that bio . terrorists from existence do you know . who you're speaking to what makes you . think i opened any help from you i'm a . farmer your power doesn't even compare . to mine i don't think you know who . you're talking to either omega now i'm . making you a fair offer . you can either agrees with or i will. crush you i understand now i admire your . courage very well we can set aside our . differences for now i'd much rather see . flytrap crashed into the ground he's . spawned from before anything else i'm . glad i'll take my leave now . the name is carbide isn't it the rest of . your squad doesn't know you're here do . they and they also don't know you're an . off islander like myself let us hope . they still trust you when they finally . find out. [laughter]. [music]. come on john you gonna let me teach one . of the classes what could you possibly . teach that i can't teach these guys ah . art comedy theater studies not math oh . no i suck at math this is battle trading . raptor well i'm good at that too . i've already taught some noobs in the . past i don't wanna die . if you run like him i'll break your legs . before you even reach that tree now . shoot to kill. oh gosh oh no . ah shoot maybe i'm not cut out for this . leadership no way you told me what . happened last time . you're no fun fine i'll just lay down . here and watch okay you two let's go no . one does it like raptor no closeup huh . hey there hmm we're being watched up . there on the hill . you two go yes sir right away sir . yeah only down the covering failure . i'll get in close this guy's got flies . what. box him in and leave him with me roger . that sir. yeah nice we got him . that was perfect guys now let's take a . look at this player oh my we can shoot a . zombie movie raptor this is serious i . know john but still it's like a zombie . movie and we have patient zero right . here exciting raptor you say you know . but you don't hey everyone there's a . cool action shot photo of myself and the . actual little lizard on instagram link . to the post is in the description go . take a look i'll be reading next videos. comments out from that post and now for . your comments from last time . 61 tranquilizers tm says raptor or the . best dot dot dot boom can you put me in . your video now xd you know what buddy . sure thing if your comment is anything . it's modern-art selena ji says this was . hilarious dude . i definitely subbed and turned on post. notifications the minute i finished . watching this please sub to little. lizard nah you guys are adorable in . livingston says not rapture again well . if you're getting tired of me maybe next . time i'll get leviathan to read it out . or john i'm pretty sure john would do it . [music]. you. .
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